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Pope Francis, Soros "Illegal Slush Fund," Pope Benedict's Abdication & Financial Blackmail

Ganesh Sahathevan is a Fellow at the (American Center for Democracy) ACD’s Economic Warfare Institute.  The ACD/EWI team specializes in economic warfare, purposeful interference in civilian infrastructure, including the financial markets, transnational criminal and terrorist organizations. ACD fellow Sahathevan  said Pope Francis's closest collaborator has "an illegal slush fund financed by George Soro": "Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the so-called "Vice Pope" given his close association with Pope Francis, has refused to answer questions concerning his work with a number of NGOs funded by billionaire George Soros.Cardinal Oscar has also refused to answer queries concerning any funding he, or entities associated with him, may have received from Soros..." "... It does appear as if the "Vice Pope" is on some campaign to change the Vatican from within, and that he is doing so with what amounts to an illegal slush fund financed b

Evil: Pope Francis/Parolin Action Against Chinese Catholics

The Oxford Dictionary definition of evil is: "A manifestation of profound immorality and wickedness, especially in people's actions." The example sentence for the above definition is: "The evil of these acts is almost too much to comprehend." The evil of the Pope Francis/Parolin action against the Chinese Catholics is almost too much to comprehend. The Francis/Parolin action is profoundly immoral and wicked. Would it be evil if Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin in a "diplomatic action to dialogue with Herod" handed Jesus, Mary and Joseph over to the well known king and mass murderer? In 2016, Cardinal Joseph Zen said it best on what the Francis/Parolin "diplomatic action to dialogue" with the Chinese Communist regime means: "[T]oday would our diplomats advise Joseph to go and humbly beg for dialogue with Herod?" (OnePeterFive, "The Wisdom of Cardinal Zen," January 29, 2018) The National Review