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Gerard van den Aardweg Ph D says:Gay "Method Used in Nazi Germany Before the War Against Scientists"

1. Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons says: May 28, 2012 at 1:52 pm It is important for readers who are “on the fence” regarding this contentious issue of same-sex attractions (SSA) and marriage marriage to understand Dr. Robert Spitzer’s recent repudiation of his own research on recovery from SSA. I have read the news articles about Dr. Spitzer’s repudiation of his work on “reparative therapy” and I have read his 2003 article on this subject. If you read his article you will be aghast at Dr. Spitzer’s repudiation which is based entirely on politics and flies in the face of what it means to honor science as a truth-seeking endeavor. I say this because there is nothing—nothing—wrong with the science that Dr. Spitzer reports in that article. He used accepted scientific methodology in his study by asking 200 people a series of what is known as “objective” or “standard” questions. By this I mean that each person received the same set of questions without probing and follow-up by Dr. Spitzer (thus