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Did British Boris Johnson Defeat the Francis/Chinese Axis in Europe?

Most Americans don't know that British Boris Johnson defeated Socialist Jeremy Corbyn who follows the Francis policy of collaboration with the totalitarian Communist Chinese regime. Corbyn like Francis refused to condemn the Chinese repression of Hong Kong or support the Hong Kong freedom protesters. Corbyn like Francis has continued to snub President Donald Trump and to be a lapdog for Chinese dictator Xi Jumping. It appears that the Francis/Chinese Axis just suffered another defeat in Britian similar in scope in Europe to the defeat in Latin America of the Francis/Chinese collaborator Evo Morales in Bolivia. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Why is Chinese Tagle being Pushed as CNBC & America Honestly Reports on Francis's Peter's Pence Scandal?

Most people don't know that the pro-gay Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle's Chinese mother "previously worked" for the ethnically Chinese "Equitable PCI Bank" according to Wikipedia. This ethnic group is taking control of the Philippine's banking as the "Chinese [are] dominating and taking the lead position in the banking industry." (Southeast Asia Chinese Businesses in the Era of Globalization, Page 275) This is interesting because today CNBC and America magazine which usually cover-up for Francis suddenly are reporting fairly honestly about the financial scandal of Francis's Peter's Pence. Coincidentally, Colleen Dulle who co-authored the fairly honest America article did a propaganda America podcast for Tagle yesterday called "Cardinal Tagle will head the Vatican's new top office. What does he bring to the job?" Have the pro-gay liberals had enough of Francis's financial bumbling and scandals? Might they be th

Christmas: Was Satan Defeated by his Ignorance of Jesus' Incarnation, Mary's Virginity & Joseph's Name?

What did a discipline of the Apostle St. John who Jesus made the son of His Mother on the cross say about about the ignorance of Satan?  The discipline of St. John St. Ignatius (30-107) wrote: "[U]nknown to thee [Satan]; the virginity of Mary; the wonderful birth; Who it was that became incarnate... the removal into Egypt and return from that country to the same region... the name [Joseph] of the father given to Him who did not beget." (The Ante-Nicene Fathers, Epistle of Ignatius to the Philippians, Chap. VIII. - Continuation: Ignorance of Satan, American Reprint of Edinburgh Edition) God the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, choose to defeat Satan by blinding him in ignorance of Jesus' Incarnation, Mary's Virginity and Joseph's Name as well as the saint's protection of the Holy Family. Please pray in thankgiving and mediate about this as we close in on Christmas. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph o

Where are Persons Committing these Sins being given "Disciplinary Permission" to go to?

Francis's President of the Vatican Academy for Life told La Stampa: "I always celebrate the funeral of those who commit suicide... What is important is accompaniment." So, Francis's Vatican apparently just told everyone with a gun in their hand about to shot their brains out to go ahead and blow their head off and we'll accompany you. Remember Francis's Vatican, also, says: "We celebrate adultereous relationships of those who commit adultery... What is important is accompaniment." Are "all things are connected" in Francis's Vatican including Hell? As I write this I can hear all Francis apologists saying in the background: "This is not doctrine, but only a disciplinary permission." My questions to the Francis apologists are: Where are persons commiting these sins being given "disciplinary permission" to go to? Might it be a good idea for those who believe that sin might send those persons to Hell

Why is LifeSiteNews Afraid to "Investigate or Report" that apparently Canon 17 "Requires that Ministerium and Munus [must] be Understood as Referring to Two Different Things"?

On December 6, LifeSiteNews co-founder Steve Jalsevac  in the comment section claimed that the news site had "indeed reported" on "a growing movement that LifeSiteNews will not investigate or report on... [in which] faithful request an examination of the words of Pope Benedict's declaration of renunciation in light of Canon Law, esp 332.2, 17, 131.1, 40, and 41": Islam_Is_Islam Patty • a day ago @Patty: Your testimony is witness to the facts of the matter. Thank you for your faithfulness! There is a growing movement that LifeSiteNews will not investigate or report on. These faithful request an examination of the words of Pope Benedict's declaration of renunciation in light of Canon Law, esp 332.2, 17, 131.1, 40, and 41. Did you know that in canon law munus is never interchanged with ministerium? The Cdl electors did not proceed with due diligence and maybe don't want to 'fess up to their mistake. Steve Jalsevac Mod Is

Has Chris Ferrara "Succumb to Bergoglio Derangement Syndrome"?

At times, I have found that the comments in the Catholic Monitor comment section are better than my post. This was true of one of yesterday's posts in which Justina  wrote this comment: "I think it is even worse than all that. In Frank Walker's headline at Canon 212, he said Ferrara stated that popes can make mistakes. If that was the full extent of the assertion, it wouldn't be so bad, because of course they can. Only Rex Mottram would deny it." "But that is not what Ferrara said. In fact, his rhetorical question specified--Who says popes can't make mistakes when teaching about faith and morals?" "This not only contradicts his own contention that permitting access to the Eucharist for the invalidly remarried is a disciplinary matter alone. It even contradicts Our Lord who, when entrusting the Keys to Peter, specifically linked them to Heaven as well as earth. It is He who guarantees, through the Holy Spirit, that popes cannot commi

Has Chris Ferrera "just Thrown the Entire Catholic Faith into the Dustbin"?

One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo said that Catholic lawyer Christopher Ferrera apparently has "just thrown the entire Catholic faith into the dustbin": "I too am totally shocked by what the Attorney [Catholic lawyer Christopher Ferrera] just said. He has just thrown the entire Catholic faith into the dustbin. Does he think it is not heretical to teach that it is allowable in certain cases to permit those in the state of mortal sin to commit a sacrilege by receive a Sacrament of the living?" "What kind of game is he playing at? That is heresy!" "That is like a prosecutor saying, that it is permissible to allow murder in certain cases, so long as the local policemen thinks it will be more inclusive of the community." [ ] Br. Bugnolo stated that in the comment section of the Catholic Monitor to this arti