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Amazon's Terrorist Henchmen Antifa are Anti-Christian Criminals who need to be Arrested

  The Leviathan riots and attacks on Christian churches are not about George Floyd's killing. Both Floyd’s girlfriend and brother have said that he would have opposed them as they oppose the riots. The riots were " design[ed] just beneath the surface" as "a power grab by violent extremists" who are henchmen for our Leviathan corporate elites  "Google and Apple and Amazon. All of those companies... funding the destruction." Every sane person is against the killing of an unharmed man by a policeman and more so against mobs that are burning, killing and maiming blacks, minorities and whites in these riots against the wishes of the Floyd family.  If the riots are not about George Floyd's killing, what are they about? It is obvious that the riots are about giving criminals and evil groups such as Antifa and their stooges in Black Lives Matter the license to kill, maim and burn in "heavily black areas" at will as the leftist c

Does Francis's promotion of Intrinsically Evil Acts lead to Unrepentant Homosexuals recieving Communion?

"Victor Manuel Fernandez's concrete reasoning...  in pp. 158 and 160 of his paper... [leads to] this  principle to homosexuals and to spouses who 'need' to use the condom." (Aemaet, "Humanae Vitae and Veritatis Splendor as Exposition of 'Natural Law' Contrasted with Their Irrational Rejection," Carlos A. Casanova, 2018) Norman Mailer, in his book "Prisoner of Sex," shows the connection with the denial of the intrinsically evil act of condom use and contraception to sodomy. "So, yes, [homosexuals] in prison strive to become part of the male population, and indeed – it is the irony of homosexuality – try to take on the masculine powers of the man who enters them, even as the studs, if Genet is our accurate guide, become effeminate over the years... Homosexuality is not heterosexuality. There is no conception possible, no, no inner space, no... spongy pool of a womb ... no hint remains of the awe that a life

Letter to the Supporters of Francis & Vatican II

St. Catherine of Sienna's first letter to Pope Gregory XI: "Oh, sweet and true knowledge... if he loves himself for his own sake and not for God - he cannot do other than ill, and all virtue is dead in him. Such a one is like a woman who brings forth her sons dead." (The Letters of Saint Catherine of Sienna,  page 86) This letter seems to be speaking to the Vatican II school of the Nouvelle Theologie (New Theology) which is apparently central in Francis's thinking. This theology's emphasize appears to" substitut[e]... man's becoming for God's being." Francis says Cardinal Walter Kasper is "profound." The National Catholic Reporter called Kasper "the 'pope's [Francis's] theologian.'" His theology is one extreme example of this school of thought. Kasper appears to not believe in being, but only in becoming because of his Hegelian philosophy. The philosopher Thomas Stark said that one of Kasper&

As Pope Innocent IV might have Defeated Islam with an Allaince with the Mongols, might Pope Benedict have warred against the Islam/Leftist Alliance if he hadn't Resigned?

Unbreakable Hearts: A True, Heart-wrenching Story About Victory...Forfeited! Earl Dusty Trimmer According to one author, if Pope Innocent IV had allied the Crusades with the Mongol armies the Islamic empires could have been destroyed. Earl Trimmer in "Unbreakable Hearts" (on page 56) writes:   "As much damage as the  Mongols did to Islam - they almost wiped them out... [they sought] possible alliance... between the Mongols and Christians against Islam... Pope Innocent IV never acted on the gesture. Big mistake?... Innocent's decision would only start a revival of Islam... the Shiites betrayed the Sunni and sided with the Mongols." As Pope Innocent IV might have defeated Islam if he had allied with the Mongol's war against them, might Pope Benedict XVI have warred against the Islam/leftist alliance if he hadn't resigned?   It seems possible because Pope Benedict XVI was to some extent at war with leftist liberal theorists

Are Cardinal Eijk, Socci and Mazza saying that Francis may be Acting in the Spirit of the Antichrist?

  On May 7, 2018, Netherlands Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk apparently implied that Francis may be acting in the spirit of the Antichrist. Eijk said: "Observing that the bishops and, above all, the Successor of Peter fail to maintain and transmit faithfully and in unity the deposit of faith... I cannot help but think of Article 675 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 'The Church's ultimate trial Before Christ's second coming... will unveil the 'mystery of iniquity' in the form of religious deception... apostasy from the truth.'" (National Catholic Register, "Cardinal Eijk: Pope Francis Needed to Give Clarity on Intercommunion," May 7, 2017) Moreover, Dr. Ed Mazza in his argument that Pope Benedict XVI relinquished the power of the Bishop of Rome while remaining the pope (the Successor of Peter) is mirroring and quoting Antonio Socci's "opposition to the advance of the Antichrist" thesis. Mazz quotes a Ju

Are Bp. Gracida & Bp. Lenga Schismatics Like Doctors of the Church: St. Athanasius & St. Bernard?

   The Passion of  the Christ movie director Mel Gibson visits with Bishop Rene Gracida Archbishop Jan Lenga was formerly the "Apostlic Administrator" of not only Kazakhstan, but of the country of Turkmenistan. (Fatima, Russia and Pope John Paul II: How Mary Intervened to Deliver Russia," Page 202) Interestingly, the Catholic Monitor which has given some coverage to Archbishop Lenga's position that Francis is an antipope has begun noticing that the people of Turkmenistan are starting to read the online Monitor. Might Lenga's former territory of Turkmenistan be the first country to declare Francis an antipope in an imperfect council as St. Bernard of Clairvaux's imperfect council in France was the first to declared the supposed pope in Rome Anacletus an antipope? Is Lenga in schism as some may be stating for claiming Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was invalid thus Francis is an antipope? It must be remembered in history that St. Bernard