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Amazon's Terrorist Henchmen Antifa are Anti-Christian Criminals who need to be Arrested

The Leviathan riots and attacks on Christian churches are not about George Floyd's killing. Both Floyd’s girlfriend and brother have said that he would have opposed them as they oppose the riots.

The riots were "design[ed] just beneath the surface" as "a power grab by violent extremists" who are henchmen for our Leviathan corporate elites "Google and Apple and Amazon. All of those companies... funding the destruction."

Every sane person is against the killing of an unharmed man by a policeman and more so against mobs that are burning, killing and maiming blacks, minorities and whites in these riots against the wishes of the Floyd family. 

If the riots are not about George Floyd's killing, what are they about?

It is obvious that the riots are about giving criminals and evil groups such as Antifa and their stooges in Black Lives Matter the license to kill, maim and burn in "heavily black areas" at will as the leftist corporate elite funded Democrat mayors tell their police forces to stand down and allow the debauchery. The Washington Times reported:

"Minneapolis and other major cities have finally re-opened, at least to looters and arsonists. For three days, police in Minneapolis and St. Paul were ordered to stand down as rioters destroyed their cities. In New York City and Washington, D.C., on Monday night, police stood by as looters destroyed parts of those cities."

"The same politicians who ordered police to stand down and released prison inmates are the same people who want to ban guns. These politicians prevent citizens from protecting themselves, at a time when police protection cannot be depended on."

"For three days, police in Minneapolis and St. Paul were ordered to stand down as rioters destroyed their cities. Sadly, so many of the victims of this violence have been blacks. Black store owners have lost their businesses. In these heavily black areas, blacks will lose their jobs." [ ]

Black Candace Owens is destroying the leftist corporate elite media's narratives about their white henchmen in Antifa and its stooge Black Lives Matter's lawlessness:

Candace Owens
If you watch one video about these protests please let this be it. This made me cry. I have said since day one that this is nothing but a ploy by white liberals, which will destroy another generation of black youth. These are targeting black kids & neighborhoods

View video by clicking above two small photos

Candace Owens
Brandon Tatum 6h
I understand hurt. But I will not validate lies. Black people are not being "hunted down" by police Black people have equal opportunities in America like everyone else. The white man ain't the problem. Its the man or woman you look at everyday in the mirror. Stop it already!
Candace Owens 6h   
Candace Owens 11h
The Governor of Minnesota has rightfully called it a mockery to pretend these protests are about . He says outside forces & extremists are stoking chaos. WE ALL KNOW THIS IS ABOUT THE ELECTION! When will our DOJ investigate the finances of these domestic terrorists?

Tucker Carlson said it best in his broadcast titled "Trump could well lose the election - he must defend America's institutions." The "domestic terrorists" who are organizing the riots are puppet henchmen for their Leviathan corporate elite bosses "Google and Apple and Amazon. All of those companies... funding the destruction":

Not many people are saying it out loud on the right, but the fact is that President Trump could well lose this election. In fact, unless fundamental facts change soon, it could be tough for him to be reelected.

If the president does lose, that would mean that just a few months from now, Joe Biden would become the president. The United States government would fall under the control of the radicals who control Joe Biden, and they will remake the country...

... In the days after George Floyd died, these same trends accelerated dramatically. It all happened so fast that it seemed like chaos at the time. But it wasn't chaos. There was design just beneath the surface.

Consider the targets that the mob chose. Law enforcement, obviously, but not all law enforcement. Local police departments must be eliminated, they said, but the FBI is just fine -- and that was telling.

Then they claimed that capitalism was the enemy, but only certain kinds of capitalism. The mob burned independent businesses to the ground by the score. They didn't say a word about those businesses' digital competitors, Google and Apple and Amazon. All of those companies were funding the destruction.

Then the [anti-Christian criminal] mob told us that traditional Christianity was racist. They desecrated churches in the name of avenging slavery. And yet Antifa did not touch a single mosque, despite the fact that historians say Mohammed owned slaves...

...  In other words, what looked like protests were in fact highly effective attacks on Donald Trump's voters, his power base. Few in Washington clearly appreciated this, at least on the right. If they had, they would have told the country what was really happening. No, this is not about George Floyd. It's not about police brutality. It's a power grab by violent extremists. But they didn't understand that...

...  leaders of Antifa tomorrow, along with every single person caught on camera torching a building, destroying a monument, defacing a church and put them all in shackles and then frog march them in front of cameras like MS-13 and call them what they actually are -- domestic terrorists. Not protesters, not civil rights activists, not CNN contributors, but domestic terrorists. That would be their new government-approved title.

Once they're charged, it's official. In fact, they are literally, as a factual matter, accused terrorists. And that would change minds right away. The people destroying this country are criminals. Few are brave enough to call them that. So, naturally, their popularity grows. Everyone supports protesters. This is America, we believe in protest.

But watch what happens when you start calling them what they really are. Most people don't like terrorists. Terrorists will never be popular, even among Democratic voters. So charge them for the crimes they've committed and call them what they are.

 Right now, the opposite is happening. The terrorists are more popular than the president of the United States. And not just more popular than Donald Trump personally, but more popular than the system he represents and administers. And it's obvious why. Our system is weak. It refuses to defend itself... 

... Weak institutions die. Citizens develop contempt for them, and then they get overthrown. The same is true by the way, for heads of state. When you refuse to fight for the system you run, you're done. Spend an hour on Google and see if you can find a single leader in the history of the world who stayed in power after failing to quell a rebellion. You can't.

The saddest part of all of this is that our system is very much worth saving. It administers justice more fairly than any system in the world. If we want to keep that system, we have to use that system and that means enforcing America's laws with certainty, enforcing them right now, at the moment of greatest peril.

The domestic terrorist riots have only one purpose which is to take down President Donald Trump and make the United States into one big hellhole like China so that Amazon and all the Leviathan corporate elites can rule us like Communist tyrants. Roger L. Simon, the co-founder of PJ Media, explains:

“Cui bono” (who profits), when tens of thousands of gullible conformists march in the streets, even loot and maim, protesting things that were already made illegal decades ago?

Not the small-business owners or their workers, not the unemployed or the marginally employed, not the police officer on the brink of resigning (or already past the brink), not those ill from a pandemic, not the homeless, not the addict trying to kick drugs, not those posting to the Instagram account @santamonicaproblems, not the unfortunate folks who woke up one morning to find they were living in an autonomous zone with no security, not the residents of Chicago’s black communities whose children are shot on the sidewalks almost every day, not even the myriad demonstrators themselves.

Certainly not those of whatever race they are and whatever affiliation, whatever degree they think black lives matter (upper or lower case) or that Antifa is an organization that fights for equality in American lives.

Who benefits, then, from our national nervous breakdown that never seems to end?

It is the globalist elites who still govern most of our society today, despite the invasion of Donald Trump.

And those elites wish to continue that rule through what they fervently hope will come as the outcome of these demonstrations—more government control, particularly government control that helps them.

They have seen it done elsewhere with results they might want to emulate, at least until recently.
Call it China Envy.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has, over the years, found a way to regulate Chinese society to an extraordinary degree via a form of communism that maximizes profits and power for those (party) elites while holding the masses largely at bay.

No wonder our elites are jealous.

People call ours “globalists” but they’re not really global. They’re selectively global, but actually just greedy and power hungry, like the communists in China.

Whether planned or not, or partially planned, the current confluence of catastrophes has offered them an opportunity to advance their cause against their natural adversary, Trump.

In macro, that’s the landscape of election 2020—the globalist elites, represented (for the moment anyway) by Joe Biden, versus the American people, represented by Trump.

Many of those American people, heavily influenced by the media and repelled by the president’s rhetoric, don’t realize he’s representing them, but he is. Ignorant, often willfully, they oppose him tooth and nail.

An equal number, or possibly larger, as the 1 million-plus requesting tickets to his Tulsa rally indicates, supports Trump.

We’re in the midst of a Battle Royale for the soul of our nation, whether it remains more or less the democratic republic the Founders envisioned or becomes an Americanized version of what has been evolved by the CCP.

If the latter, ironically, then such groups as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa will be kicked to the curb once victory has been achieved and secured.

Elites have little or no interest in such revolutionary riffraff, even though they are currently being feted not only by the usual Democratic Party suspects, but by many of the lions of corporate America.
BLM is being coopted, though its supporters don’t realize it. Soon enough they will be dispensed with. Antifa is already considered de trop.

Elites don’t want to “smash the state.” They want to strengthen and formalize it in the Chinese communist tradition for their own advantage (cf. McKinsey & Company, our most powerful consulting firm, which works with the Chinese on the Belt and Road Initiative and with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on New York’s “reopening”).

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Mary.

Please, pray an Our Father now for President Trump and our country now because this is the important fork in the road for the United States. Please, keep this intentions in your prayers.


Alexis Bugnolo said…
I am very concerned for the USA.

I am very concerned in particular, because the biggest funder of Antifa is Soros, who invested 160 million in a Trump Hotel in Chicago.

I am very concerned in particular, too, because Trump in the past said, Leave Soros alone, he has enough problems....

Cui bono?
Fred Martinez said…
So, are you going to encourage people not to vote for Trump so you can bring about your utopia by getting Biden elected? Smart thinking.

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