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Venezuelan Cardinal Denounces Marxist Socialism

Responds to Criticisms of President Chávez ROME, JULY 9, 2010 ( The archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela, is denouncing the government's attempts to install a Marxist Socialist regime through "unconstitutional" and "illegal" methods violating the rights and will of the people. Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino underlined the need to speak publicly, to voice "my conscience as a Venezuelan and as archbishop of Caracas, given the reality that we are experiencing." He wrote a statement, issued Wednesday, denouncing "the danger that is threatening our beloved homeland." "Going beyond the national constitution," the cardinal wrote, President Hugo Chávez "and his government want to lead the country on the path of Marxist Socialism, which monopolizes all spaces, is totalitarian, and leads to a dictatorship, not even of the proletariat, but of the leadership that governs." "Going against the popular will, which on Dec. 2, 20