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Sex-abuse Worldview Vs. Christian Worldview

By Fred Martinez Professor Allan Bloom, a philosopher who wrote "The Closing of the American Mind," thought that Friedrich Nietzsche was the father of modern America. He said, "Words such as 'charisma,' 'lifestyle,' 'commitment,' 'identity,' and many others, all of which can easily be traced to Nietzsche ... are now practically American slang." But the most important Nietzschean slang word is "values." "Values" are the death of Christian morality because values simply mean opinions. If opinion is how things are decided, then might makes right. One must remember that whenever someone talks about values in modern America – family values or religious values or place-the-blank-in-front-of values – they are saying there is no real or objective right or wrong – only opinions of the self and its will to power. Nietzsche's philosophy is summed up by Bloom as Commitment values the values and makes them valuable. Not l