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5 Dubia Questions for Benedict XVI

On Thursday night, the Catholic Monitor posted 5 dubia questions for One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec to answer and like Francis he has refused to answer. Also, on Thursday, Skojec was banned from posting in the Monitor comment section until he allowed a free forum for debate on these dubia questions on the One Peter Five website comment section. As far as we can see, there is still no freedom to debate at that website, but a priest and others banned there as well as a Italian canon law expert and supporters of Skojec (one of the 1P5 publisher supporters is a well known blogger) have been carrying on a debate for two days that still continues. It is beautiful to see honest debate. Today in the debate, Jonathan D'Souza posted a "Dubia for Benedict." Please go to the post before this to read it. I loved the idea so here are the Catholic Monitor's 5 dubia questions for Benedict XVI. But, before we get to the dubia questions, I want to say that I totally

5 Dubia Questions for 1P5's Steve Skojec

Here are five really short and easy to answer dubia questions which hopefully aren't too complicated for Steve Skojec, publisher of the One Peter Five website, to answer. To make it really easy for the publisher of One Peter Five it has been formatted so that he only has to answer: yes or no. 1. Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales said "The Pope... when he is explicitly a heretic... the Church must either deprive him or as some say declare him deprived of his Apostolic See." Was St. Francis de Sales a Sedevacantist or a Benevacantist? Answer: yes or no. 2. "Universal Acceptance" theologian John of St. Thomas said "This man in particular lawfully elected and accepted by the Church is the supreme pontiff." Was John of St. Thomas for saying "the supreme pontiff" must be BOTH "lawfully elected and accepted by the Church" a Sedevacantist or a Benevacantist? Answer: yes or no. 3. Do you think that a "supreme pontiff&qu

Monitor: "[B]e a Man... [A]dmit that your Theory about "Universal Acceptance" is a Fraud or Counter" vs. Skojec: "[C]all him a Liar. At least be a Man about it."

The Catholic Monitor received this request in the comment section from Steve Skojec, publisher of the website One Peter Five, to "feel free to post our entire correspondence" on our give-and take: Please feel free to post our entire correspondence, Fred. I think the context would be informative for your readers, if you're done self-aggrandizing. [ ] I, also, received a request from a new Catholic Monitor reader to give the whole background of the "tit for tat" between Skojec and the Monitor. I will post the latest correspondence between the One Peter Five publisher and the Monitor after the whole story is told about the give-and take which started in the beginning of this year: The Catholic Monitor received a third comment from the former public relations and (apparent) semantics expert OnePeterFive publisher Steve Skojec that was puzzling. But before I respon