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I Dare Skojec to Counter Bp. Gracida and my Arguments against "Universal Acceptance"

I am in the receipt of a email from Steve Skojec, publisher of the website One Peter Five, in which he attacked an article I wrote about Dr. Peter Kwasniewski and the apparent "culture of fear that surrounds him which caused him to change a short Amazon review."

That's fine. I am aways ready for a good give and take.

But, then he send me another email where he attacked my manhood.

That's not fine.

I have been stabbed (in the finger), shot at and been in numerous brawls when I was young.

I am more than happy to put on some boxing gloves and fight Skojec anywhere of his choice.

He is probably not up to it so I have another idea.

Skojec, you need to be a man.

You need to come out about it and admit that your theory about "universal acceptance" is a fraud or counter what Bishop René Gracida and I have thrown in your face.

Be a man about it and don't run away hiding from everything Bishop Gracida and I have presented to you. I dare you to do a post countering us point by point on 1P5.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Aqua said…
Just a personal opinion on this point by point idea ... for whatever it’s worth.

It becomes clear, quickly, when interchange with another is no longer productive; perhaps counterproductive. Point-by-point with Skojec sounds painful - lots of heat with little chance of light.

Steven O’Reilly, at Roma Locuta Est, is an example of one with similar views to Skojec (perhaps) but with a much different level of charity towards different views, questions, concerns. I have had discussions with him that went on at length and he was always very patient and careful to read and understand my point and then respond in kind with some interesting, learned comments. One conversation went on long enough that likely only he and I were still reading by the end. He still answered me patiently. Never got mad. Never a hint that he would ban me, He engaged to the end. Class act.

I gravitate to the O’Reillys of the world. I turn off the Skojec channels as unproductive in any material or spiritual way. I focus on those Catholics who are wise and of good will. Some plant. Others water. *God grants the increase*. And God decides between us.
2-Timothy-1:7 said…
Unfortunately, I think Steve is so attached to his universal acceptance stance that he no longer thinks rationally about it and tends toward the often silly ad hominem. It is in fact one of the reasons why I do not take his position seriously. If your argument has not the ability to float you will immediately drag others down in the hope of saving yourself. In the end, however, you only do a disservice to yourself while you sin against charity.
PGMGN said…
Skojec's bombastic, cigar-flaunting style is damaging to the image of what it means to be a faithful Catholic. He's been off the rails for some time.

"Universal Acceptance" doesn't apply only to Francis, but to whatever opinion Steve adopts. All others must spit out their portion of the red pill until their colors align with Steve or he goes haywire and very publicly at that. So sad.

Prayers for his family.
And Skojec the clown continues to be the Mark Shea of the Trado-Marketing Sphere - only worse. I've never seen a more flabby effeminate gas-bag pretend so hard at being a "tough-guy". There is something seriously wrong with him. For starters, he's a textbook narcissist who seems to be addicted to posting his own exciting face all over the inter-tubes. And his assessment of his own "brilliance" is tantamount to the embarrassing paradox of the cockiest kid in the special ed class.

But more than anything else - Skojec is a self-promoting braggart, bullshit artist, and all around legend in his own mind. A real job would kill that juvenile punk.
Sandpiper said…

Wouldn’t this be a boring world if we all had the same temperament? I don’t find Steve any of those things, except a little bombastic at times. And you know what, so what if he smokes a cigar? A good cigar is a gift from God. And it’s a manly thing to do, to smoke one. Steve has a passel of kids, a seemingly supportive wife, and has a slick website. Please, be charitable.
Sandpiper said…
Steve has done a helluva lot of good. He brings much that is edifying to faithful Catholics. To write him off as a flabby narcissistic gasbag is venomous.
Debbie said…
Pray for him. He is surely lost.
2-Timothy-1:7 said…
I'm sorry, but the way Steve replies to others is not charitable when he disagrees with a particular line of reasoning. I don't care that he smokes a cigar and I don't care how many children he has. None of it is relavent. Steve bullies others instead of having reasonable dialogue with them. He, like us all, needs to temper his passion with a bit more self control by sticking to the topic at hand rather than going for the easy grab bag of insults and innuendo.
Dear "Sandpiper" - hello Steve. *cough cough* You forgot to add that "he" also cured cancer and raised the dead.

Well contrary to your rosy PR shoveling; I and a growing number of faithful Catholics have experienced first-hand the REAL PunkAss Skojec in one-on-one exchanges. And he's a real inbred tool.

Oh and, I never said anything about his ridiculous cigars, but I do take exception at a flabby effeminate round-body gasbag throwing the tough-talk around like he does when he can't support his points. And of course - we both know "Sandpiper" - that potato-body Stevie would fall like a 2 ton pile of manure with one punch to his fat face if he ever mouthed off like that to people in person. But he sure is a real Keyboard Commando on the intertubes.

So let me restate: he's a flabby narcissistic gasbag who specializes in ridiculous fallacious reasoning and half-witted sophistry. He's a charlatan plain and simple. And the Catholic Faith can survive just fine without blowhard windbags like him - but he can't survive without "marketing" his crap opinions of the Catholic Faith.

Now see how exciting my "venomous" personality is? Now run along Stevie, and get back to your 24/7 roost on twitter. Your wife will be home soon from her REAL JOB - so you better get busy cleaning up all of those empty snack-cake boxes and Hot Pocket wrappers. Oh and - God bless. And you're welcome.
Steve said…
Please feel free to post our entire correspondence, Fred. I think the context would be informative for your readers, if you're done self-aggrandizing.
Golly Pudgy-Stevie, looks like you decided to drop your "Sandpiper" moniker after I busted you on that cheap obvious ploy. LOL

And here I thought you hated anonymous commenters. ROFLMAO What a tough-slob you are. And brilliant as ever.
Pudgy-Steve blowhard says "... if you're done self-aggrandizing"

And ^^^THIS^^^ coming from the Skojec - The Drama Queen of self-aggrandizing. LOL

Just read his self-promoting bio. I'm surprised he didn't claim to be a Pulitzer-prize winning author, surgeon, multimillionaire, and Canon Lawyer of sophistry.
Sandpiper said…

You are sounding unhinged.

I am Sandpiper independent of Mr Skojec. I may be more closely related to Mr Skojec than you Lazarus because we (I and Skojec) are both fiery Slavs. Though I think Mr Skojec is diluted with Anglo-Saxon.

This is all so ridiculous. Let the methodical present their case for Benedict’s “faulty” resignation. If there are enough faithful prelates to pursue the matter so be it. There’s a lot of very good people (theologians) who are calling out Bergoglio’s heresies and depravities. I pray only that the Barque of Peter be “righted” and that Our Lady crush the serpents head. Jesus knows our exquisite agony.
Sandpiper - you sound like Pudgy-Skojec - who truly is unhinged.

Now run along Stevie
Fred Martinez said…
Rough housing is fine. Boys will be boys, but calm down to rhetoric.
S said…
Skojec is an accident of timing. His web page is pretty and it filled a vacuum of demand for catholic info in the Francis era. With his go-round with frank Walker he turned himself into a parody. Barnhardt would kick his buttocks with a stern look.
john said…
He's become a gasbag. Steve is the one who is venomous. He must be afraid of losing his widespread "conservative" N.O. support, and therefore lots of his monetary support if he even hints there might be truth to Bergoglio being anti-pope. The guy has gone off the rails, I used to appreciate his level-headed approach, but now he is nasty and demeaning toward those who make valid points as to why Bergoglio is not valid Pope. Additionally, he refuses to make any valid counter to their arguments.
Nandarani said…
I am here because I clicked on the link at another site and am not following this controversy except to be aware of the situation of 'waffling' and being empathetic with it.

Your reply is pointing out what I am gravitating toward, the kind of attitude that is the only one with which I can live.

I didn't always understand this clearly and used to cause mental (soul) tension in myself from taking in controversies and simply assuming that entertaining strong views and emotions was normal; it was normal for me. I am oriented toward the Steven O'Reilly type of being you describe though I don't follow any of this; it was your reply that struck me as needing appreciation from me!

God works with each soul and it takes time to come to the awareness of the fact that we create our own angst and it is counterproductive to prayer and recollection. The kind of 'peace' I used to think was peace, is no longer the kind of 'peace' I call peace. I run from it; traces remain of it, but I turn my face away. Too many words for a note of appreciation to your post.
Aqua said…
@ Nandarani:

With a grateful hat tip to Sundance, of the excellent Conservative Treehouse blog; who defines Cold Anger as the proper response to systemic sedition and betrayal by those in authority. Not rage. Not profanity. Cold anger. Iron resolve. This far, no farther. With my own edits to his excellent original post (Sep 27, 2018):

There is a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage and visible behavior. It is called “Cold Anger”.

Cold anger does not need to go to violence. For those who carry it, no conversation is needed when we meet. You cannot poll, or measure it; specifically because most who carry it avoid discussion. And that decision has nothing to do with correctness. Cold anger absorbs betrayal silently; prudently. Cold anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

Cold anger, seemingly invisible to the mob, takes notice of the liars. We have watched the Hierarchy betray Christ and the patrimony of Sacred Tradition and all the Martyrs who died to pass on the Deposit of Faith to their children. We know who they are. We know why they’re doing it. We don’t need to stand around, discussing it. We are clear eyed. Cold anger is more severe because it is more strategic, more purposeful.

Cold anger does not gloat. It absorbs vilification and ridicule as fuel. This sensibility does not want to exist. It is forced to exist in otherwise unwilling hosts. We refuse to be destabilized by it. We didn’t create the heretical reality, we are simply responding to it. Deliberate intent and prudence ensures we avoid failure. The course is thoughtful vigilance. It is a strategy devoid of emotion. The Hierarchy can call us anything they want, it really doesn’t matter. We are far beyond a point where labels matter. Foolishness and betrayal within our Church have served to reveal dangers in our present condition. Misplaced corrective action is neither safe, nor wise.

Cold anger perceives deception and betrayal the way a long-term battered spouse absorbs the blow in the pre-dawn hours prior to the pre-planned exit. Delicate sensibilities are dispatched like a feather in a hurricane. We are patient, but purposeful. Pushed far enough, decisions are reached.

It is our job now to stand with the Faithful, living, dead and yet to come for Christ and the precious patrimony of the Deposit of Faith we have received. The awakened Faithful is an existential threat to the heretical Hierarchy who would tear the Church down at the foundation if they could. Their entire apparatus is threatened by our vigilance and resolve. Because God is with us. Decision time.

Throw aside the discomfort and bear witness to the evil we oppose. Stand firm in the solace of the numbers on our side - living, dead, yet to come, all united together in Christ our Lord. Those who oppose our faithfulness are mere parasites of the living Body of Christ, Holy Mother Church, quivering in fear as they stare into the Cold Anger furnace of righteousness.
Neofito said…
I had say and say it today: those FALSE 'TRADS' (Skejov, Bp.Ahtanasious, et al) are PAID OPPOSITION, whose job its to provide a "PLAUSIBLE DENIAL" escape hatch to all the heretic statements they vomit

Their job is to do DAMAGE CONTROL... to control the REACTION of the flock, to infiltrate the "trad" movement in order to prevent the flock to be free from the Wolfs... they want you to STAY AVAILABLE for the wolf, to remain where the wolf could come and kill you (at least on your Faith)

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