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Is Pope Francis a Material Heretic or a Formal Heretic and is he about to "Cease to be Pope" by giving Argentina Letter Official Status?

-Updated December 3 , 2017- Yesterday,'s headline said it all: "Pope's Letter on Argentinian Communion Guidelines for Remarried Given Official Status" The website said the Argentina letter "has now been added to the official acts of the Apostolic See, conferring official status." asked Magisterial authority expert Dr. John Joy about the papal act. The website wrote that "Dr. Joy pointed out that adding the letter to the AAS could... potentially" be "removing the possibility that it could be interpreted in a orthodox way... that the unorthodox intrepretation is the official one." Pope Francis is making it more obvious than ever that he appears to be a material heretic. If Francis or any pope "formally professed heresy," that is he willfully denies or rejects the revealed teachings of the Catholic Church after he is clearly shown that he is teaching heresy, he would automatically &quo

Pope Francis Defeated by Malta Knights

The sovereign state of the Knights of Malta defeated Pope Francis's apparent illegal attempt to interfere in it's internal affairs. The Malta Knights told the Pope that his Vatican commission investigation of their "internal"  affairs was "unacceptable." Vatican expert Robert de Mattei said the Knights were just in defending their sovereignty against a "bogus" external commission. Many view the external commission attempt as an attack on Cardinal Raymond Burke who is the patron of the Knights of Malta. The Pope's inner circle and allies have attempted to vilify Burke and three other Cardinals who issued a dubia letter asking the Pope if he disapproved or approved heretical interpretation of his teachings. If Francis "formally professed heresy" according to expert Catholic canon lawyer Burke, he would "automatically" cease to be Pope as reported by the Catholic World Report on December 19. LifeSite reported, on D