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Through his Intercession, we Humbly ask that Bishop Callahan would Retract his Unprincipled Decision about Fr. Altman

Father Walijewski, pray for Bishop Callahan!   At this moment, the eyes of the Catholic world are on the little Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, where news has recently broken that Father James Altman has been removed as pastor of his parish, and even had his priestly faculties indefinitely suspended, by Bishop William P. Callahan, O.F.M. Conv., for reasons ranging from the incomprehensible to the outrageous.  Admonished for his supposedly infelicitous “manner and tone” and accused of a lack of pastoral “efficacy,” Father Altman is said to have sought—or, at the very least, to have permitted to spring up around him—a “cult of personality” intolerable in priestly ministry.  All of this is mystifying at best when Father Altman himself merely insists, and demonstrates by his actions the authenticity of this insistence, that what he is trying to do is to be a good father to his spiritual family, which embraces not only the members of Saint James the Less Parish in La Crosse, but also,

Anti-Fr. Altmann Bp. Callahan said of Disgraced Gay Archbishop Weakland: He made "his Mistakes but also [did] some of the Good" according to WISN 12 News

          Archbishop Listecki’s left are Archbishop emeritus Rembert G. Weakland, and Bishops William P. Callahan Bishop William Callahan of La Crosse has launched an unmerciful attack on Catholic pro-life Fr. James Altmann and removed him from his ministry.  Shockingly in 2009, Callahan said of his apparent friend disgraced gay Archbishop Rembert Weakland that he made " his mistakes but also [did] some of the good" according to WISN 12 News: Callahan said he talked to Former Archbishop Weakland last week, but despite his knowledge of the book, it was not discussed. Callahan, who's known Weakland for years, said he's surprised by Weakland's admission that he is gay... ... Weakland is no stranger to controversy. He retired in 2002 after it came out he had an affair decades earlier with a male college student. He has also came under fire for hiding the actions of pedophile priests. WISN 12 News asked Callahan if he thinks the Archdiocese can move on beyond th