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"Ransomware is rather Simple, really: Don't do Stupid Things with Critical Control and Infrastructure Equipment" & the Porn "Darknet"

Freely-chosen negligence stemming from Social Media, Gaming and Pornography addiction is the real National Security infrastructure risk. Hackers can’t hack pipelines or meatpackers if workstation computers aren’t wide-open to the internet. - Ann Barnhardt The Market Ticker website explained that "Ransomware is rather simple, really:  Don't do stupid things  with critical control and infrastructure equipment": As I've said before the real problem isn't "ransomware" per-se; it has no value unless the ransom can be paid and further, unless said infrastructure is connected to the Internet either directly or indirectly (e.g. through some other device)  it can't get on the network in the first place. I'd be more than happy to redesign anyone's infrastructure so that this can't happen.  You could run Windows XP on that network if you wanted to and, other than by direct, intentional sabotage by an employee nothing's getting in there. But

Why did Voris, Skojec & Opus Dei push the COVID Hysteria?

Last year, One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec was like pro-abortion eugenicist Michael Savage screaming that the COVID was the Black Plague so we needed totalitarian lockdowns and the banning of the Mass. Church Militant's Michael Voris was more like Bill Gates' collaborator Anthony Fauci calmly explaining how social distancing is needed at Church Militant because the COVID isn't hysteria, but is really, really a "plague" and "God's scourge." It was a nice good cop/bad cop routine which "lent credence to this farce" of COVID hysteria that brought the totalitarian lockdowns and the banning of the Mass.   Lawyer and journalist Chris Ferrera put it best: "Meanwhile, the Catholic commentators who have lent credence to this farce - we all know who they are - should have enough honesty to hang their heads in shame for the way they led the faithful, by fear, into the jaws of tyranny." (The Remnant, "Coronaga