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Evidence: Francis is a Modernist who Denies Truth

- "[T]he [Modernist] Blondelian schema holds that justification for the faith is to be found by turning inwards to the personal experience of the human subject. This turn to the subject is characteristic of modern philosophy, from Descartes right up to the Idealism of Kant and Hegel and beyond, and presented a major challenge to the traditional Catholic apologetics... If it were the case that inner experience justified the faith, if each person was to find the proof of God’s existence within their own life, then what would be the basis for the teaching authority of the Church?" - Neo-Modernist AnthonyCarroll - "Between [Modernist Maurice] Blondel's philosophy of action and Pope Francis' pastoral action, there are significant coincidence."- Francis's close longtime theological advisor Fr. Juan Carlos Scannone    At the Irving Convention Center in Texas on 2013, Pope Francis's closest adviser and collaborator Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez