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Even Totalitarian China didn't have a "Total Shutdown" like US Democrats Want for their Totalitarian Paradise

The countries most successful in containing the coronavirus such as anti-Communist Taiwan and South Korea have had no lockdowns which proves that lockdowns are a Chinese Communist tactic.

But, if President Donald Trump believes he must follow his leftist pro-abortion Bill Gates collaborator medical advisors in using the totalitarian tactic as the way to go then why not follow the model completely.

The city of Wuhan had 80% of the coronavirus death toll for the whole country of China so the Marxist regime did a total lockdown of that city and other hot spot Chinese provinces (states), but it didn't have a "total shutdown" of most of its provinces according to United States scientist Clifford Lane who visited China during the lockdowns:

"In most of the [Chinese] provinces, it wasn't a total shutdown - it was a lot of restrictions, and it wasn't that the city was shut down and people couldn't go out."
(, "Quarantined at home now, U. S. scientist describes his visit to China's hot zones," March 6, 2020)

It appears that New York State has approximately 50% of the virus deaths for the whole country so why not just lockdown New York and the other few hot spots states like the Marxist regime did if you want to follow the Communist model and free the rest of the country.

If the leftist Democrat governors refuse then let them destroy their states economies as much and as long as they want.

It will be like in the civil war era:

The leftist states will be the slave states and the conservative states will be the free states.

An even better comparison would be between Communist East Berlin and free West Berlin:

The Democratic party run states will be like Communist East Berlin with long lines, empty stores shelves, snitches everywhere and police harassment of religion and innocent persons which sounds like the present situation.

While the Republican party run states will be like free West Berlin with prosperity, cordiality, and police harassing criminals and not innocent citizens who want to go to Mass or other religious services which sounds like before the lockdown.

Maybe the Communist Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Democrat governors will even have to build Berlin-like walls to not let people escape from their Socialist totalitarian paradises like East Berlin did.

It is time for Catholics and all who love freedom in Republican states to start putting pressure on their governors to make their states free like West Berlin as the governor of Texas apparently wants to do.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also, pray an Our Father now for God to give President Trump and the governor of Texas the grace to do His will in this present crisis.


Stephen Lowe said…
common sense is lacking these days for nefarious reasons.
Aqua said…
The common mark of a communist society is not just shortages, hardship and want; but insanity. Nothing makes sense in a communist society. Insane policy is enforced with violence. Capricious policy choice is enforced with an enhanced police state.

Communism and a police state which is augmented by willing comrade citizens who wish to relive their own suffering by turning in their neighbor over non-compliance for a reward.

Communism is a prison camp in which their are guards and allies of the guards who receive special privileges in return for doing police work internally.

This nation, our beloved America, is facing a Communist threat from within. It must be recognized as a threat first. It must be rejected as the greatest of all evils that exists as a satanic force to extinguish the light of God, God-given free choice, liberty and the light of hope in the souls of men and women.

They stole a march on us. Communists are not at the Gates, but inside America with us, and they are very confidently taking our country away from us. Guns won’t solve this problem as much as the will of free people to resist communist slavery at the individual and governmental levels. We must get engaged, recognize the threat and stop it.

It is even inside the Church up to the ruling Throne of St. Peter.

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