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Lockdown needed for Unborn Babies: Abortion is bigger Killer at 862,000 than the Worst Case C-virus Scenarios of 240,000

What is needed is a lockdown to end the bigger killer than coronavirus which is abortion.

Yesterday, LifeSiteNews reported:

"In 2017, 862,000 Americans died by abortion. Abortion gives US children in the womb a 18% fatality rate. As of this writing, there have been only 4,600 coronavirus deaths in the U.S., with a fatality rate expected to be just over 1 percent."
(LifeSiteNews, "Bishops betray Catholics in allowing sacraments to be deemed 'non-essential in COVID-19 battle," April 1, 2020)

Dr. Anthony Faucis is apparently saying that the worst case scenario predictions for the coronavirus death toll might be "100,000 to 240,000."
(New York Times, "Coronavirus may Kill 100,000 to 240,000 in U.S. despite Actions, Officials say," March 31, 2020)

Faucis' worst case scenario of coronavirus death prediction of 100,000 to 240,000" is comparable to the real factual 80,000 flu deaths of 2017 (Stats News, 2018), but not as considerable as when compared to the over half a million to almost a million killed by abortion each year.

Moreover, Zero Hedge's headline today is "Fauci says Lockdown will continue until there are no 'New Cases' of COVID-19"

Why doesn't Fauci call for a lockdown to continue until there are no new cases of deaths due to abortion since there are many more real factual hundreds of thousands of deaths by killing unborn babies that even his worst case scenario of "possible" deaths due to coronavirus?

Logically, a lockdown is what is needed to end the deaths due to abortion if almost everyone thinks a lockdown is need to stop coronavirus deaths and possibly in the future to stop flu deaths.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the restoration of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Praypraypray said…
Please, pray for pro-lifers. The abortion mills, in MD & other states, are going on with their business as usual, since the pro-abortion people running the abortion mills have decided that all of their business is “ESSENTIAL” & they have lots of money & power.
Pro-lifers prayed in front of an abortion mill in MD, in which 9 women entered. Pro-lifers prayed outside, making sure to keep their social distancing. However, 3 policemen came out & asked the pro-lifers what they were doing. A pro-lifer told them praying. Another pro-lifer, a Catholic priest, told the police that the pro-lifers were there to help the women & babies. The police told pro-lifers to disperse immediately & they did not care to discuss it. As pro-lifers noted that their presence was ESSENTIAL to help save lives, the police continued to say that they did not want to discuss it. They became angrier & more insistent with each question by pro-lifers. A pro-lifer asked the police if they would check inside the abortion mill to make sure that they were following the rules of social distancing , etc., but they flatly refused, insisting pro-lifers leave. The priest asked about pro-lifers’ religious rights, but they did not want to discuss that either. The police even told a woman, who was standing on the sidewalk out in front of her Pro-life pregnancy center, (next door to the abortion mill), that she was not allowed to stand outside of her own business on the sidewalk.
Pro-lifers basically decided to leave at that point, since they had been present earlier when 9 women entering the abortion mill & had already offered them help & pro-life papers. By the time the police arrived, 8 of the 9 women had already exited the abortion mill following their abortions or check-ups, so pro-lifers were pretty much ready to leave by then. The last one may have taken a half hour to hours until she exited the abortion mill. Pro-lifers usually wait outside to offer abortion pill reversal papers &’healing papers to those who have had abortions. Yet, they don’t wait out there all day, because they have families of their own to care for.
The last one left standing on the sidewalk with the 3 policemen surrounding him was the Catholic priest who was still asking them questions. A pro-lifer filmed a bit of that, but the police told her to move on or else. Thankfully, the priest was not arrested or fined & he went safely home. However, the police will most likely arrest or fine any pro-lifers who go out there in the future in their ESSENTIAL DUTY to try to Save lives.
Pro-lifers are asking for prayers & fasting & also, asking people to contact the authorities, governor, politicians, etc. & pro-life groups, & pro-life lawyers who might be able to help in some way.
Plz, pray for the pro-lifers & the babies & for the closing of all abortion mills, & for the end of the culture of death. Thx very much.
Fred Martinez said…
I will be praying for you, Praypraypray, and pro-lifers.
Praypraypray said…
Thx very much, Fred. God bless you for all that you do.

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