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Mirus, Mark Shea & Friends Necessities: Francis Vatican Pachamama Idols for their Parishes & Homes

Dr. Jeff Mirus, Mark Shea and his friends at Patheos need to show the world that their apologetics and devotion for Francis isn't half-hearted.

They need to tell their parish priest to get a Francis Vatican Pachamama idol for their parish church. Then Mirus and Shea to show their devotion to Francis can bow down before the idol at their very own church.

Next, they must take out that pre-Francis era statue of St. Francis of Assisi from their front yard and put in a Francis Vatican Pachamama idol.

Also, Jeff and Mark must throw away all those pre-Francis holy cards of saints. The newest Francis apologists necessity is a holy Pachamama idol card.

Finally, all Francis apologist websites if they are to be up with the times need to have a Pachamama logo somewhere on their website as a badge of loyalty to Francis.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Nandarani said…
The first place I go lately to check if any new content. It is good to see someone else dealing with what occurs in the mind as a result of what is going on.... This seems a good strong sober and sensible response.

I sense that the interior state of those who remain undecided is full of dammed up energy until a decision is made. I find myself going more often to the watch - novus ordo watch. The simple solution increasingly seems the obvious one - it always has to me but I had to make a detour which never included the current church. It is too clearly from the devils activities and how much the demons are rejoicing. Francis himself has hit what he deserves. We will see what he doe with the rather prominent coverage of keeping Zanchetta a few yards from him on a daily basis. I seem to understand him all too well and have prayed for him but basically, he and Zanchetta are destined for hell. Leaving aside whatever else can be said of those already there from the Modernist group that destroyed any chance for a true spiritual life for souls taking the Novus Ordo seriously or trying to, now, by changes made beginning in 1958.

As a born protestant I ALWAYS ONLY LOVED the true Traditional Church and could pick up on and without hesitation see as aborting the Church any and al changes I learned of or to which I was exposed.

That single blessing even if I had NO others, is the key to going forward alone and undaunted here in Honolulu Until I Move...where the bishop is like all his fellows (I have met with him personally and understand where he is coming from at age 70 he lacks courage how many could muster were they in his shoes) and there is only the abandoned high altar at the historic cathedral in Honolulu, and the Novus Ordo everywhere else in the state including monasteries.

I hav
Fred Martinez said…
The sedevacantist Novus Order watch says the gates of hell have prevailed against the Church against the words of Jesus Christ. Go and read all the writings of Doctors of the Church St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Francis de Sales to see that they quote them as a Protestant quotes scriptures incompletely.

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