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Does Taylor Marshall Show Guest 1P5 Writer Ryan Grant want to "Eviscerate" or Disembowel the US Constitution & Capitalism?

Does Taylor Marshall YouTube show guest Ryan Grant, who appears to be a distributist, want to "eviscerate" or disembowel the United States Constitution and capitalism?

According to, the political meaning of eviscerate is the following:

"[E]viscerate means to disembowel or deprive a thing of something essential to its survival."
(, "What is meant by 'eviscerate the proletariat'"

Grant, who writes for Steve Skojec's One Peter Five blog, in the comment section of his book review of Chris Ferrera's book "Liberty the God that Failed" for the online Distributist wrote:

"Ferrera does not argue that the entire [U.S.] constitution must be eviscerated [disemboweled] (although I do personally, but that is neither here nor there), he simply argues... acknowledge Christ the King, and... Divine positive law and natural law."
(Distributist, "Liberty the God that Failed Part 1, by Ryan Grant )

From this article and other writings of Grant it appears that he is a Francis traditionalist distributist.

Does he if he is a distributist want to "eviscerate" the United States' "natural economy" or "free enterprise" system as Francis envisions in his anti-capitalist teachings?

Scholar Timothy Gordon in his book "Catholic Republic," which makes the case that many of America's founding principles are based on Catholic philosophical teachings, thinks distributism appears to "probably" be moral consequentialism" which attempts "to make right out of wrong." He writes:

"[D]istributist authors admit... 'they were advocating the redistribution of the means of production...'"

"... At it's very best, distributism equals natural economy- capitalism- under a renewed, moral, republican form... At its worst (and most probable), it is the old beast: collectivism."
(Catholic Republic: Why America will Perish without Rome," by Timothy Gordon, Pages 163, 164-167)

Distributists tend to be Francis Seamless Garment liberal Catholics in sheep's clothing who claim to be anti-abortion, but often support abortion candidates.

They claim to be traditionalists and conservatives, but are actually liberals who equate redistributistic economic issues with the genocide of abortion thus many of them such as distributist Dale Ahlquist's collaborator Mark Shea promote abortionist political agendas and are Never Trumpers."

Remnant editor Michael Matt once, I believe, said I honestly don't know what motivates the traditional Catholic Never Trumpers.

Hopefully, now traditionalists like Matt understand what motivates the traditional Catholic Never Trumpers.

Distributist Shea once called Trump supporters Ever Trumpers. Does that mean that distributist Francis traditionalists can be called Ever Franciser?

Might Ever Franciser Grant be a Never Trumper?

Has anyone ever asked every single Francis is definitely pope traditionalist (because it is their highest dogma of the Francis traditionalist creed) directly if they support President Donald Trump the way a Mitt Romney does or the way a Michael Matt does?

Remember that Romney once groveled in front of President Trump in an attempt to be appointed his secretary of state.

Making statements on occasion in support of Trump doesn't necessarily mean one isn't a Never Trumper.

We need a definite list of which Ever Franciser is a Never Trumper.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate of Mary.


Debbie said…
I did see a FB posting of Steve's a few months ago where he did defend Trump.
Dad29 said…
Since 'distributism' has never been perfectly defined, "employee ownership" of companies fits within the apparent parameters. That's something one could support wholeheartedly as a capitalist.

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