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"He [Trump] is getting Massive Pressure from the Entire Corporate Establishment, Legal Establishment in DC to Pick Barrett."

On Monday, the Catholic Monitor publisher got email push back form a big name Catholic pundit against the post "Is Coney Barrett Possibly Semi-Pro-Abortion & did she write 'a Terrible Decision supporting Democrat Governor Pritzger’s [COVID] Draconian Shutdown'?" which reported:

"Barrett said she would 'follow all Supreme Court precedent without fail' and would regard decisions such as Roe v. Wade as binding precedent' according to the Voice of America." []

The Monitor publisher emailed this response to the Catholic author who claimed that Amy Coney Barrett lined up with "natural law and divine positive law":

"Will you risk millions of unborn babies deaths? Why take a chance when there are pro-lifers that [President Donald] Trump can pick if we push? It isn't a choice between [Joe] Biden's pick and a real pro-lifer which the president can pick. Please pray and think about what you just said. Does she really line up with "natural law and divine positive law" better than others that Trump can pick or is there another reason why most of the Catholic pundits are afraid to look at her real record?"

Why are most of the Catholic pundits afraid to look at her record?

On YouTube, high-profile attorney Robert Barnes who deals in civil, criminal and constitutional law revealed that the big money "corporate establishment, legal establishment in DC" may be involved in "trying to force Trump to take Barrett":

"The same people who put [John] Roberts in the bench are the people inside Washington that are heavily pushing Barrett. They are trying to force Trump to take Barrett. Trump instinctively by what he told people early on wants to pick [Barbara] Lagoa. But, he [Trump] is getting massive pressure from the entire corporate establishment, legal establishment in DC to pick Barrett. Barrett is the one who has the highest risk of not being nominated. Barrett is pro-lockdown. Barrett is the one with the problematic history. By comparison Lagoa is someone who choose not to play the political games... She was the one who uncovered the political corruption of [convicted sex offender Jeff] Epstien." (Watch "Robert Barnes Warns Amy Coney Barrett is a Deep State Trojan Horse Who Will Destroy Trump" on YouTube, 22:10-23:00-   

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 




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