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President Trump does well in Unexpected Debate with Chris Wallace"Some are questioning Chris Wallace's neutrality in the debate tonight. Many say he constantly interrupted Trump and refused to challenge Biden. But others are pointing to more obvious clues, like the giant foam finger he wore that read 'Biden 2020.'" [] 

President Donald Trump did well in his unexpected debate with Chris Wallace. It appears that Joe Biden, also, with what some people suspect was the assistance of an earphone did better than expected with the help of his debate partner Wallace. 

It appears that the liberal media thinks that the Wallace/Biden debating team held their own against the president.

Wallace's best line of the night was pretending that he wasn't debating Trump: 

"'You're debating him, not me!' Chris Wallace caught in middle of Trump-Biden debate" [] 

The only time in the debate when the Wallace/Biden debating team was left silent and wordless was when President Trump asked the two to name one police law enforcement organization that supported their ticket's apparent backhanded support of violent Black Live Matters rioting and demands for defunding the police.

There are now rumor that Biden will replace Kamala Harris with Wallace as his running mate. 

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



The Bear said…
Trump should have given Biden more uninterrupted speaking time to get confused and ramble as he started to do a couple of times, especially on one question about mail in ballots which was just a word salad. Napoleon said “Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake.” Biden was never given a chance to come apart like a cheap suitcase. Biden was weak and vacuous, but probably would have really messed up if given a chance. I thought the question about condemning white supremacy was unfairly vague—everyone who is not a card-carrying member of BLM is in that category for Democrats and media—but Trump should not have tried to nuance it. It was an easy “yes,” then shut up. We all knew what to expect from Trump. We all tuned into to watch Biden tell the Corn Pop story. Trump never let us see that. Substantively, Biden was weak. In terms of personality, Trump steamrollered a weak opponent. But Trump is President of the United States. A little more decorum would not have made a difference as far as changing minds, but I would have been more comfortable with that, too. Knowing when you’ve made your point and shutting up was harder for a me as a lawyer to learn than how to make your point. I’ll never forget the time a judge told me, “Don’t keep arguing when you’ve won.”

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