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"For the homosexual movement in San Diego, it is clear that they want to access children."

A James Hartline Report Exclusive!
~ On The Frontlines Of The Culture War ~
August 21, 2007

A San Diego Mother Goes Undercover
Inside of A San Diego Gay Community
Children's Event: The Shocking Details!

Mother Reports Transvestites, Some Appearing To Be Using Drugs,
Accessing Children At Gay Community-Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt

Undercover California Christian News Reporter Arnae Davison Joins James Hartline
For a Shocking Journey Inside of a San Diego Gay Community Children's Event.

“All In The Name Of Easter”
Reported By Arnae Davison - Produced By James Hartline

She is a woman that has lived through some of life's most difficult battles over the past two years. >From raising two young children to battling a near-terminal case of bone cancer in 2006, Arnae Davison has faced it all in recent times. Yet, nothing prepared this San Diego mother, wife and business owner for the people and debauchery that she encountered during a dangerous assignment that she undertook in April of 2007. On April 9, 2007 Arnae Davison became an undercover journalist for the California Christian News. During that assignment, Davison entered society's dark underbelly to investigate some disturbing allegations connected to a children's Easter egg hunt that was being sponsored by various elements of San Diego's gay community.

The average Christian in America has been sitting on the sidelines while a nationwide homosexual political movement has been infecting the minds of this nation's youth with oftentimes dramatic sexual propaganda. What Arnae Davison discovered on that Easter morning four months should move every complacent Christian into active war mode.

What Ms. Davison discovered will leave most readers of this exclusive report wondering if there is any way of protecting San Diego's youth from the onslaught of the gay community's agenda of rabid sexual anarchy.

Arnae Davison is a 21st century Christian woman. She knows that she is raising her two young daughters in a world that is vastly different from the one that she grew up in. The days of cooking, cleaning and singing songs from a congregational hymnal have been replaced with church mothers who must worry about their children being molested, their teen daughters coming home pregnant and their sons being arrested for crashing the family car while under the influence of methamphetamine. Arnae first contacted James Hartline, founder of California Christian News, after she found out that a dangerous rapist had moved into the apartment complex where she lives with her husband and her two vulnerable daughters.

Knowing that Hartline had a reputation for aggressively fighting to protect San Diego's youth from child molesters, Davison invited James to meet with the management at her apartment complex to discuss concerns she and other women were having over the presence of the rapist in her neighborhood. It was based upon that meeting, that Davison and Hartline developed a friendship which would also lead to her accepting a reporting assignment with California Christian News. Several months later, Arnae read a James Hartline Report article about a disturbing children's event being sponsored by members of San Diego's gay community. Davison's reaction was swift and decisive. Arnae Davison agreed to go undercover and investigate what was happening inside of the San Diego gay community children's Easter Egg Hunt. Ms. Davison was about to enter a world that few Christians had ever gone before.

What Davison discovered while working as an undercover journalist at this gay community children's event will shock even the most experienced Christian. Arnae Davison's report should alarm every family in San Diego that the gay community is actively enlisting children in its army of sexual anarchy - one event at a time.

According to a report in the Gay and Lesbian Times, it was a male transvestite by the name of Nicole Murray Ramirez who first conspired five years ago to begin holding a gay community Easter egg hunt for children. Ramirez, who has a notorious history of promoting xxx gay pornography and dressing up as a Catholic Nun during bingo games at a San Diego gay bar called Bourbon Street, wrote in his weekly column that the Easter egg hunt was created to accomodate the children of homosexual families. Ramirez states that gay bars such as Bourbon Street and Bacchus House, both of which have promoted explicit gay porn companies, are sponsors of the children's Easter egg hunt.

The culture war in America doesn't get anymore dynamic or controversial than the two sides coming into direct conflict during this battle over Easter. On the one side of this battle is a dynamic born-again Christian mother of two, and on the other side, a children's event being sponsored by transvestites and notorious gay bars with ties to the gay pornography industry. Among the other groups that Ramirez says were involved in the April 9th Easter egg hunt were the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the "leather community". The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is one of the most vile, anti-christian transvestite organizations in the nation. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have male members who dress up like Catholic Nuns, some with extremely putrid, sexualized names.

It was the type of frightening information that Ramirez provided that originally motivated Arnae Davison to investigate the April 9th event. Davison had to know if something harmful was happening to the children at the event. This is the story of one courageous mother and what she discoved in her quest to save the children of her city from the sexual anarchy of San Diego's gay community.

~ In A Mother's Own Words ~
From the Journal of Arnae Davison

On April 9, 2007, Easter Sunday, my husband and I attended an Easter egg hunt that was sponsored by the San Diego League of Gentlemen. I would not normally attend an event that is sponsored by a homosexual organization, especially one that has ties to a gay bar called The Eagle. However, I thought that it was important to see for myself what business an openly gay organization had associating itself with children and Easter Sunday. As Christians, my husband and I believe that Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I knew from the moment that I heard about the gay community's Easter Egg hunt with children that it was not as innocent as the organizers would want the public to believe. Certainly, I knew it wasn't going to honor the real reason for Easter. I personally believed that from the moment when I heard about the event that there was a hidden agenda at work.

When my husband, my twenty month-old daughter and I arrived at the park where the Easter egg hunt was being conducted, I immediately noticed how grand of an event it all was. Being the mom of two small children, I have attended many Easter egg hunts and this one, by far, was one of the most alluring. There were lots of enticements, such as a large amount of Easter baskets, brand new bikes, approximately 20 pizzas and thousands of Easter eggs both dyed, as well as candied ones. There were even fun activities like games in which the kids could win the Easter baskets. The Trolley Barn Park has outdoor equipment such as swings, slides and jungle gyms for the children to play on: What mom wouldn't want to bring her kids to this park!

"We could not believe what our eyes were seeing..."
Arnae Reed describing her reaction to transvestites instructing children
at the San Diego gay community Easter Egg Hunt registration booth

Registration For Darkness - To begin the festivities each child with a parent was required to start at a registration booth.

Many of the older children who stood in line approached the registration booth with puzzled and confused looks on their faces as they were spoken to, and instructed by transvestites, in regards to registration information. I must admit that my husband and I too had the same puzzled looks on our faces and found ourselves staring uncontrollably. It is quite a confusing sight to see what you think is a woman, but as you get closer you realize that it is a man. We could not believe what our eyes were seeing. Whether or not an individual is a man or woman should be the last question on the minds of children at an Easter egg hunt.

Unfortunately, we and some of the other parents were the only ones who were disgusted by this sight and found it to be abnormal. The transvestites and the other homosexuals carried on as if this was just another normal day at the park. This I quickly interpreted as part of the bigger agenda for this event. It was evident to me that the homosexual groups who were sponsoring this event in the name of Easter wanted it to be the first of many events for children where these young kids are targeted with exposure to visions of men dressing up as women, and men being affectionate with other men. I concluded that the overall visual message that was being conveyed to the children is one where there is no difference between homosexual and heterosexual couples.

Lastly, after the registration, the festivities moved right along with prize giveaways, pizzas and the finding of Easter eggs. Each activity was set up at a booth in which there was a female in charge or what we thought was a female. However, as we got a better view of the individuals at each booth, we realized that many of those who we thought were women were actually men dressed up as women.

~ A Real Hansel and Gretel Nightmare Story ~
"Lost in the forest, Hansel and Gretel find a house made of gingerbread, with sugar windows, which they begin to eat. The inhabitant of the house, who is an old woman, invites them in and prepares a feast for them. The woman, however, is a witch who has built the house to entice children to her, so that she may fatten and eat them."

Detailing Depravity: Arnae Davison Continues Her Shocking Report - As we studied the faces of some of the adult men at the Easter egg hunt, we noticed that there was something very dark and unclean about them. Specifically, we noticed that these particular men had teeth that were black and rotten and their faces were full of bumps, their eyes extremely red. Overall, the appearance of these men was horrible and they did not look like they should have any contact with children. However, they all had direct contact with the children.

This was disturbing because at some point during the event we believe that there were drugs being used by the unclean looking men. We concluded this because of our observations that some of the transvestites kept going in and out of the portable bathroom while carrying little pink envelopes. The door to a portable bathroom was left open and we could clearly see one person in particular who went into the bathroom and used one of the pink envelopes. When he came out it was very obvious from his conduct that he was under the influence of some type of drug. He began to stumble while walking and proceeded to look into the garbage cans while he adjusted his fake anatomy in public. ~ At this point my family and I had seen enough and decided to leave. ~

After attending this event I am more convinced than ever that the homosexual community has targeted innocent children with the desire of infiltrating their minds with a false, hidden agenda. This agenda, I believe, consists of targeting children so that they can make them believe that same-sex relationships are moral, good and overall, normal. These homosexual relationships cause children to be confused, to stumble and to partake of an immoral lifestyle.

When a group of transvestites gets together to hold an Easter egg hunt for children, the consequences will certainly create as much confusion for the children as that which already exists in the lives of the transvestites themselves. Adding to the chaos of this transvestite-sponsored debacle were the images of men intimately connected to other men. While many Christians have no concept that events like this gay community Easter egg hunt even exist, they are occuring everywhere, everyday, all over America.

For the homosexual movement in San Diego, it is clear that they want to access children, as they did during the Easter egg hunt, making something very dark and sinister to become something routine and normal. Surely, this horrible Easter egg hunt will cause children to question the truthfulness of the Bible. Even worse, children will be led to call natural, what the Bible calls unnatural.

I believe that the agenda of homosexuals inside of San Diego's gay community will cause children to question their sexuality at a very early age. I have now concluded that this will lead to sexual confusion and will lead to further deterioration of the traditional American family. ~ This has been Arnae Davison reporting from the frontlines of the culture war for California Christian News.

Publisher's Note: Arnae Davison also documented the entire Easter egg hunt with multiple photographs which are available upon request.

~ This invesigative article has been published by The James Hartline Report ~
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