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Sins Against Purity Cause Wars

Sins Against Purity Cause Wars

Richard Salbato 9-11-2007

Today we remember the second attack on American soil of an enemy. This time it was not done by a nation like Japan but by an ideology, a religious justification. It was done by a non-government cult loosely held together by religious zeal for their god and his commandments. This is a war that has been going on for over 1,300 years, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. It is an enemy that believes in castrating women, and subjecting them to something like slavery. It is a religion that believes in killing or subjecting all those who do not accept their beliefs. It remains to this day a forced faith, where even the children are forced into its beliefs or punished even with death. This has happened even inside the United States of America to a young girl who wanted to leave her religion.

Christians who live in Moslem countries live as second class citizens with no right to vote, or to hold any government job. They cannot evangelize nor show their faith in public. Publicly they condemn any form of alcohol, eating pork, abortion, birth control, homosexuality and any sex outside of marriage by their women. Privately, however, both the men and women practice homosexual acts and even pedophilia. When not in their own country they drink and hire prostitutes.

When they take any country or land by force they consider it theirs forever. If that land is taken back they consider it an invasion of their property. In their minds they have taken it for god and when they loose it they have offended god. Because they believe that this land was concurred for god, any occupation of this land by non-Muslims is a sin against their god. Therefore, even though the Jews, then the Romans, then the Europeans controlled Jerusalem and Palestine for 5000 years, they consider it theirs forever because they held it for a few hundred years. They consider the fact that America has a military base in Saudi Arabia a great sin against god.

The birth of this new Radical Terrorism started with two things. First there was a Moslem who spent some time in Denver, Colorado where he became appalled by the immorality of American women, the way they dressed, the way they acted, and the glorification of premarital sex in advertising and movies. He went back to Egypt, preached that the West was Satan and started training terrorists. The second major episode that happened to start the new Radical Terrorists came from the fall of the Shaw of Iran and his replacement by Ayatollah Khomeini. Exiled for years in England, Khomeini was actually protected and supported by Big Oil in England. Our president, Carter, actually helped him return and take over Iran from a very good friend of American, the Shah of Iran. Khomeini repaid Carter by capturing all the Americans in the American Embassy and holding them prisoners until the day Ronald Region became president.

These two people spent a great deal of time in Western Societies seeing things that made them both come to the conclusion that we are Satanists. They were justified in this on one point, immorality.

Sins Against Purity

You can learn from the bible and from many apparitions that wars are sent by God as a punishment for sins. I need not reference the many that I know in the Bible. Each time Israel was about to be destroyed God sent his prophets to warn them that they were about to be destroyed because of their sins. When Persia was about to invade them God even told the Jews not to resist because Persia was doing His will to punish the Jews for their sins.

You can say the same thing about Christ’s prediction of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the dispersion of Jews throughout the world in 70 AD. You can even say the same thing about the destruction of most all Christianity in the Middle East at the time of Mohamed. Greek speaking Christians in the East produced the first seven heresies and were rebelling against the authority of Rome. This was a time when the Catholic Faith had spread thoughout the world, even in China and India. You can say the same thing about Europe in the middle ages when Kings and Lords fought against each other for power and the result was Islam invading Europe and controlling parts of it for 700 years.

I need not go further than Fatima, however, to make my point. “This war is about to end but a much worse war is about to happen if people do not emend their ways.” And then again, Jacinta told her nurse-nun on her death bed: “Tell everyone that more people go to Hell for sins against the flesh than for any other reason.”

Consider that these Radical Moslems have at least one point in accusing us of being Satanic, and that is our immorality, not just in America, but in all Western Societies. I have been in 32 counties and all are immoral even in Syria, but the West is more open about it and even promotes it in ads and TV programs. Children who succumb to this propaganda, find being virtuous and virgin embarrassing. Many boys even lie to their friends saying they are not virgin when, in fact, they are. In such a society, where someone like Brittany Spears is worshiped, how do we raise children? How do we impose modest clothes on our children, who will be laughed at in school?

Internet porn, TV sitcoms promoting free sex, advertisements promoting fast food with almost pornographic sex, comedy daily TV shows promoting and glorifying homosexual life styles, teachers having sex with 14 year old students, classes forced to promote homosexual life styles to minors, teachers and school nurses promoting condoms and abortions, and then our Lady of American asks us to become sexually pure Americans, so that we can become Her instrument of peace for the rest of the world?

As a Catholic family there is very little we can do about these external problems that we are not already doing to some degree. We are moving our children out of public schools and even out of Catholic schools that are not doing a good job of teaching faith and morals. Many of us are Home Schooling. Many of us are monitoring TV programs and internet use. But let us face the fact that even among most Catholics we fall way short in morals and purity.

The Major Sins of our era

Since Catholics make up 34% of the United States of America and 80% of the Americas, I think that if we became pure in heart and body we could avoid war and be a beacon of light and peace to the world. Why Purity? You might think that avarice and gluttony are the real American sins, but not so. All the great sins that cry out to Heaven are sins of the flesh. In the late evening I watch old black and white movies of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Although there is a lot of bad you can say about those ages, they believed in romance which is lost today. They were for the most part sexually moral. But there was something that happened that changed everything. The best way to explain this is to look back to Pope Paul VI and his Encyclical, Humanae Vitae.
Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae right in the middle of Vatican II. It has since been placed as part of Vatican II documents. A little history of this document seems appropriate. A large council of Bishops met for many years developing suggestions for the Holy Father on the Regulation of Birth because they were facing increasing requests for liberalization. This commission of Bishops suggested that the Church liberalize its moral stand against birth control. The Holy Father and his staff spent a long time reading these suggestions. Then the Holy Father retired for the evening and the next morning he had written Humanae Vitae, doing exactly the opposite of what the Bishops recommended.
Birth control methods and fear of population explosion were on the news daily influencing many Catholics to re-think birth control. The explosion of women in the work force after World War II strongly hampered the concept of large families. In spite of this the Holy Father prophesied what would happen to the world if God’s Natural Moral Law was violated.
17. Upright men can even better convince themselves of the solid grounds on which the teaching of the Church in this field is based, if they care to reflect upon the consequences of methods of artificial birth control. Let them consider, first of all, how wide and easy a road would thus be opened up towards conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality. Not much experience is needed in order to know human weakness, and to understand that men -- especially the young, who are so vulnerable on this point -- have need of encouragement to be faithful to the moral law, so that they must not be offered some easy means of eluding its observance. It is also to be feared that the man, growing used to the employment of anti-conceptive practices, may finally lose respect for the woman and, no longer caring for her physical and psychological equilibrium, may come to the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment, and no longer as his respected and beloved companion.

Let it be considered also that a dangerous weapon would thus be placed in the hands of those public authorities who take no heed of moral exigencies.
He made it clear that any form of artificial birth control was a violation of God’s natural law and would lead to decadence and a lack of respect for human life and even family life. That is exactly what happened. What was 90% virgins outside of marriage went down to 30% in many Western Nations. It is now hard to find a virgin under the age of 14 years. We now have parents and teachers, instead of teaching purity, preaching and passing out artificial birth control methods to teenagers.
All the explosion of sexual sins can be traced back to two things, Dating and Birth Control. Dating? Yes, dating. Hard for anyone living today to understand but prior to World War II no one dated without a chaperone and no woman lived away from her mother and father before she was married. That changed, first of all, in American when we send almost all our men to Europe and the Pacific to fight the war. At the same time we converted all our factories into making war materials. We had to turn to the women to work these factories. This is when the term came into being: “Rivet Annie”.
For the first time in history women had to move away from home in order to work the war effort. I am not arguing that this was not needed, it was. But the results of women living in apartments and going out to coffee shops on their own with hundreds of thousands of soldiers coming and going to war was a recipe for disaster.
Sure enough more babies were born during World War II than in any other time in our history. We now call this the “Baby Boom” children. Of course, in those days any pregnant woman got married, even if by force. She would never be accepted as a mother without a husband. It is true also that no man got married prior to World War II unless he could independently afford it - house and job.
Then came artificial birth control at the same time that drugs hit the world in massive amounts. The lack of fear of pregnancy and the killing of morals with drugs opened up the sexual revolution.
How do people get pregnant? No one gets pregnant in public. They have to be alone somewhere. How did they get alone? What happened to the doctrine, “to avoid the mere occasion of sin?” How did it come to be that parents let their children date without a chaperone?
We have an epidemic of rape, child molestation, fornication, and now, homosexuality. This happened because people let themselves be in a situation they should never have been in. People raised up in free and open sex have become parents with that same philosophy. Authority has been destroyed starting with the family. Adultery has gone from about 7%, mostly by men, to over 35% of women and 45% of men.
Some parents will tell me: “My children might “make out” a little but they do not have sex.” My answer is: “Impossible!” You must understand that nothing God has created, even sexual feelings, is wrong. God designed our bodies to procreate. For this reason our bodies are designed to want sex and be ready for it when close contact is made between two people who like each other. This is natural, but what is not natural is to stimulate the body for sex and then not have it. This stimulation does not go away but keeps us longing even days later. You do not put your hand in the fire without getting burnt.
The first major sin of our era is Private Dating. From this everything else follows. The next major sin of our age is Artificial Birth Control, including Sterilization, (I am not talking about natural birth control), which opened up the sexual revolution and paved the way for the rest. If Artificial Birth Control really worked there would not be so many out of wedlock births, and so many abortions. What it did do, however, is make people feel safe to have sex and when it did not work they had the back up of abortion. Instead there was a surge in out of wedlock births. Instead of safe sex, there are millions of abortions each year. These two things, dating and birth control, produced all the rest: Fornication (sex outside of marriage), Adultery, Masturbation, Homosexuality and its ultimate result – Pedophilia. The real and ultimate result of the sexual revolution is Abortion.

By the way, as I have written before, there are degrees of sin involved here that would surprise you. What degree of sin dating without a chaperone is depends on the circumstances so I will not get into that. Artificial Birth Control is a violation of God’s law, a violation of the natural law and a violation of obedience to the Holy Father so it cannot be anything but a mortal sin. Fornication is a sin against God’s law but not against the natural law. Masturbation is a sin against God’s law, the natural law and against our own body. Homosexuality is an abomination, because it is against God’s law, the natural law, against our own body and against another person. It is a complete rejection of God. Pedophilia is the natural growth out of the satanic homosexual activity and becomes the second worst sexual sin. But the worst sexual sin is Abortion, killing another human for no other reason than excessive selfishness and self centeredness.
Do We Deserve War
Forget about the overall American society because we can do little to control that. But considering that wars are a punishment for sins, do Catholics deserve war? According to statistics 80% of Catholics practice birth control but still go to Communion every Sunday. According to statistics just as many Catholics have abortions as the rest of society. According to statistics Catholics vote for pro-abortion candidates at the same rate as the rest of society.
The total disobedience of Catholics, including Bishops, priests and nuns, can be traced back to Humanae Vitae, a document I believe was heavily inspired by God.
Have Catholic parents trained their children to avoid the mere occasion of sin? Do Catholic parents condone any form of disobedience to God, Church or Country? Have we taught our children to give God respect, reverence and honor in the Tabernacle and at Mass? Have we taught the dangers of pornography? Do we let our children dress like everyone else does? Do we demand respect and obedience of our children? We all have to reflect on these questions ourselves, but I want to end on a positive note.
In Austria only 10% of the population was able to avert war. I believe that if just 30% of Catholics would fight the good fight against sins of the flesh, we could avert war. I believe Catholics who practice openly real purity would be a light to the rest of this country. There will be a major war soon, but we in America do not have to be harmed by this if we can just honor purity without compromise. The slightest giving in to “modern times” will not do, we must be pure to the point of being strange and different.
Richard Salbato


Humanae Vitae -

Email responce:

Hi Rick:

I just read your latest posting on sins against purity. Today in my grade 12 law class, we compared the Utilitarian approach to law and justice (all law springs from Man's own authority) to the Natural Law approach (all man's law must flow from the Natural Law made known to us via Divine Revelation). It was an excellent class.

Prior to its beginning, a student, who had asked a particular question yesterday, brought in a two page printout from the website of NAMBLA (I sent her to that site to convince her that there was indeed a war ongoing against God and his Church, and the latest victims were children.) Halfway through that lesson, I read the printout. It was written by a man who praised efforts to abandon any age restriction on sex with children. It was awful. The author used the kind of language you or I would use to encourage the worship of God. I was very pleased to see the revulsion in my students.

Then, I explained to them that when I started my career 29 years ago, I got the same reaction when I predicted to my students that Canada one day would have abortion on demand, and that doctors would rip babies apart in their mothers' wombs. I no longer get that reaction. I then wondered aloud if, when I taught their children (they laughed; I'm too old to one day be teaching their kids) I would get the same reaction to a letter like the one I had just read, or if it would just be taken in stride. I then explained that we get to this state of affairs by rejecting God and Catholic truth in our philosophy, which finds it way into our laws. They were genuinely enthralled.

Then a young man asked me how we can stop this evil. I told the entire class that it all starts with them in their 1/6.5 billionth of the world. They have to marry before they mate. They have to raise their kids with love and affection. But they also have to be mothers and fathers first, and best friends after that. That means they have to set limits and enforce them. They have to take them to Mass with them, even as infants. They have to take to church with them when they go to confession, even when the kids are too young to confess themselves, just to show the children that we humbly and lovingly submit ourselves to God. I told them they have watch their kids, spend time with them, teach them, play with them, tuck them in at night, sit at breakfast with them.

I was really on a roll. I had gone on a while when I looked more closely at the rest of the class. Their attention, and gaze, was riveted on me. They were focused on every word I was saying. It made me sad. I realized that after 12 years in a Catholic school system, they had likely never heard these words before. Maybe had never heard them at home. There is such a hunger among our young people for God's Truth, and for guidance. They just don't seem to be getting it. One of the things I do is to bring info to them from outside the text book.

Monday, they will read your article on purity. I'll let you know their response. (I've brought a lot of your "stuff" to class.)

Have a great weekend, Rick.


Rick you took the words right out of my mouth on private dating. I've been trying to figure out who I said all of those things to 7 years ago...because it was almost verbatim! Chaperones, yes!

That is so encouraging! Good job! In this day of blogs the idea could spread quickly... I would really like to see it.

That web site is terrific! I'm riveted to it!



Rick, I love you! (with the love of christ, of course.)
And I am sure the devil hates you:>)

I am so happy to finally have something in writing to support my beliefs about purity!
Most people think it is nonsense that physical catastrophies are a result of our unbalanced spiritual deviations. Even some priest on TV laughed about this. They do not see it as the wrath of God. They figure that what they do in private is their own business. I say it is not their private business because we all pay for it.
Your article is wonderful!
I will make it a point to pray an extra one for you, for your perseverance, since I suspect the devil will more than likely try to discourage you from your good work. I feel I am not doing much, but I will at least attempt to help in this small way:>)
Thank you so much for your many super articles!
Whole unequivocal hearty support,


This should give you some comfort. I am in the process of becoming a consecrated virgin for my diocese. I met some of these woman at a conference recently. Hopefully, there are good consecrated and lay faithful who abide by the Lord's commandments, esp. in terms of purity. If we are not careful, though, like you said, the more we abadon God the more he will us. I do agree that the Lord treats Catholic Christians like Israel before he came as man. Except, I think he expects more from us. If you read Mary Agreda's work, which I think is excellent, she mentions how the Blessed Mother, tells her how we have the same as the early Christians were given, however, the Lord has given us more over time, saints, popes, true apparitions, devotions, esp. Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, adoration, etc.. The more were given the more is expected from us. I know that the innocent, lowly people, the suffering, the consecrated truly devoted to the Lord, also faithful Catholics, the children and poor that suffer are a pleasing sacrifice to him. I do believe there are more victim souls nowadays as well, (which may include those I mentioned) to deflect his justice on our world. Thank goodness, the Blessed Mother is our patronage, this has been so beneficial to our country. Also, other saints and angels who guard our countries, etc. I'm glad they dedicated our country again, after the Nov. elections to her Sorrowful and Immaculate heart. Yes, home schooling families I believe are instrumental in providing society with following of good morals and living. I'm sure your aware of Fr. Pat Peyton, who is up for canonization. He's the one who advertised, the family that prays together, stays together. I have noticed the Lord working through his church and people, to help us get things straightened out. This is one example, as well as, Pope Paul's encyclical, as well as others. He uses tv and other media methods to counter the evil that comes from TV, internet., etc. So, it appears good and evil are battling it out. I know that in the end the Lord will be victorious because he already has been, on the cross. I also believe we have to be hopeful, as those before Jesus came, about his second coming. One day all this will be over. Let's pray that as many souls as possible will be saved, before he comes in justice, for than it will be too late.

God bless, Donna


I just read "Sins Against Purity Cause Wars." This is excellent and I am going to pass it on to others. But please, change the spelling, it is not the Shaw of Iran, it is the Shah of Iran.


Sins against purity causes wars, beautiful article Rick. As the bible said, wars are a means of punishment sent by God. And with the way the United States is going as far as immorality is concerned, is a just reason for God to send us to war. I am so guilty of the many things that you have mentioned and constantly asking for God’s forgiveness. I really believe that you were sent to open our eyes to these facts, and I will forever be thankful for that.

Rick, I will continually pray for the success of your mission.

God bless



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