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Are all Liberals Modernist & are Most Conservative Catholics Semi-Modernist?

In my opinion, it is obvious that Pope Francis doesn't have even a remnant of Thomism. Nor does he apparently care about being loyal to the infallible Church teachings. He appears to be a Modernist (See:

-"[T]he [Modernist] Blondelian schema holds that justification for the faith is to be found by turning inwards to the personal experience of the human subject. This turn to the subject is characteristic of modern philosophy, from Descartes right up to the Idealism of Kant and Hegel and beyond, and presented a major challenge to the traditional Catholic apologetics... If it were the case that inner experience justified the faith, if each person was to find the proof of God’s existence within their own life, then what would be the basis for the teaching authority of the Church?"
- Neo-Modernist AnthonyCarroll  []

"Between [Modernist Maurice] Blondel's philosophy of action and Pope Francis' pastoral action, there are significant coincidence."
- Pope Francis's close longtime theological advisor Fr. Juan Carlos Scannone 
( La Civiltà Cattolica 2015 III / )" []

Francis's closest adviser and collaborator Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga apparently declared himself, Francis and all liberals to be Modernist since Vatican II:

"The Second Vatican Council... meant an end to the hostilities between the Church and Modernism... Modernism was, most of the time, a reaction against injustices and abuses that disparaged the dignity and rights of the person."
(Whispers in the Loggia Website, "The Council's  'Unfinished Business,' The Church's 'Return to Jesus"... and Dreams of "The Next Pope" - A Southern Weekend with Francis' 'Discovery Channel,'" October 28, 2013)

The homosexual journalist Milo Yiannopoulos in his book "Diabolical" reported:

""Since Vatican II, most popes have been preoccupied with holding together the conservative [Catholic] and liberal [Modernist heretic] factions that emerged in its wake."

Why were the conservative Vatican II popes and why are almost all the conservative present day bishops and conservative Catholics so afraid of a schism with the heretic faction?

Might it be because like in the Arian crisis when there were Arians and Semi-Arians so today there are Modernists and Semi-Modernists?

Semi-Arians were those who attempted the practically almost impossible task of being loyal to the traditional teachings of the Church while holding on to Semi-Arian ambiguous teachings because they were afraid of being in schism with the Arian heretics.

So today, it appears that most conservative Catholics have tried to do the practically almost impossible task of being loyal to the infallible teachings of the Church while holding on to Semi-Modernist ambiguous teachings as well as the ambiguities of Vatican II because they are afraid of being in schism with the Modernist heretics.

Cardinal John Henry Newman said that during the Arian Heresy Crisis 80% of the bishops were heretics which is probably similar to the number of bishops who today have fallen into Modernism or Semi-Modernism.

Columnist Chris Jackson writes that the Neo-Modernist faith by simple statistics show that their Modernism has led to the collapse of the Catholic faith in America and the world:

"It is a shame that the Neo-Catholics [conservative Catholics] interviewed simply cannot make the obvious connection so many Traditionalists have made before them. That far from protecting the faith of Catholics against modern errors and temptations and helping to spread the Faith, Vatican II and its reforms opened the Church up to the modern errors and temptations and fed Her sheep to the wolves."

"... In order to be meaningful to anyone, the Faith being offered must have meaning to begin with. And Neo-Modernist faith does not. In fact, it is not faith at all. The Neo-Modernist faith ascribes to a mythical god who is not just, who punishes no sin, no matter how egregious, who works no real supernatural miracles, who is merely a representation or allegory of vague concepts, and who is to be used as a mascot to help attach religious significance to merely naturalist and humanistic concerns. Those who were poisoned by this 'faith' were right to leave it. Their only mistake was not replacing it with the true Faith it is obscuring. The answer to this exodus is not some desperate attempt to be even 'more relevant' by infusing more of the same poison, but to make these people aware of the true Catholic Faith that most of them have never even experienced despite growing up as Catholics in the modern era."
"...  Sadly, the answer is no. What do they blame the mass exodus from the Church since Vatican II on [is not Vatican II] ? You guessed it. [They blame]Traditional Catholicism (aka Catholicism itself)."

The attacks on the Open Letter appear to show that most conservative Catholics, not all, are Semi-Modernists and appear to slowly be losing their faith in the same way they say a frog will boil to death if the heat in the stove under the pot is heated up slowly.

Open Letter signer  said it best:

"Just a few short years ago, everyone who considered himself a conservative was up in arms about Amoris Laetitia and skeptical of the elaborate rabbinical apparatus that attempted to square it with the Church’s perennial teaching. Now it’s as if they’ve given up; they shrug their shoulders and say, “I’m sure it’ll all be fine someday. It’ll come out in the wash. Put credentialed theologians and canonists on the case, and everything Francis says and does can be justified.” We strain the canonical gnats and swallow the doctrinal camel."

"It seems that many simply do not wish to confront the weighty and ever mounting evidence of the pope’s errors and reprehensible actions, of which the letter provided only a sample sufficient to make the case. This is not to say that Francis altogether lacks true words and admirable actions. It would be nearly impossible for someone to say false things or do bad things all the time. That is beside the point. It is enough for a pope to assert a doctrinal error only once or twice in a pontifical document, or to perform really bad acts (or omissions) of governance a few times, in order to merit rebuke from the College of Cardinals or the body of bishops, sharers in the same apostolic ministry. With Francis, however, there is a lengthy catalogue, with no sign of coming to an end. If this does not galvanize the conservatives into concerted action, one has to wonder — what would? Do they have a line in the sand? Or has papal loyalism dethroned faith and neutered reason?"

"Things that made everyone anxious just a few years ago are now taken in stride: now we all just live in a post-Bergoglian Catholic Church, where you can make exceptions about formerly exceptionless moral norms, give Communion to those living in adultery, and say God wills many religions as He wills two sexes, or — a point not addressed in the Open Letter — dismiss the witness of Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium (trifecta!) on the death penalty. The frogs have grown accustomed to floating in ever hotter water and have decided to call it a spa."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Praypraypray said…
I just don’t understand these Catholics who are afraid to call a spade a spade!!! The emperor has no clothes, yet, the ones who are pointing out the bad news, (heresies), are the very ones being attacked and charged with trying to cause problems, (a schism), by other so-called Catholics. They are shooting or attacking the messengers, not the one creating chaos and a huge divide that could lead to schism. As far as it goes, there is already a lot of division, since there are errant clergy members and mixed up lay people trying to spread their errors.
You wrote about the frogs and it seems that a lot of frogs have been in the gradually warming water for so long that their heads have gone to mush... It’s sad, but it seems like so many have just given up and they’re just waiting for God to swoop in and take care of everything. They justify their apathy, inaction, silence, cowardice, or sins of omission by saying that they cannot do a thing and so they are patiently praying and waiting for God! In the meantime, souls may be going to Hell!
Some of them even attack others if they disagree, complaining that the others must not trust in God or believe in the power of prayer.
Well, prayer is good, yet, God gives us gifts and talents and minds and mouths and hands and feet to do His will.
If pro-lifers just prayed and did nothing else while babies were being killed in abortion, it would be criminal! We most definitely should pray, but we also must absolutely stand up for the unborn babies so that many, many lives can be saved.
On the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7th, my pro-life group just celebrated after learning of the 500th woman changing her mind and choosing life outside of the abortion mill where we pray and counsel. This is the 500th baby saved that we’ve recorded, since we started keeping records in 2006.
Of course, there may have been women changing their minds to choose life thanks to prayers, alone. However, our prayerful presence and counseling helps us to reach many, many women and save numerous lives.
Often, God gives us the words to say and words come out of our mouths that surprise us. Because we pray and are present to God and allow Him to use us, we’ve even had times where we’ve said the person’s name without ever having met the person before or knowing their name. Then, of course, the person is so shocked at the realization that God knows his/her name, that he/she listens to God and does His will. Thanks be to God and our cooperation with Him in using our minds and mouths and hands and feet, we’ve had many babies lives saved. It’s really God working through us that saves lives. God can work through anyone who cooperates with Him or does His will
If only most Catholics trusted God and listened closely to Him and were not afraid to do His will and allow Him to work through them and work in their lives. Then, we’d have a much better world.
Thanks again, for another interesting article. 👍
Fred Martinez said…
Thank you Praypraypray for your kind words and for being a loyal reader of the Catholic Monitor.

I have done sidewalk counseling so I know what a great achievement and miracle of grace saving 500 babies is. Thanks be to God and your group's deep prayer because I know that is the only way babies are saved.

Can I ask you a favor?

I recently contacted a good priest who says he knows a Cardinal who is supportive of Bishop Gracida's efforts to have cardinals investigate the validity of Pope Benedict's resignation and possibly the conclave that elected Francis.

He told me by email that he forwarded my email to the Cardinal.

Can you do me the favor of having your pro-life group and others pray that the Cardinal be given the grace to respond to Bishop Gracida's call for an investigation.

Thank you in JMJ,

Praypraypray said…
Thank you for your pro-life work and for your kind words. I most certainly will ask my pro-life friends/group to pray for your wonderful prayer request. Thank you for all that you do. God bless you and your blog.
Therese said…
Mr. Martinez, my husband and I will add your intention to our rosary. It is terrifying to watch large numbers of Catholics, many so much more knowledgeable than myself, slowly lose their faith in the bonfire of this pontificate. I can hardly believe it, but this is the rotten fruit of the stripping of our Church. You are right: does anyone really know his faith? What the conservatives have is, as another has pointed out, merely a slow-moving liberalism that by one accommodation after another will end in humanism.

I was listening to a radio interview from the late 90s, in which the featured guest pointed out that when you lose your faith typically you are unaware of the fact. You do many of the same things as before, perhaps, but the essential element that gave life to your soul is now missing. I am praying especially for the grace not to fall into this trap. May God bless you.
Fred Martinez said…
Thank you Prayprayray and Therese for your deep insights and especially for your prayers for grace for the Cardinal. You will be in my prayers. Please pray for me. God bless both of you.

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