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Sheriff Fred and the Greedy Cave Gang

Over three years ago, my wife, Eva, died which was the most difficult experiences of my life. Before she passed away we were praying the rosary many if not most nights. The last words we said to each other were "I love you."

Please, pray for her.

One lady friend who I had known for many years from when I ran a crisis pregnancy center helped me get over the grief by praying the rosary and going to Mass with me. She also helped me by us making up characters and playing out comedy dialogues in person and by texting. One characters that I made up was Sheriff Fred who, in person, I gave a Texas cowboy twang.

The reason I bring this up is because we are living in such scary and serious times as a nation which in small ways seems similar to how one feels when one's love one passes away that I was hoping to maybe bring a smile with one on my ridiculous stories to my readers.

My lady friend and I rarely get together anymore, but my beloved niece and I have had fun with the Sheriff Fred character and she has encouraged me to maybe develop him more. I have thought of making him into a type of G.K. Chesterton Fr. Brown detective with a cowboy twang or just keep him as a comedy character.

Anyways, I found two text stories so I thought I would share one of them with my loyal Catholic Monitor readers. I still get a smile when I read it. I hope you get a smile from it.

Sheriff Fred and the Greedy Cave Gang

Sheriff Fred went over to the caves to take in the Greedy Cave Gang known for their miserly money loving ways. They are lead by that notorious lady outlaw Miss Greedy. When I got there, they told the sheriff that if he didn't give them all his money they would send him to his maker and then pull out all his gold filling from his teeth. Then they shot the sheriff's hat right off and it blew away in the wind.

That got me madder than a wet rooster because my Rosita gave me that hat. Well wouldn't you know it when I reached down and pulled up my six shooter, I accidentally pulled out from my pocket my wallet. Not looking and thinking it was a gun I thought I was pulling a strangely soft trigger. I had accidentally pulled open my official Wild West Sheriff Wallet and out a comes all the dollar bills flying around in the wind.

Well out comes the gang from the cave lead by Miss Greedy with eyes for nothing, but them dollar bills. As they jumped and scampered to grab the cash, I pulled out my rope and lassoed the whole gang. As I lead them back to the town jail, Miss Greedy and the gang just smiled and were as meek as lambs as they counted their money.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Mary.


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