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The 2000 Presidential Election in Florida threw out "over 57,000 [Illegal] Voters... Identified as Felons," in 2020 it may possibly be Millions of Illegal Voters Thrown Out

Today, President Donald Trump "challenge[d] Joe [Biden] and every Democrat to clarify that they only want legal votes. We want every legal vote counted. We want openness and transparency. No secret count rooms, no mystery ballots, no illegal votes being cast after election day.” 

Moreover, he said that there would "be a lot of litigation" which may end up going all the way to the Supreme Court:

“We think there’s going to be a lot of litigation. We have so much evidence, so much proof. It’s going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land.”

“We can’t have an election stolen like this. We can’t let that happen to the United States of America. It’s not a question of who wins, Republican or Democrat, Joe, myself. We can’t be disgraced by letting something like this happen.” []

One time that something like this happens was with the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida. One of the issues in the 2000 recount as in this one was illegal voters casting votes in the election according to Wikipedia:

"Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state, Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, contracted with DBT Online Inc., at a cost of $4.294 million, to have the "scrub lists" reworked. In a May 2000 list, over 57,000 voters were identified as felons, with all counties being ordered to remove all listed names from their voting rolls. Democrats claimed that many simply had names similar to actual felons, some listed "felonies" were dated years in the future, and some were random. Some counties refused to use the list, finding it error-ridden. In other counties, supervisors of elections notified those at risk of being scrubbed, giving them a chance to prove they were not felons, which a small number chose to do. In most cases, those on the scrub list were not told that they weren't allowed to vote until they were turned away at the polls. An estimated 15% of the names on the county lists were in error" []

In 2000, "over 57,000 voters were identified as felons, with all counties being ordered to remove all listed names from their voting rolls." Non-registered voters, illegal aliens, felons and others are not allowed to vote so possibly hundreds of thousands to millions of the Biden votes must be ordered to be removed.

There is abundant evidence that possibly hundreds of thousands to millions of the Biden votes and voters were illegal as the Washington Times reported:

The Washington Times reported that "352 U.S. counties in 29 states managed to have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens." []

- The  Geller Report reported that "Wisconsin['s]... Total number of registered voters: 3,129,000. Total number of votes cast: 3,239,920... [this is] evidence of fraud." []

- Attorney Robert Barnes showed evidence of 100 thousand Wisconsin "overvotes for Biden": 

Same oddity of 100K overvotes for Biden in a swing state, as if 100k people only marked their ballot for Biden, which is another statistical anomaly. []

Quick math here need to double check: Wisconsin GOP house candidate votes 1,620,435. Trump 1,610,001 Dem house candidate votes 1,525,836 Biden 1,630,535[] 
Project Veritas reported "a groundbreaking undercover report Wednesday night where a Michigan USPS whistleblower claims superiors instructed employees to back-date mail-in-ballots coming in after November 3rd." []
Constitutional lawyer Barnes put it best:   
"Just a reminder: just last year, Democrats demanded, and received, a new election for federal office when just a small amount of fraud was found." []
"Did signatures match voter registration file? How did they confirm? Is that why they removed observers? What about the chain of custody of the ballots? How did dead people[, non-registered voters, illegal aliens, felons and others] manage to vote? This is way beyond Trump; this is about faith & confidence in our Constitutional democracy." []

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary



Unknown said…
Worker describes how a Ferrari & Van showed up with the 130,000 ballots that were 100% for Biden at 4am on Nov 4th.


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