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"DIGITAL CASH 666"?: Breitbart News Pope Francis to Bill Clinton: We Must Halt the ‘Ecological Catastrophe’ of Climate Change & Hillary Clinton Teams Up with Rockefeller Foundation to Push ‘Digital Cash’ to Fight Climate Change

Feb 11, 2023 — Hillary, who eerily resembled left-wing billionaire George Soros, announced the launch of the first $50 million global “climate resilience” fund ...

Sep 21, 2022 — Provided to YouTube by MusicPro DIGITAL CASH 666 · SEVEN XXI DIGITAL CASH 666 ℗ 2022 God Traps Records Released on: 2022-09-21 Composer: ..


Anonymous said…
Is it Digital Crash 666, as a link about a video of this same post demonstrates? The author sings this:

"Money, money, digital crasch, money, money, in your hand the chip and such, now you have the power to buy and sell because the mark of the beast can be on you."

Bergoglio will launch a new "encyclical" of Laudato Si soon, as one of the links in this post says, in the same context of the same globalist agenda. But, in my opinion, what draws the most attention is the clear form of adherence of Bergoglio with the enemies of humanity, as shown by another link in the post. He makes himself one with them. This clearly demonstrates who he is. As was warned before by us.

I don't think it was consciousness. I think it's really a Digita
Chash 666.

Everything falls into place. It all makes sense. So the facts speak for themselves. It just doesn't see who doesn't really want to see.
Anonymous said…
Coincidence, not consciousness.
Anonymous said…
In fact, digital money is linked to a global financial crash in the current monetary system, with printed money. Because of the financial bubble that was already showing signs that it was going to burst. So there is also a kind of "crash" in bitcoin. Because central banks want to control through a single digital currency, something that was not possible with bitcoin. But I believe the same money was put in on purpose in stages because it requires time to adapt. Ironically, many bitcoin users used the currency in order not to submit to central banks... So, the dollar and all money as we know it have its days numbered.

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