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"Elon Musk just changed Twitter's name to 'X.' His old text messages hint at what his vision for an 'everything app' might look like": "Elon Musk rebranded Twitter as "X" after hinting about plans for an "everything app" for months. Musk has discussed his plans for a WeChat-like app publicly and in private texts over the years"

Jul 24, 2023 — Elon Musk just changed Twitter's name to 'X.' His old text messages hint at what his vision for an 'everything app' might look like. []



Anonymous said…
It’s unbelievable that with so much of information at their fingertips people still call satanic bankers and the new world order a crazy conspiracy theory. Aaron Russo told us more than fifteen years ago what they are planning. You will need a vaccine certificate to prove you are not a threat to society. Eventually all record can only be accessed via a digital id chip.
Anonymous said…
Eris, the "new viral threat," is part of Greek mythology that is known as the mother of discord and bears her children, according to Wikipedia, below:

“In Hesiod's Theogony (226–232), Eris, the daughter of Night, is less kindly spoken of as she brings forth other personifications as her children:
And hateful Eris bore painful Ponos (Hardship),
Lethe (Forgetfulness) and Limos (Starvation) and the tearful Algea (Pains),
Hysminai (Battles), Makhai (Wars), Phonoi (Murders), and Androktasiai (Manslaughters);
Neikea (Quarrels), Pseudea (Lies), Logoi (Stories), Amphillogiai (Disputes),
Dysnomia (Anarchy) and Ate (Ruin), near one another,
and Horkos (Oath), who most afflicts men on earth,
Then willing swears a false oath”.

We realize above that it is in accordance with the psychological and traumatic effects of blockages imposed by an unhealthy and evil mentality on a defenseless population. This is beyond reason and sense. So Fauci demonstrates something possessive and diabolical that is coherent, that he's busy and even removed a pope and dominates the Vatican today.

To accept this is the same as to be complicit in a hidden and contrary power of God.
Anonymous said…
Really logic is a digital identification which the individual "cannot sell or buy" (Revelation 13; 19) except for it. In this way, vaccination is a mechanism of the system in order to freedom to public and private places. This demonstrates that the individual is not a threat to society. A clear control and submission through a tyrannical state. According to Nicolas Credo:

“One app to rule them all? More like one concept. A digital ID that creates a permission-based society, allowing ‘freedom’ of movement only if the individual possesses the requisite social credit score. The digital ID looks set to include medical records (vaxxeeens), carbon footprints, and of course the central bank digital currency tokens. The tokens could be frozen due to bad behaviour deemed anti-government. The tokens could be allocated for certain foods (insects) and disallow other indulgences (meat & alcohol). For now, downloading an app in order to enter this UK supermarket piloting a QR code system is a choice. In the future it may not be. All your purchasing habits tracked and monitored in real time. No app = no food. Welcome to the beginnings of the digital gulag.”

Therefore, each day it becomes evident what plan "X" means.

Anonymous said…
At airports there is also now the requirement of facial identification which is also part of this same mechanism. I mean, it's part of the same agenda.
Anonymous said…

Agenda "X" in progress...
Anonymous said…
Musk and his "X" app that will serve for everything and that is very similar to China's WeChat.


Anonymous said…
The site itself Inside in another post on the same subject demonstrates strangeness in the form of the launch of this platform "X" by Musk. When she reveals that Musk "in a strange nightly display" and "that he was made in the dark." And with Linda Yaccarino. We may not notice anything else in all this, but at night symbolically is the time of betrayal, like Judas (John 13:30-31), both in the Church and in one's own country, and of darkness. It's today's time. In this way, Bergoglio also never denied his sympathy for Judas Iscariot.
Anonymous said…
"The king is naked," as a proverb Portuguese goes.

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