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Flashback: Chris Ferrara called for an "Imperfect Council" & his Mentor called Francis an Antipope & Why don't you write a article explaining why you disagree with Fr. Gruner that Francis is an Antipope

On September 17, 2018, Chris Ferrara, president of the American Catholic Lawyers Association wrote an article calling for a "imperfect council" to be enjoined to investigate and possibly "declare" Francis "deposed" from the papacy:


Anonymous said…
Regarding a probable imperfect council today, the Universi Dominici Gregis says, in article 34, that if the legitimate cardinals declare a vacancy in Rome, any meeting, congregation, council, synod, etc., must be interrupted without delay. Because the same constitution even penalizes them in nullity, even if it is very serious or worthy of special mention, until a new pope is canonically elected. Benedict XVI, in the Motu Proprio on February 22, 2013, gives a deadline of up to 21 days for the conclave to take place. But the problem is that this hypnotic trance called Bergoglio, allowed by God, still prevents the same conclave from taking place. Because the question of canon 332.2 of a "pontificate of a shared Petrine Munus" between Bergoglio and Ratzinger, which canonically never existed, has not yet been seen. And Article 33 says that it cannot be carried out in any other way, nor can the rules be modified, in another article mentioned.
Anonymous said…
I think because of a clear great contempt for the papacy today, the solution will come from the same papacy, through the apostolic constitution of John Paul II.
Anthony Pagano said…
The question posed to Chris Ferrara is most apt, but is unlikely to be answered in the near term. I think Ferrara's intentions are good, but he clings dearly to the mistaken position held and championed by the SSPX since the later days of Archbishop Lefebvre. That is, whether a Pope is a true-Pope or false one should not be raised. And regardless of which he is (Pope or anti-Pope), Church members can act as their own pope and decide which pronouncements of the Pope they shall follow and which they shall not. Sadly this position is both non-Catholic and schismatic. However, in the case of a heretic pope there is no sifting through pronouncements---everything a heretic pope utters to the faithful is tainted.

Barnhardt has sat in this (recognize the Pope but resist him) camp for the longest time and is a relative late-comer to declaring the current occupant of the Papacy a heretic. Barnhardt, even now, longs for the days of Ratzinger whose history she was apparently ignorant of or blind to. Ratzinger was always a progressive modernist who was instrumental in producing and enforcing the Vatican II Constitutions. JPII and Ratzinger presided over (and had a principle hand in) the most spectacular decline in Church History and yet Barnhardt pines for Ratzinger. John XXIII, JPII, and Benedict XVI gave Francis exactly the tools and time needed to do exactly what he is doing now----throwing dirt over what JPII and Ratzinger buried. Am I exaggerating?

Ferrara, in addition to being a Recognize & Resister suffers from a similar blindness. He is under the delusion that he could actually find a conclave of "Catholic" prelates anywhere in the world who would have the willingness or courage to do anything about the public heresy of Francis. Likely since Pius XII priests being raised to the higher ranks of the hierarchy were like minded modernists. Apart from some scattered remnants around the world all Ferrara will likely find are Vatican II-Consiliar Prelates.

Regardless of Father Gruner's position on whether one pope or another was heretical his "Catholic Family News" newspaper was firmly in the SSPX's Recognize & Resist camp---Ferrara was an occasional contributer. I could be mistaken but I saw little evidence in Gruner's writings that he fell into that camp. Furthermore Father Gruner was too single-minded in his life's work----making Our Lady of Fatima better known to the world and convincing the Bishops of the world and the Pope to obey her command. Most complacent Catholics (the majority) wouldn't recognize his name. Among the rest Gruner was either loved or hated. I stand among the former.

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