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Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio’s ‘blessings’ for homosexual couples show he is a ‘servant of Satan’ Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò says the Vatican’s newly approved blessings for homosexual ‘couples’ show that the ‘Bergoglian hierarchy’ are ‘servants of Satan and his most zealous allies.’

Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio’s ‘blessings’ for homosexual couples show he is a ‘servant of Satan’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò says the Vatican’s newly approved blessings for homosexual ‘couples’ show that the ‘Bergoglian hierarchy’ are ‘servants of Satan and his most zealous allies.’


Anonymous said…
We can coldly analyze what Archbishop Viganò tries to say in the last two paragraphs of the article:

"The important thing is that the moderates – defenders of Vatican II – can consider themselves satisfied with that Jesuit handout (in this case, that these spontaneous and non-ritual blessings are not a marriage) that is supposed to save the doctrine of the papacy, while at the same time pressuring souls to condemn themselves."

He says ironically that moderate Catholics, whose justification is to accept the last council, are now satisfied that Bergoglio's Jesuit act is supposed to save the papacy. Near the end of the same article, he implicitly places an act favorable to the good of the Church by Pope Benedict XIV:

"For priests who do not accept to bless these unfortunates, two paths are being prepared: the first, to be expelled from the parish or diocese ad nutum Pontificis; the second, to resign himself to exchanging his right to dissent in exchange for the recognition of the right of approval of the other confreres; something already seen in the liturgical field with Summorum Pontificum".

Then he mentions the liturgical rite before 1955, thus confirming with something despicable on the part of the pope in the not-so-distant past with a Motu Proprio, according to the 1962 missal promulgated by Pope John XIII.

And implicitly, he mentions the "right of approval" which reminds us of the canonical laws in force in the Church linked to Rome.

He does not quote again the Universi Dominici Gregis that could be a solution, according to faith in the Church and in her laws; Priests, however, can safeguard the faith of their faithful entrusted by God by the same constitution.
Anonymous said…
John XXIII And Benedict XVI, correction above what was written.
Anonymous said…
"[...] Bergoglio is supposed to save the papacy..." And then there should be a separation for the other paragraph. Forgive me once again, but it's work and fatigue that cause these lapses...
Anonymous said…
Some priests of the old Ecclesia Dei use the rites of 1955 in the rite of Thursday in Holy Week.
Anonymous said…
If I have not been mistaken, the priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter used the rites before 1955, in Holy Week.

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