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@Michael_J_Matt..Rotten "Fruits" of Vatican II..not rooted in the Council itself. "Such a premise becomes..implausible as the bad fruit becomes..plentiful. Especially since it is the wicked shepherds themselves who claim that their fruit comes from the Council..

BOOM! Diocesan Priest Speaks Truth to Power on the Rotten "Fruits" of Vatican II: "For sixty years conservative Catholics have been insisting that the Council was fundamentally good and all the bad fruit that has arisen since then is incidental to Vatican II and not rooted in the Council itself. "Such a premise becomes more and more implausible as the bad fruit becomes more and more plentiful. Especially since it is the wicked shepherds themselves who claim that their fruit comes from the Council. It is preposterous to maintain that the ground under a good tree is covered with nothing but bad fruit and yet it must be a good tree. "For sixty years, wicked shepherds have been gathering the thorns and thistles of the Second Vatican Council and offering them to us as grapes and figs. Many Catholics have fed on these and now find them wanting and others have always recognized them for the bad fruit that they are. It’s time to cut down that bad tree! "Saint Boniface, you who felled the oak tree of pagans, pray that the VII tree may soon be cut down and burned!"


Anonymous said…
I’m starting to think these trad inc people are controlled opposition to trick Catholics into rebelling against Church authority. If you say that SSPX was in schism, they say Francis regularized them. If you say a heretic cannot be pope, they will have you criticize all VII popes. If you tell them that they have to obey true popes, they tell you Vatican I was wrong. If you point out manifest heresy they tell you that you don’t have authority to recognize that heresy comes from a heretic.

They want you to either reject every pope since Vatican II in total, accept Francis true pope or say that an ecumenical council erred. If this trend is real, then the question is “why?”. Could it be possible that the Freemasons who hijacked the Church created controlled opposition to lead Catholics into schism when they replace the pope? Tell me if I am wrong here, in politics do they not create controlled opposition who pretend to be the good guys?
Renato said…
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Renato said…
There are very few who have deeply understood the relationship of Benedict XVI's invalid abdication with the Council.

His abdication to the Munus Petrino, a requirement of the Universi Dominici Gregis for the legitimacy of the act according to canonical norm 32.2, was not carried out.

Few know that the Petrine munus cannot be separated from the Petrine ministry, since the former is an office and the latter is an exercise of the office, according to John Paul II's Pastor Bonus.

And there is only a canonical coherence, according to norms 335 and 412 in the New Canon Code, which means a totally impeded seat.

It is proof that Benedict XVI was the last Pope with the legitimate office of the Church, but he was not free to exercise it as Pope.

And there are few prelates who understood this and were "uma cum" Benedict XVI until his death. And today they celebrate Mass in communion with the Church, in the missal, until a new legitimate election for Supreme Pontiff.

These prelates are mostly celebrating in communion now with the Church in the Vetus Ordo Missae (the old Mass), according to the 2007 Summorum Pontificum promulgated by Benedict.

I accompany the priests linked to the priestly movement of Minutella in Italy. And some in the rest of the world as examples.

There are priests in anonymity who probably celebrated in the Novus Ordo in communion with the legitimate pope, but so far no one from a movement of conciliar origin.

And neither are the priestly institutes of traditionalist Catholic priests.

The fact is that these movements after and not even the movements before the Council are not in communion with the Church today because both do not recognize this non-abdication of the Pope.

And of course they all entered the dangerous path of confusion and schism.

Renato said…
There really is something sinister about this world of tradition. A professor of mine said that tradition was an ambiguous word, because it reminds him of kabbalah, which he studied a lot. He preferred to be known as a Catholic only, not as a traditionalist. And the recent cases that I have heard of Bishop Williamson, with a British double agent, as well as secret consecrations and ordinations by him, and his connection to the Gnostic Dugin are astonishing.

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