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@amuse LAWFARE: Will there be any Republican Lawyers Left to Ensure Election Integrity in November? Democrats have aggressively targeted over 400 Republican lawyers and politicians with criminal charges, civil lawsuits, and disbarment proceedings ahead of the upcoming presidential election...

LAWFARE: Will there be any Republican Lawyers Left to Ensure Election Integrity in November?
Democrats have aggressively targeted over 400 Republican lawyers and politicians with criminal charges, civil lawsuits, and disbarment proceedings ahead of the upcoming presidential election. They have successfully jailed Peter Navarro, with Steve Bannon expected to join him shortly. In multiple states, Democrats have pursued criminal charges against dozens of Republican lawyers and politicians, including:
  • Georgia: 19 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Arizona: 18 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Michigan: 16 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Nevada: 6 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Pennsylvania & Wisconsin: Are still conducting criminal investigations into as many as 30 Republicans who have yet to be charged
In addition to these criminal trials, Democrats are pursuing numerous efforts to have Republican lawyers disbarred. The Soros-backed 65 Project has filed disbarment proceedings against more than 100 Republican lawyers, which prevent many of these lawyers from working until the proceedings are concluded. In almost every case, the charges lack merit, but they have three primary impacts: a chilling effect that discourages other Republican lawyers and politicians from helping Trump, a financial drain on the resources of Republicans who might otherwise use their funds to help elect Trump, and a time drain that physically keeps them busy during the campaign.
This weekend, Arizona Democrats even crashed Rudy Giuliani's 80th birthday party to serve him with a criminal indictment. One day earlier, the same Democrats arrested John Eastman, President Trump's former attorney. His indictment and arrest are shocking because he was never involved with any litigation or hearings in Arizona and never talked to anyone there during or after the election. Additionally, he's facing disbarment in California after a judge recommended his removal as a lawyer.
Make no mistake, the Democrats are conducting a well-funded, well-organized effort to remove as many Republicans as possible from the November election process. Their goal is to prevent Republicans from ensuring the integrity of the election and protecting the sanctity of your vote. This is a war on the 6th Amendment—everyone, including President Trump and Republican candidates, deserves the right to legal representation. Democrats are working overtime to ensure that doesn’t happen in November.
UPDATE: Some people have asked for some details about the people who have been targeted. Here is a partial list:
  1. Donald Trump - Former President
  2. Rudy Giuliani - Former New York Mayor and Trump attorney
  3. Mark Meadows - Former White House Chief of Staff
  4. John Eastman - Conservative lawyer, former dean of Chapman University Law School
  5. Kenneth Chesebro - Lawyer involved in election manipulation plans
  6. Sidney Powell - Attorney involved in hiring forensic experts for voting system breaches
  7. Jeffrey Clark - Former DOJ official
  8. Jenna Ellis - Trump lawyer
  9. David Shafer - Former chairman of the Georgia Republican Party
  10. Shawn Still - Georgia state senator
  11. Harrison Floyd - Leader of "Black Voices for Trump"
  12. Trevian Kutti - Publicist, former associate of Kanye West
  13. Robert Cheeley - Georgia trial lawyer
  14. Mike Roman - Trump campaign official
  15. Stephen Lee - Lutheran pastor
  16. Ray Smith - Lawyer who represented the Trump campaign in Georgia
  17. Scott Hall - Bail bondsman involved in the Coffee County voting system breach
  18. Cathy Latham - Former Coffee County GOP chair and fake elector
  19. Misty Hampton - Former Coffee County elections supervisor involved in the voting system breach
  1. Rudy Giuliani - Former Trump attorney, involved in promoting false claims of election fraud.
  2. Mark Meadows - Former White House Chief of Staff.
  3. John Eastman - Lawyer who devised legal strategies to overturn the election.
  4. Christina Bobb - Attorney associated with Rudy Giuliani and a Republican National Committee official.
  5. Jenna Ellis - Lawyer who worked with Giuliani.
  6. Boris Epshteyn - 2020 Trump campaign aide.
  7. Mike Roman - Director of Election Day operations for the Trump campaign.
  8. Tyler Bowyer - Republican National Committee member and COO of Turning Point Action.
  9. Nancy Cottle - Chair of the Arizona Republican Presidential Electors.
  10. Jake Hoffman - Arizona state senator.
  11. Anthony Kern - Arizona state senator.
  12. James Lamon - 2022 U.S. Senate candidate and chair of Depcom Power.
  13. Robert Montgomery - Former Cochise County Republican Committee chair.
  14. Samuel Moorhead - Former Gila County Republican Party head.
  15. Loraine Pellegrino - Secretary of the Arizona Republican fake presidential electors.
  16. Gregory Safsten - Former Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party.
  17. Kelli Ward - Former Arizona Republican Party chair and former state senator.
  18. Michael Ward - Republican activist and husband of Kelli Ward.
  1. Kathy Berden - Michigan Republican National Committee member.
  2. William (Hank) Choate - Former chair of the Jackson County Republican Party.
  3. Amy Facchinello - Trustee on the Grand Blanc Board of Education.
  4. Clifford Frost - GOP activist from Warren.
  5. Meshawn Maddock - Former co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party.
  6. Marian Sheridan - Grassroots vice chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party.
  7. Kent Vanderwood - Mayor of Wyoming, Michigan.
  8. Stanley Grot - Shelby Township clerk.
  9. Rose Rook - GOP activist from Paw Paw.
  10. John Haggard - Former GOP candidate for state representative.
  11. Mari-Ann Henry - GOP activist from Brighton.
  12. Timothy King - GOP activist from Ypsilanti.
  13. James Renner - GOP activist from Lansing.
  14. Mayra Rodriguez - GOP activist from Grosse Pointe Farms.
  15. Ken Thompson - GOP activist from Orleans.
  16. Michele Lundgren - GOP activist from Detroit.
  1. Michael McDonald - Chair of the Nevada Republican Party.
  2. Jim DeGraffenreid - Nevada GOP national committeeman.
  3. Jesse Law - Chair of the Clark County Republican Party.
  4. Eileen Rice - GOP activist.
  5. Durward James Hindle III - GOP activist.
  6. Shawn Meehan - GOP activist.
Disbarment (65 Project):
  1. John Eastman
  2. Rudy Giuliani
  3. Sidney Powell
  4. Jenna Ellis
  5. Cleta Mitchell
  6. Stefan Passantino
  7. Michael McDonald
  8. Jim DeGraffenreid
  9. Jesse Law
  10. Emily Newman
  11. Kurt Olsen
  12. William Olson
  13. Lynn Fitch (Mississippi Attorney General)
  14. Steven Marshall (Alabama Attorney General)
  15. Patrick Morrisey (West Virginia Attorney General)
  16. Leslie Rutledge (Arkansas Attorney General)
  17. Derek Schmidt (Kansas Attorney General)
  18. Eric Schmitt (Missouri Attorney General)
  19. Tim Fox (Former Montana Attorney General)
  20. Sean Reyes (Utah Attorney General)
  21. Herbert Slatery (Former Tennessee Attorney General)
  22. Jeff Landry (Louisiana Attorney General)
  23. Curtis Hill (Former Indiana Attorney General)
  24. Mike Hunter (Oklahoma Attorney General)
  25. Douglas Peterson (Nebraska Attorney General)
  26. Ashley Moody (Florida Attorney General)
  27. Alan Wilson (South Carolina Attorney General)
  28. Kevin Koons
  29. William Bock
  30. Jeffrey Gallant
  31. Daniel Eastman
  32. Michael Dean
  33. Robert Citak
  34. James Knauer
  35. Richard Coleson
  36. Courtney Milbank
  37. Howard Kleinhendler
  38. Brandon Johnson
  39. Melana Siebert
  40. Julia Haller
  41. James Bopp
  42. Kenneth Klukowski
  43. Kenneth Chesebro
  44. Stefanie Lynn Junttila Esq. (MI) -
  45. Gregory Rohl Esq. (MI) -
  46. Scott Hagerstrom Esq. (MI) -
  47. Julia Z. Haller Esq. (DC)
  48. Brandon Johnson Esq. (DC)
  49. Lin Wood Esq. (GA)
  50. Howard Kleinhendler Esq. (NY)
  51. Emily Newman Esq. (VA)
  52. Sidney Powell Esq. (TX)
  53. Kurt Olsen Esq. (MD) -
  54. William Olson Esq. (VA) -
  55. John Eastman Esq. (DC) -
  56. Kenneth Klukowski Esq. (DC) -
  57. Kenneth Chesebro Esq. (NY) -
  58. Jenna Ellis Esq. (PA & CO) -
  59. Linda Kerns Esq. (PA) -
  60. Bruce Marks Esq. (PA) -
  61. James Bopp Esq. (PA) -
  62. Ronald Hicks Esq. (PA) -
  63. Carolyn B. McGee Esq. (PA) -
  64. Anita Milanovich Esq. (PA) -
  65. Marc Scaringi Esq. (PA)-
  66. Brian Caffrey Esq. (PA) -
  67. Walter Zimolong Esq. (PA) -
  68. Senator Ted Cruz Esq. (TX) -
  69. Cleta Mitchell Esq. (DC) -
  70. Joseph diGenova Esq. (DC) -
  71. Boris Epshteyn Esq. (NY) -
  72. Paul Davis Esq. (TX) -
  73. William Calhoun Esq. (GA) -
  74. James Troupis Esq. (WI) -
There are many more... I've written about the effort in multiple places:
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