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Francis Crisis Solutions & Might and Church Militant be moving towards agreement with Historian Cionci that "the Pope is only Benedict XVI"?

 Antipope: The Medieval Church had three popes at the same time

The Great Schism: Antipopes who split the church: MacCarron, Daniel:  9780950780801: Books

Popes and anti-Popes: The great schism - The Irish Catholic

Western Schism - Wikipedia

On December 8, quoted historian Andrea Cionci saying "the pope is only Benedict XVI":

Andrea Cionci refers on (December 7) to Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo (+2017), a heraldist, who designed Benedict XVI’s coat of arms in 2005...

... since 2018, Archbishop Gänswein started using Benedict’s coat of arms again although as Prefect of the Pontifical House he is supposed to display Bergoglio's.

Cionci concludes that heraldry is a clear and precise official language which for him confirms that "the pope is only Benedict XVI."

On June 10, Church Militant quoted "Italian critic and historian Andrea Cionci" saying "in focusing on and debating the real magna quaestio, that is, the invalidity of Ratzinger's renunciation. Bergoglio's election is entirely secondary. If Benedict did not abdicate, everything else never existed":

The Holy See Press Office conspired to coordinate mistranslations of Benedict's Latin Declaratio, the declaration of his resignation, an explosive Italian documentary is alleging.

The 40-minute Italian film, The Message in the Bottle, is reigniting the heated debate surrounding the canonical validity of Benedict XVI's resignation from the papacy on Feb. 11, 2013 and Francis' subsequent election to the See of St. Peter...

... Italian critic and historian Andrea Cionci alerted Church Militant to the possibility that skeptics would dismiss the film as "conspiracy theory." 

"But if a viewer wants to check out the truth of the documentary's claims, all it takes is a click, since most of the material cited is available on Vatican sites and credible newspapers," Cionci said. 

"The highlight of the documentary is Benedict XVI's Declaratio, which, out of curious 'carelessness,' involves canons 124, 332 § 2, 188, 17 of the Code of Canon Law which, according to many experts, render the resignation completely null and void," he observed. 

Cionci noted the real difficulty was "in focusing on and debating the real magna quaestio, that is, the invalidity of Ratzinger's renunciation. Bergoglio's election is entirely secondary. If Benedict did not abdicate, everything else never existed."

Thousands of Italians have watched the production on social media and Cionci's review in the Milanese secular newspaper Libero Quotidiano is commending the documentary as "well done and based on obvious facts." 

Church Militant contacted Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See Press Office for a response, but did not receive a reply. []

On December 31, the historian Cionci in his "POPE AND ANTIPOPE: THE INVESTIGATION" series came up with SOLUTIONS to the FRANCIS CRISIS which he called "SOLUTIONS FOR THE POST BERGOGLIO. FROM THE RE-ELECTION OF RATZINGER TO THE 'HONEST ANTI-POPE'" that is similar to what was done by the Church to resolve the historical "Western Schism" also called the "Papal Schism":

At this point, after a consultation with some experts in canon law, experts of the Magna Quaestio, we allow ourselves to outline some possibilities, from the most obvious to the least practicable, and "of school".

1. Contact and Consult Pope Benedict

If, despite the usurper's departure from the scene, Benedict XVI does not speak of his own free will because he is still impeded, the most obvious solution is that for which the cardinals all turn to Pope Ratzinger, formally asking him to confirm that, for eight years, he was prevented from attending and therefore the real pope is still him. It would be advisable for such a pronouncement to take place in public, with every guarantee of safety.

Once Bergoglio left the scene and the risk of sanctions or excommunications (however nil) by the antipope Francis ceased, this operation would become entirely possible and natural. And it would be in the interest of the future occupant of the throne of Peter and of all the cardinals who wish to wear a purple legitimately, without shadows.

2. A lightning provincial synod

Now, let's say that, for whatever reason, Pope Benedict does not want or cannot pronounce himself. (As we have seen from the chapters dedicated to the Ratzinger Code, the hypothesis that he is convinced that he has validly abdicated is completely excluded). In this case, the Church could organize a provincial synod within 20 days of Bergoglio's departure from the scene, in this circumstances of the province of Rome, to rule on the impeded see of Pope Benedict, bishop of Rome, in fact. This synod would be attended by bishops, rectors of pontifical institutes and other significant members of the clergy of the province. However, the times would be very short and the hypothesis difficult to implement.

3. Re-elect Benedict .

An intelligent, practical and diplomatic move, to save goat and cabbage, could be that of a conclave, albeit an invalid one, that is, including the 70 non-cardinals nominated antipapal, but which turns out to be a plebiscite to "re-elect" Benedict XVI . Of course, Pope Ratzinger has no need to be re-elected since he has always remained the only pope, but this pseudo-conclave would be more like a demonstration of fidelity to the true pontiff and, in the substance of things, would restore order, bringing the true Vicar of Christ back to the practical exercise of power. Pope Benedict, then, would easily reconfirm the cardinals who proved loyal to him. Subsequently, he could continue to reign until the end, as John Paul II did, or abdicate for real, or appoint a vicar - a bishop, or a cardinal - to help him in the exercise of the ministerium.

4. Ask Benedict to resign

Even without proceeding with his pseudo-re-election, before the conclave Pope Benedict could be asked to abdicate for real, renouncing the Petrine munus, returning cardinal, abandoning all papal prerogatives, as rightly objected by card. Pell HERE , not before, but to have asked him to explicitly name which cardinal electors are responsible for electing the next Supreme Pontiff. Moreover, he himself specified it in the Declaratio : "the Conclave for the election of the new Supreme Pontiff must be convened by those to whom it belongs".

5. The "honest antipope"

A more laborious, but fascinating solution: a pseudo-conclave with 70 invalid cardinals could elect another antipope, however honest and not attached to power, rather interested in the true good of the Church. Such an antipope, let's say, named Leo XIV, should go to Benedict to ask him for the truth. If pope Ratzinger, for any reason whatsoever does not want to pronounce himself, Leo XIV could convene a provincial synod or a council to resolve the Magna Quaestio. If the synod / council were to decree in favor of the impeded see, Leo XIV "resigns" and cedes the throne to Pope Benedict who can choose whether to continue to reign or renounce validly. If the synod / council (not infallible, but obligatory) were to decree - wrongly - that Bergoglio was a legitimate pope, Leo XIV, in deference to the truth of things, and in the fullest of his power, it would have to unhinge the cardinal electors appointed by Bergoglian, abdicate himself and reform a valid conclave with real cardinals of Ratzingerian or Wojtylian nomination. The provision would be absolutely justified by a need for clarity and transparency, to restore the unity of the Church. []

Pray an Our Father now for reparation for the sins committed because of Francis's Amoris Laetitia.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Stop for a moment of silence, ask Jesus Christ what He wants you to do now and next. In this silence remember God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost - Three Divine Persons yet One God, has an ordered universe where you can know truth and falsehood as well as never forget that He wants you to have eternal happiness with Him as his son or daughter by grace. Make this a practice. By doing this you are doing more good than reading anything here or anywhere else on the Internet.

Francis Notes:

- Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales totally confirmed beyond any doubt the possibility of a heretical pope and what must be done by the Church in such a situation:

"[T]he Pope... WHEN he is EXPLICITLY a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church MUST either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See."
(The Catholic Controversy, by St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306)

Saint Robert Bellarmine, also, said "the Pope heretic is not deposed ipso facto, but must be declared deposed by the Church."

- "If Francis is a Heretic, What should Canonically happen to him?":

- "Could Francis be a Antipope even though the Majority of Cardinals claim he is Pope?":

- If Francis betrays Benedict XVI & the"Roman Rite Communities" like he betrayed the Chinese Catholics we must respond like St. Athanasius, the Saintly English Bishop Robert Grosseteste & "Eminent Canonists and Theologians" by "Resist[ing]" him: 

 -  LifeSiteNews, "Confusion explodes as Pope Francis throws magisterial weight behind communion for adulterers," December 4, 2017:

The AAS guidelines explicitly allows "sexually active adulterous couples facing 'complex circumstances' to 'access the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.'"

-  On February 2018, in Rorate Caeli, Catholic theologian Dr. John Lamont:

"The AAS statement... establishes that Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia has affirmed propositions that are heretical in the strict sense."

- On December 2, 2017, Bishop Rene Gracida:

"Francis' heterodoxy is now official. He has published his letter to the Argentina bishops in Acta Apostlica Series making those letters magisterial documents."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church by the bishops by the grace of God.

Election Notes:  

- Intel Cryptanalyst-Mathematician on Biden Steal: "212Million Registered Voters & 66.2% Voting,140.344 M Voted...Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden" []

- Will US be Venezuela?: Ex-CIA Official told Epoch Times "Chávez started to Focus on [Smartmatic] Voting Machines to Ensure Victory as early as 2003":

- Tucker Carlson's Conservatism Inc. Biden Steal Betrayal is explained by “One of the Greatest Columns ever Written" according to Rush:
- A Hour which will Live in Infamy: 10:01pm November 3, 2020:
What is needed right now to save America from those who would destroy our God given rights is to pray at home or in church and if called to even go to outdoor prayer rallies in every town and city across the United States for God to pour out His grace on our country to save us from those who would use a Reichstag Fire-like incident to destroy our civil liberties. [Is the DC Capitol Incident Comparable to the Nazi Reichstag Fire Incident where the German People Lost their Civil Liberties?: and Epoch Times Show Crossroads on Capitol Incident: "Anitfa 'Agent Provocateurs'":

Pray an Our Father now for the grace to know God's Will and to do it.
Pray an Our Father now for America.
Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.





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