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Rebellion at 1P5 against Francis Fan Boy Skojec

There appears to be rebellion at the One Peter Five comment section against Francis fan boy 1P5 publisher Steve Skojec's post "It’s Weird to Say It, But Pope Francis Has a Point":


I couldn't disagree more with your point of view, starting from the oxbow river analogy.
The traditionalists are not stuck on a river bend because they split up from the main body, rather they were cast away and relegated to a small village that is now and has been for many decades under siege by the ruling power, much like Maccabees.
Imagine spending 60 years under siege, with a very small population (compared to the ruling cultural power), standing your ground not only against the temporal powers as well as against the One who cast you way.
That is the situation the Traditionalists are facing, they can't produce anything because their main concern is keeping the walls sealed and the doors intact, or else.
Once the siege has been loosened or defeated, we'll be in for a REAL renaissance.


There is no way to deny this. Fr. Faber said (170 years ago) that the world had become a whirlwind in his time and it is not incumbent for those in a tornado to stop it, but to find safety.

We are not in a position to reflect on new ways for the new to blend with the old organically. Both the Church and the world is moving so fast it is too hard for a human to possibly understand the complexities of how this is destroying us psychologically, spiritually and intellectually.
I do agree it would be interesting to have a Church teach how to deal with modern communications in relation to children, or how to deal with the entertainment culture.

Instead I have to deal with the Church producing a sodomite culture, with blasphemous statements and actions while the world politically is descending into Communistic chaos.
Trads are reactionary because we have no way to be in action. At this point unless there is Divine intervention we are all looking at women priests, and a complete takeover of the western world.


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