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Why do Francis Collaborators Sarah & Ganswein still have Vatican Jobs?

Does Francis allow anyone who he can't control and doesn't lick his boots to have any real power in his Vatican?

The answer is unequivocally:


The latest example of this fact is the head of the supposedly all powerful "Old Guard" Cardinal Angelo Sodano who many say controlled to a large extent Pope John Paul II and who even Pope Benedict XVI could only "sideline," but not get rid of.

Francis just got rid of him as if he were a limp, ineffectual rag doll.

Another example is Pope Benedict friend Cardinal Gerhard Muller who was a boot licker of Francis, but despite this because he apparently couldn't completely be controlled was unceremoniously like Sodano tossed out of the Vatican like a rag doll despite being Benedict's friend.

With the two examples above in mind, why do you think that Archbishop Georg Ganswein is Francis's caretaker of Pope Benedict

With Ganswein being a Francis boot licker like Muller, but having a Vatican job; why does everyone keep assuming that his loyalty is to Benedict and not to Francis when he has a Vatican job?

Like Ganwein it appears that Sarah wants to keep his Vatican job so he had to betray Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano according to

Cardinal Sarah told the authors of the May 7 appeal which warns that the coronavirus is exploited for promoting a one-world government, to cancel him from the list of signees.

Sarah wrote on Twitter (May 8) that "a Cardinal Prefect, member of the Roman Curia, has to observe a certain restriction on political matters; he shouldn't sign petitions in such areas"

Therefore, he asked the authors of the text not to mention his name, "From a personal point of view, I may share some questions or preoccupations raised regarding restrictions on fundamental freedom,
but I didn't sign that petition."

Promptly, Archbishop Viganò, the appeal's initiator, accused Sarah in a May 8 communique of “a grave wrong which he inflicted on the truth.”

Viganò writes that he had a May 4 phone conversation with Sarah, "The call was recorded and lasted 6 minutes and 25 seconds."

He transcribes Sarah's words. Sarah said, "It seems to me that this is a very serious matter. I think that this Appeal can do a lot of good, because it will make people think and take a position: I agree that it should be published as soon as possible."

Asked whether he would sign the appeal, Sarah replied, “Yes, I agree to put my name, because it is a struggle that we must wage together, not only for the Catholic Church but for all humanity.”

However, after the appeal's publication, Sarah told Viganò via SMS that a friend advised him not to sign the text.

These are Sarah's words: “Perhaps it would be better to withdraw my name this time. I am very sorry for this. You know of my friendship and closeness to you.”

Remember the Muller example in which boot licking isn't enough, but being completely under the control of Francis is the magic ticket to keeping ones job in the present Vatican.

Now, Cardinal Robert Sarah is a boot licker like Muller and probably because he is Black has a Vatican job with zero power, but obviously Francis doesn't have 100 percent control over him.

If you had a choice of deciding who is lying about Pope Benedict's contribution to Cardinal Sarah's new book whom would you trust more to tell the truth: Sarah or Ganswein.

Remember when as soon as the Sarah book made Benedict not appear to be totally under the control of Francis suddenly Team Francis's "Catholic" and secular media promoted the narrative that Benedict was being "manipulated" by the evil Sarah and others.

Now, who made Sarah look like a "manipulating" lying schemer?

Next, who has the most important job next to Francis in the Vatican who still has a job in the Vatican?

The caregiver of Benedict.

Might Benedict's caregiver Ganswein who everyone keeps supposing as we are supposed to suppose instead of being Benedict's friend be Francis' collaborator who may be "manipulating" him for his boss?

Might Team Francis be telling the truth for once?

Is Benedict being "manipulated" and might Ganswein be more a prison guard than a caregiver?

Might Benedict's caregiver Ganswein be the one "manipulating" Benedict with Francis pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Please pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alexis Bugnolo said…
Some people are racists and want to treat others especially minorities like slaves. I pity those who accept slavery from such monsters.

And though I think your analsysi Fred is a sound one, I would point out that since the Vatican just signed a protocol with the Italian government for the Virus Mass, perhaps Sarah felt that his signature on such a document might cause the agreement to be broken by the government.

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