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Is Latinist Ryan Grant a Genius or "Intellectually Inept"?

Taylor Marshall and Tim Flanders in their YouTube post this week said that Latinist Ryan Grant is apparently a genius in defending their Francis is infallibly definitely the pope position.

It appears that for the three, contrary to the numerous examples in Church history of supposed popes being antipopes, that the most rigidly settled, infallibly fixed and central dogmatic truth of Catholicism is that Francis is definitely the pope.

Marshall, speaking against Bishop Rene Garcida's position that a cardinal investigation and trial of the validity of the Francis conclave is needed and Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga's position that the Pope Benedict XVI resignation was invalid, said:

"I am a little concern that the [Archbishop Mario Maria Vigano petition] movement can spin that way [towards the Bishop Garcida and Archbishop Lenga positions] and break apart. That is a concern I have." (1:40- 1:40:16)

Flanders, seemingly agreeing with Marshall's statement, spoke of a One Peter Five Grant post "Rise of the Benevacantists: Who Is Pope?" and said it was the best refutation of the Archbishop Lenga and apparently Latinist Br. Alexis Bugnolo position that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was invalid.

By email, the Catholic Monitor asked renowned Latin language expert Br. Bugnolo what he thought of Flanders statement.

Bugnolo said:

"If Tim Flanders at 1:16 thinks Ryan Grant is the best refutation, Flanders must have no intellectual preparation at all, or is intentionally ignoring the real arguments which are now made by many."

"He has no intellectual preparation because he compares a marriage contract with a papal resignation, when they are opposites not similars. Because when he says we must not act as if a marriage is invalid by marrying another before an annulment is granted, and it is the same with a papal renunciation, he seems to be implying that whereas the legal rights acquired in a marriage must be impugned to make it invalid canonically, the legal rights of Pope Benedict to be pope at his election, do not have to be impugned to hold that they are invalid."

"If he had studied law he would know that a marriage is a contract but a papal renunciation is a juridical act under the power of one person."

"He would also know that the validity of a marriage is presumed, and when doubts arise these are placed by the Code of Canon Law under the jurisdiction of tribunals. But if he had studied canon law, he would know that a papal renunciation is NOT a contract and IS NEVER PRESUMED TO BE VALID, but rather must meet certain conditions, and besides, it is not subject to the judgement of anyone, least of all the common opinion of Cardinals who want it to be or not be valid."

Next, the Catholic Monitor asked:

What are your thoughts on Grant's One Peter Five post that Flanders referred to?

Br. Bugnolo:

"Back in 2018, I did not do a commentary on his post, because I considered it obviously ridiculous."

Catholic Monitor:

Please tell us specifically what are his most ridiculous statements especially from a Latin and theological angle.

Br. Bugnolo:

"He says that an ita ut clause introduces a clause of result, when rather it introduces a clause of purpose. He translates it as, so much so that, rather than so that, because obviously he has never read Latin to understand how the phrase is used. ita ... ut is translated so much ... so that, but that reading requires that the ita be placed in a different position than the ut or that verb be used which allows for expressions of magnitude, such as I walked so much, that I got tired. But it makes no sense to say it is a clause of result, because then you would have to read Benedict as saying, I declare that I renounce the ministry so much, that the see be vacant. But that reading would imply that renouncing it less would not have that effect. Both would require that ministry be some gradation of munus, which is not only a novel thesis but theologically absurd. It is Protestant also, because Protestants hold that those truly effective in ministry hold a munus in the Church. Is Grant a convert, I think one must ask the question."

"Second, his argument about munus = ministrium is this, " The first is that they are more or less synonymous." Which certainly qualifies him as a sloppy translator in principle, who does not use authorities or dictionaries but relies on his own opinions about a language, and who is so confident in his own pontificate that he cites his own opinion as a complete argument. -- What follows is an explanation of his pontificated assertion according to which he rereads even dictionaries. There is really no argument against his citations which do not prove or demonstrate what he says."

"Then he concludes that Pope Benedict intended to use both terms to mean the same thing. This is simply gratuitous. He is saying that even Benedict thinks like himself, a sloppy translator, and thus must mean what he wants the words to mean. He who argues like this is intellectual inept with no credibility whatsoever."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Pray an Our Father now to offer reparation for the offenses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of sinners.


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