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Now, Why doesn't Voris do a Months in the Making Investigation into the Sex Abuse scandals of Opus Dei & Francis' Vatican?

Is it somehow off limits for Michael Voris' Church Militant to investigate the Society of St. Puis X (SSPX) for its sex abuse scandals and cover-ups?

Voris has the right and the duty to expose the corruption in SSPX.

In fact, if the SSPX leaders are guilty they should be sent to prison and excommunicated.

Now, I am waiting for Voris to do a months in the making investigation into Opus Dei (OD).

Despite the fact that according to investigator Randy Engel:

"Voris promotes and defends Opus Dei."

Yes, I am aware of the nice softball article that Church Militant did on OD which between compliments briefly went over some of its sex abuse scandals.

Voris knows Engel so he just has to call or email her and she can help him in his new months in the making investigation of his friends at big money Opus Dei.

I think if Opus Dei's leadership is guilty they should be sent to prison and excommunicated.

Also, I am waiting for Voris to do a months in the making investigation into the Francis Vatican.

Again, all that Voris needs to do is contact Engel and she can help him start his months in the making investigation into Francis' Vatican.

If Francis and his Vatican leadership are guilty they should be sent to prison and excommunicated.

Is the expose by Church Militant's Christine Niles only about getting rid of corrupt leaders in the SSPX or might there be another agenda?

Yesterday, in the Niles' Twitter thread, the apparent friend of Church Militant, Damian Thompson, gave away their seeming long time hidden agenda. Thompson wrote:

"Hard to see how the SSPX can survive this."

Moreover, it seems a strange coincidence that the pro-Francis Opus Dei especially in Spain where they control a lot of the media and Voris as well as all of the conservative American Catholic media are promoting the coronavirus hysteria narrative with only the traditionalist Catholic media friendly to SSPX opposing their leftist narrative.

It also seems a unlikely coincidence that the only Catholics in the United States having Masses are targeted at the exact time that they are the only ones opposing Francis and his friends at Opus Dei in their Mass bannings in Spain and here.

If Voris is not a hypocrite then he needs to start a months in the making investigation of the Francis Vatican and his apparent collaborators at the big money Opus Dei for their sex abuse scandals and cover-ups.

(He might even do a expose of Church Militant, Opus Dei as well as Francis' Vatican and their cover-up of the evidence that the coronavirus hysteria is, as lawyer and journalist Chris Ferrera said, a "monumental fraud.")

After Church Militant does its expose of Francis and his friends in the big money Opus Dei then I will be waiting for one of Voris' Twitter friends to say:

"Hard to see how Francis and Opus Dei can survive this."

Will the supposedly brave Voris who timed and targeted the only Catholics having Mass while his apparent friends at the pro-Francis Opus Dei collaborated with the globalist deep state's coronavirus hysteria "monumental fraud" now show that he is a coward and a hypocrite when it comes to investigating his possible collaborators with deep pocket money?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Unknown said…
Just a question. Isn't the extention OP one that belongs to Dominicans and not to Opus Dei?
Fred Martinez said…
Unknown said…
It seems OD is kinda DS (Deep State) of the CC.
Btw. There should be also some research done about OP putch that happened decades ago.
To start with the testimonies of Fr. John O'Connor OP. in the 80s...
Laramie Hirsch said…
CMTV and friends targeting the only Catholics having Mass during a New World Order lockdown = deep pocket money with One-World-Religion interests.
Aqua said…
I remember when Pope Benedict XVI announced an investigation of the heterodox LCWR. These “nuns” were an engine of deviation from orthodoxy; cause of spiritual confusion and heretical belief. The slow process of healing our spiritual wounds by addressing the heresy within was evidenced most clearly by this investigation. A few years go by ... and .... Pope Benedict XVI resigns. A few more years go by ... and ... the investigation is complete. LCWR are pronounced *doctrinally sound*, its leaders granted an extravagantly long meeting with the new “Pope” Francis. The completed investigation confirms their heterodoxy as the new orthodoxy.

And then, July 11, 2013, one of Pope Francis’ first acts is to remove the founder of the Traditional Order, Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (F.I.), and open a visitation. This visitation was not as sensitive as the LCWR’s. It was an act of spiritual violence. They killed the Order. Quickly.

Outcome: Heterodoxy, heresy conformed; orthodoxy, faithfulness suppressed.

That has been the Modus ever since. Find the most heterodox, heretical Catholics on the planet and lend Papal support and visibility to their cause in New Church (Novus Church). Find the most faithful, orthodox Catholics and persecute them out of existence.

And now, as Summorum Pontificum is under Vatican review, the classic method of destruction and tradition overthrow commences - create division within the enemy (us, faithful Catholics) and sow within us division and discord, to prepare the field for future total war.

And we seemingly participate in our own destruction with a will. They are coming for SSPX, FSSP, ICKSP, the Traditional Latin Mass and any who still hold to orthodox Dogmatic Truth. And we are too busy tearing each other down to realize our demise is visible within the horizon line.

We orthodox few need to get a grip, if we wish to survive as Catholics.
Alexis Bugnolo said…
I hope Voris takes up the challenge. But we must remember, because of human weakness, it is often the enemies of the wicked which expose the wicked for what they are, even if the enemies are not perfect themselves.
Stephen Lowe said…
who funded the expensive new CM digs? certainly not 10/month subscribers. Just sayin'.
Fred Martinez said…
Thanks for the phrase "deep pocket money."
Its my understanding the CM follows up where tips from contacts lead them. Without a tip, how would they know of a scandal to investigate?
TLM said…
Aha! Been questioning from the very get go why Voris won't investigate Opus Dei of which is corrupt to the core, but which he is VERY closely connected, but instead digs up whatever 'allegations' he can find from a 'months long' investigation into his mortal enemy - the SSPX.
Finally I find someone else questioning this glaring hypocrisy.

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