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"Jaws of Tyranny" Virus Catholics Skojec & Voris "should Hang their Heads in Shame"

One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec has been like pro-abortion eugenicist Michael Savage screaming that the coronavirus is the Black Plague so we need totalitarian lockdowns and the banning of the Mass.

Church Militant's Michael Voris has been more like Bill Gates' collaborator Anthony Fauci calmly explaining how social distancing is needed at Church Militant because the coronavirus isn't hysteria, but is really really a "plague" and "God's scourge."

It's been a nice good cop/bad cop routine which has "lent credence to this farce" of the coronavirus hysteria.

Lawyer and journalist Chris Ferrera put it best:

"Meanwhile, the Catholic commentators who have lent credence to this farce - we all know who they are - should have enough honesty to hang their heads in shame for the way they led the faithful, by fear, into the jaws of tyranny."
(The Remnant, "Coronagate Update: The Con Collapses as the People Rise Up, An Inside Perspective," April 21, 2020)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


mary_podlesak said…
I'm surprised at Voris. I gave him more credit than that. I guess his bills came due and he had to take the positions his donors demanded he take.
mary_podlesak said…
From Jim Stone (he lives in the State of Mexico with his wife Claudia, a native Mexican):
This is the audio: of a phone call from a 49 year old Dominican woman to her husband, after she was given a lethal injection and was dying. She had to leave a message. In this message she stated they went around the room and gave everyone who "had coronavirus" a lethal injection and that she was the last to receive it and the last to die. She got the call out before she died. She said everyone else was already dead and that she was dying. Claudia said it sounds 100 percent legit so it likely is.
I have already said they were doing this, and now this phone call happened
A month ago I reported that they purged a HUGE New York retirement facility and that they were going to murder those people. Sure enough, right on cue, the death rate in New York skyrocketed. This Domincan woman would not have been from that retirement community, so they are killing a lot more than just that.
ancillamaria said…
@ Mary P.....The COUNTRY of Mexico or the US STATE of New Mexico? Thank you. I have family in the US state. amr
mary_podlesak said…
ancillamaria, I am speaking of El Estado de Mexico, just north of Mexico City. I was a foreign exchange student there in the summer of 1970, so I remember it. The lady who died was from the Dominican Republic. She died in New York City. RIP.
Fred Martinez said…

I heard the audio. Can you give anymore info on it? Thanks.
mary_podlesak said…
I wish I could. Jim implied it was on YouTube but it was wiped out. It is not the only evidence of fraud with Covid19. Ann Barnhardt has a video on her site of a respiratory therapist describing fraud taking place in hospitals. The fraud of designating cause of death on the death certificate, as Covid19, when in fact the patients died of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc., has been widely reported. Tucker Carlson on Fox noted the injustice of shutting down the entire country for the large number of deaths in NY and NJ, when rural states have many fewer Covid deaths. He said the NY and NJ deaths need to be investigated. I heartily agree. If, as Jim implies, with the nursing home in NYC, and this Dominican woman who ended up in a NYC hospital, officials are murdering people with injections in order to increase Covid19 death statistics, this desperately needs to be brought to light. I have personal experience with the death of my mother-in-law, 10 years ago at Winthrop hospital in Nassau County. She had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but died within a month of diagnosis because she was given an IV of Fentanyl until it killed her.
ancillamaria said…
Thank you, Mary. This is just heartbreaking.
God bless

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