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COVID Death Toll Super Juicing: "How it’s NECESSARY to stay Locked Down. Because People Died in the Past."

Today, the Catholic Monitor was honored to have renowned statistician Dr. William Briggs post a comment in the piece "Are the Conservative Catholic Media Jumping off the Coronavirus Hysteria Love Boat?" where we were in part thinking of him when we said:

"[T]he only ones bringing out the facts about the hoax were a few courageous scientists and scholars with the non-Francis traditionalists such as Walker, Ann Barnhardt, Br. Alexis Bugnolo and others reporting their evidence that the hysteria was a hoax despite the insults." []

It is an honor because Dr. Briggs is one of the great heroes in the fight against the coronavirus hysteria tyranny. In my opinion, when the real history books are written he should have a chapter for his courage and brilliance in combating the totalitarian lockdowns.

The great scholar George Gilder who is one of the leading economic and technological thinkers of the past forty years mentioned his statistical work in destroying the coronavirus hysteria tyranny narrative:

"The pandemic of doom erupted as a panic of pols and is now a comedy of Mash-minded med admins and stooges, covering their ifs ands and butts with ever more morbid and distorted statistics."

"The crisis now will hit the politicians and political Doctor Faucis who gullibly accepted and trumpeted what statistician William Briggs
calls 'the most colossal and costly blown forecast of all time.'”

Dr. Briggs, who is a consultant and adjunct Professor of Statistics at Cornell University with specialties in medicine and philosophy of science, has confirmed that the government is juicing the coronavirus death tolls:

"[P]eople are being recorded as dying from other things at a smaller rate than usual. Either coronavirus deaths are being juiced, or people aren't dying of other things at the same rates and being killed instead by coronavirus."
[, "Coronavirus Update X: Juicing the Numbers, Prolonging the Pain," April 21, 2020]

(And by the way, if you want to learn more about calculus which is apparently needed for real statistical work please read Dr. Briggs' "Calculus AP Editon." reported: "Renowned authors, William Briggs and Lyle Cochran have built from the ground up a program specifically for AP Calculus teachers... In collaboration with more than 90 academic experts and classroom practitioners the authors' balance rigor and intuition.")
[, "Common Core State Standards - Pearson"]

Today, the renowned statistician posted in the Monitor comment section:

"William M. Briggs said...
You might be interested in some in-depth stats on the whole thing PM []

Below is a small taste of Dr. Briggs' humor and statistical insights on the super juicing of the coronavirus sacred death tolls without which the tyrants couldn't have their totalitarian lock downs from the link he gave us:

The coronavirus hysteria it appears is a new religion for the Goddess Coronavirus.

This new goddess even has the Sacred Death Toll Ten Commandments:

1. I am the illness almighty, thou shalt not have not have any illness unless it's me.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the illness almighty in vain by claiming anyone dies of any other illness.

3. Remember to keep unholy the Sabbath day because of the Sacred Social Distancing even though thou shalt set it aside for the sake of the Sacred Abortion or for the sake of paying at the Sacred Big Corporation store cash register.

4. Honor thy Sacred Government's Lockdown by banning of the Mass and all Christian religious services.

5. Thou shalt not be killed unless it is added to the Sacred Government Coronavirus Death Toll.

6. Thou shalt not commit adding to the death tolls of other illnesses for all deaths shalt only be added to the coronavirus death toll.

7. Thou shalt not steal numbers from the illness almighty sacred death toll even if they die from other illnesses.

8. Thou shalt not bear true witness against the illness almighty.

9. Thou shalt cover-up any deaths that are not attributed to the illness almighty.

10. Thou shalt cover-up that almost no one knows of a neighbor who has died of coronavirus unless they were already sickly and old.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Alexis Bugnolo said…
When the globalists will conceive any sort of lying to justify their continuance of their narrative they show their real objectives were not about saving lives, but creating panic.

But in doing so they also show they are scared of the truth.

Ademar said…
The fact that so much of this evil is being exposed and seen by many for what it is points to Our Lady fighting it hammer and tongs. Am convinced that satan's hundred years is over and his evil works are being unravelled even as he, knowing his time is short, overreaches in desperation.

Aqua said…
The use of deception and lies to subvert our Constitution and its rule of law; and, more broadly, the Natural Law is the gravest of criminal acts.

Those who perpetrated this criminal fraud truly need to answer for their crimes in the most serious way.

They continue to perpetrate this criminal fraud and will push further, and faster, more desperate as they get deeper into their crimes to usurp authority away from our Constitutional Republic toward themselves as Laws unto themselves.

Bill Gates is their face, and their most active visible member, but this invisible shadow government (also known as the Deep State) is real at the top and extends out through Mass Media empires and Federal Bureaucracies, parallel to the legitimate visible governments of America’s Constitutional Republic and sovereign States around the globe.

I just saw video of Bill Clinton discussing with CA Guv Newsom methods of population tracking and control going forward as the predicate for “allowing” certain freedoms again.

This is not going away. These people are conducting a coup under our very noses.

JFK saw this invisible enemy and warned us before he was killed (via Laurence England):

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