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Are the Conservative Catholic Media Jumping off the Coronavirus Hysteria Love Boat?

First it was LifeSiteNews' post with the two California doctors starting a "revolution" against the coronavirus hysteria then First Things joined with the "Coronavirus Reality Check" article.

It looks like the Conservative Catholic media is starting to jump off the Coronavirus Love Boat to the Reality Ship of traditionalists who have been fighting the virus hysteria hoax since February.

They are welcome on the ship.

When Francis traditionalist Chris Ferrera left behind his cohorts in the Francis Trad movement such as Steve Skojec, Tim Gordon and others in the hysteria hoax boat a few weeks ago we welcomed him.

We didn't mind that he wasn't with us when his follow Francis traditionalists such as Skojec, Gordon and others had Twitter lynch mobs attacking Frank Walker and others who refused to climb abroad the hysteria Coronavirus Love Boat.

Strangely, today with follow Francis Trad Taylor Marshall he apparently claimed that the only ones fighting the virus hysteria were secular Trump supporters. Sorry, Mr. Ferrara, but the only ones bringing out the facts about the hoax were a few courageous scientists and scholars with the non-Francis traditionalists such as Walker, Ann Barnhardt, Br. Alexis Bugnolo and others reporting their evidence that the hysteria was a hoax despite the insults.

However, it's true Rush Limbaugh stood against the virus hysteria while nearly all the other Trump supporters ran and hid except for the non-Francis traditionalists who are apparently Trump supporters.

Even as the Catholic conservative media appear to be leaving the Coronavirus Love Boat like rats jumping off a sinking ship, it appears that Ferrara's Francis Trad collaborators such as Skojec, Gordon and others are still claiming that the Coronavirus Love Boat like the Titanic will not sink.

Maybe Ferrara can convince his follow travelers to jump the sinking ship because he believes with all his heart like they do that Fancis is infallibly and definitely the pope because apparently he believes that the Church has never had a pope like Francis who really, really is infallibly and definitely the pope

His former mentor Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Doctors of the Church St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Francis de Sales, Bishop Rene Gracida and even Cardinal Raymond Burke at one time as well as Catholic Church history unfortunately disagree with Ferrara and his cohorts.

However, with the current world tyranny we are happy for him and the Catholic conservatives to join us in the battle to defeat Francis' allies such as the Chinese Communists, the Bill Gates globalists and the Democrat/media cabal.

But, after this battle is over, we will again be fighting you, Skojec, Gordon and all your collaborators and your Francis who you claim is definitely the pope even if he is a antipope or a explicit heretic who can't lose his papacy no matter what Church history says or what St. Bellarmine or St. Francis de Sales taught.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alexis Bugnolo said…
Its a standard Leftie tactic to pretend those whom you hate most do not exist.

Very shocking to see this error of Russia, embraced by Ferrara.

You might be interested in some in-depth stats on the whole thing.
Dan said…
From day 1, I refused to drink the cool aide.
Fred Martinez said…
Thank you, Mr. Briggs,

It is an honor for you to post a comment on the Catholic Monitor. It goes without saying that I will read your link. Your are one of the great heroes in the coronavirus hysteria tyranny. In my opinion, when the real history books are writing on this episode you should have a chapter for you courage and brilliance. I will pray a decade of the rosary for you and your important work.


Fred Martinez

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