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Newmax Flashback The Media Marketing of 9-11 and the Church Scandal By Fred Martinez

By Fred Martinez

Newmax Flashback

The Media Marketing of 9-11 and the Church Scandal

Sunday, 09 June 2002 12:00 AM EDT

Through marketing techniques the American media, after 9-11, presented Muslims as the victims of hate crimes. They used marketing again when, after the Boston Church scandal, they showed us images of sex-abuse victims followed immediately by images of priests in Roman collars.

The advertising plan was to associate all Catholic priests with sex abuse, in order to destroy the Catholic faith. The networks wanted to make this into "a crisis of faith." This is why ABC anchorman Peter Jennings could say, "There are those who argue that this may be, in many respects, the beginning of the end of the clerical culture – in other words, the culture of the priests and the bureaucracy running the priests."

The Muslim "victim images" showed us the networks' marketing plan, which was to associate terrorism with only a "small" group outside the Islamic mainstream. This strategy is why ABC's Jennings didn't say something like "There are those who argue that this may be, in many respects, the beginning of the end of the Islamic culture – in other words, the culture of the Muslims and the bureaucracy running Islam."

Nor did the networks, after 9/11, come close to saying what William Safire wrote in his column on Oct. 2, 2001: "The suicide bombers were motivated to mass murder by the false promise of eternal joy after death, and it is up to Muslim clergy – who know their Koran and have special credibility – to publicly and repeatedly refute that cultish brainwashing."

Why do the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual media viciously attack the one religion while giving the other fair and even favorable coverage? It would seem that both religions would be attacked equally, since both consider abortion and homosexuality wrong.

The answer lies, in part, in the economic interests of those who control the networks. They cannot afford to alienate the Islamic people of the Middle East or Afghanistan – who hold much of the world's oil and natural gas reserves upon which our economy depends. The Catholics hold no such material strategic interest.

The Catholic Church does hold moral strategic interests that concern the media. To find out what those moral concerns are, one only need look at the one Muslim that the media have vilified as much as the Catholic priesthood – John Walker Lindh. The media have covered up the psychological reason Lindh rejected the liberalism of his father (and the networks). He became a Muslim when his dad divorced his mom to move in with a homosexual.

Homosexuality is one of the causes the networks will cover up for and defend at any cost. They know they must discredit the Catholic Church because if even a small percentage of the Catholics in the United States returned to the true faith and morality of their religion and voted accordingly, then the small margins of victories by liberal politicians would be lost. The media's homosexual agenda on the political front would be lost for another generation.

That is the reason why they are repressing, for the most part, the unquestionable fact that the Catholic scandal is not about pedophilia, but about homosexuality. Sometimes, however, there are cracks in the media's suppression of facts.

U.S. News & World Report columnist John Leo reported that studies have shown that 5 percent or less of priests fit the pedophile description. He said, "Most sexual victims of priests are teenage boys, according to one estimate. A study of Chicago's 2,200 priests identified 40 sexual abusers, only one of whom was a pedophile."

It is widely known by the American Catholic Church that the vast majority of sexual abusers are homosexuals. So, why are "Church officials" and the media not explaining that the scandal is not about pedophilia, but about homosexuality? Leo says, "Most likely because opening up the issue of sexually active gay priests is itself explosive, even apart from charges of abuse."

The reason homosexuality is "explosive" is not just because of the media's attack slogans of homophobia and intolerance, but also because the American Catholic Church is a house divided – about to explode apart. The American Church is in civil war.

On one side you have those who follow Rome and its objective faith and moral teaching. On the other side are the liberals who reject objective morality and replace it with "value language," which originated with Friedrich Nietzsche. They use psychological or civil rights jargon, but their Nietzschean "value language" has led them to relativism and will to power.

Professor Allan Bloom, author of "The Closing of the American Mind, " said that the only virtue 50 years of Nietzsche's influence on public education – and he could have said 30 years of Catholic education – has achieved is relativity of truth. Bloom said relativism "is the modern replacement for the inalienable natural rights that used to be the traditional ground for a free society."

The move away from objective truth leads to universal rights being replaced by Nietzsche's will to power. Bloom, for example, showed how the old civil rights movement "relied on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution." But the new Black Power movement considered the Constitution "corrupt" and demanded a "black identity, not universal rights. Not rights but power counted."

The liberal "Catholics" speak the jargon of the Catholic while following Nietzsche's will to power. They understand power and hold most of the power positions in the infrastructure of the American Church.

According to Catholic scholar James Hitchcock, the leftist "clerical homosexual network" extends to "bishops, seminary rectors, chancery officials, [and] superiors of religious orders."

The "real" Catholics, the ones not infected with relativism and will to power, not realizing that their opponents use words as ploys to attain power, still use logic in an attempt to reason them back into objective truth. So they control many publications, as well as the EWTN Cable Network, but they have power over only a few dioceses, colleges and high schools, where the real power is.

Meanwhile, the Nietzschean "Catholics" are going for the throat by going after the young. They control the American Catholic high school system, which is pro-homosexual, and filter out Roman Church documents such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism states that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered ... [and] under no circumstances can they be approved."

That the Catholic schools are not teaching the Catechism of the Catholic Church is shown by recent polls which found that the vast majority of Catholic high school students are pro-gay. That is, they buy the whole gay agenda and even have gay clubs at their Catholic schools.

Norman Mailer, in his book "Prisoner of Sex," shows why this relativism and moving away from natural objective truths such as heterosexual sex can lead to will to power:

"So, yes, [homosexuals] in prison strive to become part of the male population, and indeed – it is the irony of homosexuality – try to take on the masculine powers of the man who enters them, even as the studs, if Genet is our accurate guide, become effeminate over the years. ... Homosexuality is not heterosexuality. There is no conception possible, no, no inner space, no damnable spongy pool of a womb ... no hint remains of the awe that a life in these circumstances can be conceived. Heterosexual sex with contraception is become by this logic a form of sexual currency closer to the homosexual than the heterosexual, a clearinghouse for power, a market for psychic power in which the stronger will use the weaker, and the female in the act, whether possessed of a vagina or phallus, will look to ingest or steal the masculine qualities of the dominator."

This is the end result when universal truths and responsibility toward those truths are denied. The only "currency" left to the left is stealing of power, because they are insecure in any truth including their own objective masculinity.

Unsure of their own objective masculinity – or any objective truth, for that matter – they will not tolerate truth, calling it intolerance. They will not tolerate the truth of the purpose of sex, which is married love, with the creation of a secure family for the children of that love.

Leftists replace the traditional family with sexual power struggles that lead to the death mills of the abortion industry and the graveyards of AIDS and the abandonment of children and women at the altar of free sex.

Sex is not free. It was once a responsibility that a mature man entered into for life, for the security of his beloved children and wife.

Likewise, liberals replace the Constitution with sex and ethnic power struggles that lead to the breaking of the rule of law. If a president can sexually abuse women and possibly even rape them, then obstruct justice and lie under oath, are we under the rule of law? If our society will not tolerate truth, then men and women are not secure in their "inalienable natural rights that used to be the traditional ground for a free society," as Bloom said.

If we reject the rule of law and natural rights, our society will progress toward the Clintonian power tactics of prison homosexuals. The leftists in the Church and the media rejecting objective truth no longer want to be identified as men of objective faith and reason, but rather as Nietzschean post-modernists to be identified with the "culture" of the gay and Clintonian playboy slogans of the media elite.

The media elite uses management tactics on anyone who wants to be identified as a man of objective morals, faith and reason. They redefine the meaning of words like morals, faith and reason through association and repetition, then isolate those who don't accept the new definitions, after which they ostracize the good name of any person or group that doesn't accept the new "culture" and isn't a "team player."

The very respected scholar Edgar H. Schein of MIT Sloan School of Management explains the process in "Organizational Learning as Cognitive Re-definition: Coercive Persuasion Revisited":

"It may seem absurd to the reader to draw an analogy between the coercive persuasion in political prisons and a new leader announcing that he or she is going 'to change the culture.'

"However, if the leader really means it, if the change will really affect fundamental assumptions and values, one can anticipate levels of anxiety and resistance quite comparable to those one would see in prisons. The coercive element is not as strong. More people will simply leave before they change their cognitive structures, but if they have a financial stake or a career investment in the organization, they face the same pressure to 'convert' that the prisoner did. ... Consider, for example, what it means to impose a 'culture of teamwork' based on 'openness and mutual trust' in an individualistic society."

By using this process, the leftists with the media's marketing ability learned they could create massive peer pressure – some would call it a "mob mentality," which changes the worldview of people with weak morals, weak faith or the Judas mentality. These types of people see themselves as the "elite" because they accept the "culture of teamwork" and have "openness" to the new definitions.

These persons wishing to be part of the "culture" or "team" are open to cognitive re-definition. Schein explains how the process works:

"'Cognitive redefinition' involved two different processes. First, concepts like crime and espionage had to be semantically redefined. Crime is an abstraction that can mean different things in different conceptual systems when one makes it concrete. Second, standards of judgment had to be altered. Even within the western concept of crime, what was previously regarded as trivial was now seen to be serious. The anchors by which judgments are made are shifted and the point of neutrality is moved. Behavior that was previously judged to be neutral or of no consequence became criminal, once the anchor of what was a minimum crime was shifted. These two processes, semantic re-definition and changing one's anchors for what is good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, are the essence of cognitive re-definition."

Some orthodox Catholic priests are falling into cognitive redefinition because of their desire to be in the "culture of teamwork." James Hitchcock said, "There is an obvious sense of clerical elitism in terms of the priestly state itself, which sometimes causes orthodox priests to protect their unorthodox brethren ... who feel strong bonds of loyalty to one another and are reluctant to acknowledge misconduct by residents of those rarified circles."

It is time for all priests, bishops and laypersons to decide if they want to be "loyal" to the leftists' media-created "team" or to the Church of Jesus Christ. It is time for all people of good will and all faiths to refuse to participate in "coercive persuasion."

Catholics will save their American branch of the Church and Americans will save their "inalienable natural rights" and "free society" only by first praying for wisdom and then by using that wisdom to join all people of good will to expose and engage the liberal media not with slogans, but with objective morals, faith, reason and tough love.

Rome was conquered by the Christians in this way. Our country, as well as our children and their children, are depending on us to give them this tough love.

They need to hear us say that objective morality, such as chastity before and after marriage, is the only solution for our despairing society. They need to hear us say that sex outside the purpose of family life, be it heterosexual or homosexual, is a grave sin.


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