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@RepMTG Johnson..Deep State Speaker..funding the Democrat’s agenda in an omnibus, blocking warrant requirements for FISA, this week ramming through billions for Ukraine...

Johnson is the Deep State Speaker of the House funding the Democrat’s agenda in an omnibus, blocking warrant requirements for FISA, this week ramming through billions for Ukraine, and now this after allowing Gallagher to leave his district without representation. Can’t continue.
Thomas Massie
Friday, we have one less Republican in the majority as Rep Gallagher leaves instead of finishing his term. As a going away gift, Speaker Johnson plans to force the senate to take up Gallagher’s bill to ban tiktok and give Presidential power to ban websites. But still no border.
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Renato said…
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Renato said…
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Renato said…
First of all, it must be stressed here that this is not a hateful comment against Jews. On the contrary, the sincere Catholic desires the conversion of all humanity with various ethnicities, races, etc.

When Nicodemus went to talk to Jesus, he went to get Our Lord at night out of fear of the Jews (John 3:1-11). This shows that they always had influence over governments even in those times. Because Nicodemus knew the influence of the Jews on the local government was constant in order to maintain a definite purpose set for a certain end, namely, only the Jewish interest.

Fear comes from this line of reasoning with this historical coherence always as propaganda of the deception used by them to this day.

But Rabbi Nicodemus began to shake off fear after the Passion of Christ (John 19:39). He had matured his love for the Master. But this was after he and other disciples fled, another denied three times, and another betrayed.

So it was this very fear that led Pilate also to condemn Christ.

Only the truth can liberate the American nation and every American politician today who is constrained to venture, for example, into a clear Israeli provocation against Iran. Israel knows that allies cannot disobey it.

And this is both in the East and in the West this influence mainly through a Kabbalistic sect that had in the past seven rabbis who claimed to be the messiah in their midst, whom they say would incarnate constantly, until the coming of the promised messiah in fact, the son of David, whose Third Temple would finally be finished receiving him.

That is why there will always be more deception from the same source of fear. The example will be the next "virus 100 times deadlier than Covid". It should be noted that "100", in Roman numerals, is the letter "X", i.e. Hollywood-style horror movie advertisement. Pure fiction.

And all control programmed by the same fear that anyone can imagine.

I don't believe that whoever is elected after November will be able to break with this fear of Zionist influence.

Hatred blinded the Jewish mentors by the curse of not having welcomed the true Messiah and will fall on others as well who did not accept this truth.

t is necessary to pray much for the conversion of the United States and other nations that have all suffered through the same suffering on the cross.

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