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Flashback: Taylor Marshall: "I am... Open to seeing Benedict was Coerced" to Resign

Today, Taylor Marshall on his YouTube podcast while claiming "I'm not making" the argument then made the argument anyway that "if you wanted to show Benedict is still the pope you would show coercion in resignation":

"If you wanted to show Benedict was still pope you would show coercion in resignation. That is a little hard to demonstrate... I am way more open to seeing Benedict was coerced."

"When you look at the ATM machines, the Vatican Bank, when you look at the cardinals in drag and all the this stuff, cocaine fueled orgy parties at the CDF and you look at all the things that were happening from Vigano up to the resignation and the butler. There is a argument if you wanted to make it, I'm not making it, but if you wanted to make it coercion seems to me to be where it is at."
(Dr.Taylor Marshall Show, "Cardinal Pell talks Vatican Bank Corruption," April 15, 2020, 56:27-57:29))

It makes me laugh, but Marshall who isn't making an argument, just made an argument despite his best efforts that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was coerced and therefore is "still pope."

Of course, if I was making an argument, but I am not making an argument, if you wanted to make it (that Marshall was arguing that Benedict is still pope because of coercion) in the above Marshall argument, it seems to me to be where it is at.

I'm hoping that Marshall at some point, even though he wasn't making the argument, will agrue with his own
argument and show why from his argument he and others shouldn't have "doubt... for any reason," no matter how small, that Francis's "papal election is doubtful."

Theologian Fr. Elwood Sylvester Berry (1879-1956) who was a professor at Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland wrote:

"Hence the saying of Bellarmine: a doubtful pope is no pope. 'Therefore,' continued the Cardinal, 'if a papal election is really doubtful for any reason, the elected should resign, so that a new election may be held. But if he refuses to resign, it becomes the duty of the bishops to adjust the matter, for although the bishops without the pope cannot define dogma not make law for the universal Church, they can and ought to decide, when occasion demands, who is the legitimate pope, and if the matter be doubtful, they should provide for the Church by having a legitimate and undoubted pastor elected. That is what the Council of Constance rightly did." 8
(The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise, Page 229, Note 8 Bellarmine, "De Concilio, ii, 19)

Justina said…
Well argued!
It is easy to see the possiblity of coercion but hard to prove it.

It is easy to see the invalidity of a renunciation of munus, rather than ministerium, AND it is easy to prove it.

Why does Dr. Marshall look for the hard way. Is he an intellectual masochist?

Or he is cleverly trying to keep folks from taking the easy route back to sanity?

Justina said…
Or is he fighting that most intransigent of opponents--himself?
Aqua said…
I have never understood why more Catholics fail to see the necessity of a valid resignation down to the particulars for it to remove a Pope from his Office as Christ’s Vicar for life.

It has always reminded me of my evangelization of my Protestant friends and family using the John 6 discourse on eating the divine flesh of Christ; drinking his divine blood. They take the Bible “literally” (they always say) ..... except for that. Explanations and logic do not penetrate.

Christ states “eat and drink *indeed*” three times. The language of Christ’s meaning is clear.

Most of His disciples subsequently leave because of the seemingly great offense. The physical evidence of Christ’s meaning is clear.

But, like the partial and thus invalid Papal resignation, language and subsequent physical evidence matter not in matters fundamental to the Faith when a battle for souls between God and Satan is at stake. Framing the argument differently won’t change anything. Only prayer will win battles like these.
Fr. VF said…
The name of the pope is not a dogma. The Church does not "teach" the name of the pope. Sedevacantism is not a heresy--and neither is holding a minority opinion about who is pope. Since the identity of the pope is not dogma, there is no basis for the endlessly repeated slogan that "only a future pope can determine whether a present pope is pope."
Fred Martinez said…
On Sedevacantism's heretical teaching that there has been no pope being since Pope Pius XII, please read Vatican I's teaching on popes will reign perpetually.
Aqua said…
Fr VF, that is very helpful and in line with what my SSPX Priest counseled me, in all your particulars listed here.
Fred Martinez said…
If you don't think Vatican I is a infallible Council of the Catholic Church in terms of dogma there is no need to read:

Vatican I, Pastor Aeternus, chapter 1.

Aqua said…
@ Fred Martinez,

I submit to the Holy See and every valid Pope who ever occupied it. Equally. Under Christ. His single, chosen Vicar on earth.

There have been disagreements on *who* occupies it. And there have been antipopes accepted by future Saints over valid Popes.

There is now obvious error in the Holy See; departure from Christ, Sacred Tradition, union with prior occupants; a demonstrable rupture within the Holy See itself at the level of Munus and subsequent authority.

I submit to the Holy See in its God-given totality, and the authority of St. Peter, embodied in all the valid Popes who ever lived, together, in union with each other, in Christ and Sacred Tradition.

I believe that is the basic meaning of Pastor Aeternus.


Renato said…
Benedict XVI says that the actions in history made by God, the truth is revealed gradually. And today it is clear that Ratzinger did not abdicate the Nunus petrinum. Then Bergoglio was elected Roman Pontiff with another Roman Pontiff not abdicated and still alive.

And today this simple and clear fact bothers Bergoglio because he is making an attack on the legitimate cardinals, revealing secrets of the 2005 conclave and not caring about it in the slightest, for revealing that he was not their favorite as pope at the time "because he was a foreigner," that is, not Italian.

This is a clear sign that there is a desperation to maintain control. That threat by a legitimate American cardinal was not only against him, but a veiled threat against the other legitimate cardinals, all of which corroborates this line of thought.

Another piece of evidence that is unfavorable for Bergoglio: a Geor Ganswein who knows a lot about Benedict XVI, because he is the main witness of a Pope Prevented from Governing.
And all of this fits together and demonstrates this: if all this bothers Bergoglio, then it is evident that he knows his illegitimacy and does everything to maintain the narrative of deception; the work of ecclesiastical Freemasonry has always been to destroy the pontificate, breaking the line of succession of St. Peter, through its agents as well.

Because the hypnotic Gnostic work of deception is to show that this Pope today is legitimate, but a heretic, and this destroys not only the image of the papacy, but the image of the Church itself. The goal is at least to drag many to the loss of their souls, for there is no way that Gnosis can destroy the papacy and the Church.

God is revealing all this wickedness to everyone. He will act with the breath of his mouth before his glorious coming (2 Thessalonians 2:8), with the election of the legitimate Roman Pontiff.

Renato said…
The other thing that was forgotten to mention above is that acknowledging only that Ratizinger was a legitimate Roman Pontiff is not enough.

Because this is part of a veiled Gnostic dialectic that is part of the narrative of deception.

We can see this when some prelates clearly show hostility or contempt for a canonical solution that the Church always offers.

It's all part of the way to block or at least distort the legitima in the continuity of the Petrine succession.
Renato said…
Correction above: the Bergolian threat is about a legitimate American cardinal, Raymon Leo Burke. It all starts, I think, with the initiative of dubia.

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