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FEATURED Tucker Carlson Visits Russian Grocery Store, Discovers Americans Have Been Told a Lie (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson Visits Russian Grocery Store, Discovers Americans Have Been Told a Lie (VIDEO)


Anonymous said…
I don't want to get into the merits of whether Russia is doing well financially and morally or not. But is this in Russian subversion against the West? Dugin's unfriendly statement about the West commenting on Carlson's interview with Putin makes you think about that.
Anonymous said…
Russia will probably invade Europe. There are prophecies then there is the fact that the cold war "ended" without fireworks.
Anonymous said…
It is the Dugin that influences Putin to fight the American empire with his liberalism as something that must be destroyed by arms one day. Although it is something insane, but he first uses the mind for such an end.

The exoteric dialectic is used to dominate leaders and thinkers in the West against the same West. Yuri Bezmenov says something similar to this when he talks about the subversion used in KBG, which I think is still part of it with Putin as leader, against the enemies of the Russians in order to change their ways. This means manipulation that happens mainly among the leaders of the nation itself in order to destroy it from within. Dugin uses the right and the left as two points of antagonism to each other until he creates total chaos throughout the West as well. Both Putin and Dugin are Jewish Kabbalist Gnostics who see Rome as an enemy to be destroyed for spreading Christianity in the West. Hence the pride among them as Gnostics that they are for separating from Rome and forming the new Rome, in the Byzantine Empire, founding a Gnostic Church.

Dugin wishes for the Catholic Church to be destroyed from within, to enthrone antipopes in order to bring it to total ruin. Because the Church of Rome is an obstacle to their plans.

Our Lady at Fatima says that the errors of Russia, of a dialectical and materialistic nation, would plague the world. The Mother of God herself confirmed this to Blessed Elena Aiello.
Anonymous said…
What I write here may be shocking to many, but it is the truth. The American journalist Carlson, like the top American leaders, is as much of a Kabbalist as Milei is in Argentina. And what is probably expected for both countries is a civil revolution in the near future. In my country, this is also expected. By the way, Alois Irmaier clearly says that there will be revolutions all over the world before the Third World War. Then, according to the evidence and the prophecies, the whole West will be fought by these mentors. They put Russia as the main protagonist for this purpose.
Anonymous said…
It is good to remember that Milei visited Bergoglio in the Vatican recently, the one who wants to destroy the image of the Church of Rome, being an antipope imposed by Gnostics who are part of the St. Gallen Mafia.
Anonymous said…
Yuri Bezmenov's words that the country of the United States of America was turning into a communist regime corroborate the revelation of Sister Lucy, along with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta who will come to Our Lady at Fatima, to William Thomas Walsh that the same country would in fact be communist soon.
Anonymous said…
Corrections: Sister Lucy was one of the Portuguese seers with her cousins in Fatima, the latter were no longer alive when she was religious. The revelation was a visit by the American teacher known as William Thomas Walsh when she was Sister Dorothea in 1946 in Spain. In the comments above it's KGB, not KBG.

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