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@DineshDSouza Navalny=Trump. The plan of the Biden regime & the Democrats is to ensure their leading political opponent dies in prison. There’s no real difference between the two cases

Navalny=Trump. The plan of the Biden regime and the Democrats is to ensure their leading political opponent dies in prison. There’s no real difference between the two cases


Anonymous said…
The Russian dialectic that Max adopted comes from Hegel, which consists of manipulating minds for a certain ideology. Everyone can search the Internet for the words of Yuri Bezmenov and compare this subversion of ideology in the country today. and to see whether or not it is true that ideologies for people to be "woke" or sympathetic today to the "gay movement" are Marxist tools of subversion in society so that the same society can end its own order in its own country. Putin comes from a Gnostic state in which materialist dialectics imposes a dictatorship as a condition above natural law and above true faith.
Fred Martinez said…
David Sacks

While declaring war on authoritarianism, the [Marxist?] Biden regime seeks to jail their main political opponent Trump and punish Elon for allowing freedom of speech. The hypocrisy is glaring. But if they don’t pay a price in the November elections, they will go much much further.
Elon Musk

The public still doesn’t understand even a tiny fraction of the power of the censorship government-industrial complex.

As predicted, my companies and I came under relentless attack the moment the censorship of this platform was lifted.

How far will they go to stop me?…
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1:06 PM · Feb 16, 2024
Fred Martinez said…

Newt Gingrich
Navalnys death in prison is a brutal reminder that jailing your political opponents is inhumane and a violation of every principle of a free society. Watch the [Marxist?] Biden Administration speak out against Putin and his jailing of his leading political opponent while Democrats in four different jurisdictions try to turn President Trump into an American Navalny. The hypocrisy and corruption of the left is astonishing.
9:52 AM · Feb 16, 2024
Fred Martinez said…
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald Just 3 weeks ago, a US citizen who was imprisoned by Ukraine for criticizing Zelensky died in prison at 55: few of our über-patriots cared.
Anonymous said…
The conscious Marxist struggle at its core in the class struggle always produces a dialectical and antagonistic deepening. The important thing is the confrontation between individuals in the same society: women against men, whites against blacks, heterosexuals against homosexuals, etc. Capitalism, being liberal and without moral principles, will logically lead a socialist society to the apex and a communist revolution. It is interesting to remember that liberal and Marxist and capitalist principles are revolutionary in origin of the French Revolution. The country should greatly seek an understanding in this regard and other ways to concentrate on an opposite resolution so as not to come to this sad end. Former Russian agent Bezmenov says religion must be that pillar to maintain the unity of any country.
Anonymous said…
But even the Catholic religion itself was orchestrated for this very purpose. And that was with a lot of communist-minded seminarians coming into the seminaries.
Anonymous said…
We must pray and do penance this Lent especially to our West, for Our Lady clearly says that Russia would be the punishment of the continent. And the same Mother of God said that the same Russia would spread its errors throughout the world.
Anonymous said…
Dugin represents this dialectic perfectly that began with Max and that spreads the errors to the world.

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