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“Moynihan reported..'where..greatest danger to..authentic Catholic faith lies..Ratzinger, a few years before he became Pope..he said: 'It is Freemasonry'" 


Anonymous said…
There was the Lateran Pact accepted by Pope Pius XI, in which the Vatican State was taken over by Masonic forces.

Italy has seized the sovereignty of the State of the Holy Roman See, that is, its entire pontifical territory. And this has been the case since the year 1870, when the neo-fascist Mussolini put an end to the Roman question, in the year 1939. But the Vatican then became small.

And I think the popes still felt like prisoners of the Vatican itself.

Later, there was the Second Vatican Council, which imposed something non-Catholic in the drafted texts of the same council. The latter would only be "pastoral", a new definition in the Church, without defining new dogmas.

A book of Brazilian edition, Dr G. Gamberini quoted by J.A.E. Benimeli, G. Caprile and V. Alberton, Freemasonry and the Catholic Church, Paulus Publishing, São Paulo, 1981, in the fourth edition, which is in the year 1998, pages 100-101, states:

"It almost always happens that a pope leaves deep lamentations within his Church, but it is certainly the first time that a pope dies surrounded by the sympathy and affection of all humanity. He disappears as everyone feels like a good man. Along with this good man disappears the clearest, and at the same time, the most brilliant and effective defender of the Church. He had consecrated himself to the survival of the Church, and to this survival he was ready to sacrifice every other value traditionally associated with it. his death is a great evil for the Church. But there is also a man who promised to bridge, by virtue of an authentic Christian sentiment, the gulf dug by the Church before him between herself and modern civilization. And his death is a great evil for all."

[To be continued]

Anonymous said…
This is related to the death of Pope Paul VI. Moreover, this statement also holds true of Montini's predecessor, Pope John XXIII.

Did something occult impose a change on the high clergy among the cardinals, or else it would have been destroyed after the death of Pius XII?

Universi Dominici Gregis says in article 83:

"With the same insistence as my Predecessors, I strongly exhort the Cardinal electors, in electing the Pontiff, not to allow themselves to be guided by sympathy or aversion, nor to be influenced by anyone's favours or personal friendship, nor to be impelled by the interference of authorities or pressure groups, nor by the suggestion of the media, by violence, out of fear or the pursuit of popularity. But with a view solely to the glory of God and the good of the Church."

Pope John Paul II, who suffered an attack in St. Peter's Square itself, made it clear to the cardinals not to allow themselves to be influenced by favors or to be impelled by the interference of authorities or pressure groups.

I think that this apostolic constitution was a project against usurpation elaborated before, on threats in the past against the Church, which was revealed more deeply with the gesture of Pope Ratzinger, who was a prisoner in Madre Ecclesia.

And this has become, therefore, a selective process, in addition to mistakes with sealed commitments that compromised the good in the Church, now broken.

Anonymous said…
The original St. Michael prayer tells us the plans of the synagogue of Satan (freemasonry).
Anonymous said…
Catholics in Brazil and the rest of South America know Mino Pecorelli very well. An Italian investigative journalist was murdered in 1979, in his car and shot in the head, probably because of a list he himself published in a magazine he worked for. In it were the names of ecclesiastical members involved with Freemasonry, among them, Bugnini and Bea.

And this was during the short pontificate of Pope John Paul I who demanded an investigation of possible secret society members at Ambrosiano bank, when the same pontiff was outraged by the mismanagement in it. Because there was a real bank fraud in the same institution. The pope died in a kabbalistic way, 33 days associating an occult symbolism, surrounded by traitors and people of very bad morality.

This was the Vatican of the past, whose popes were surrounded by a misguided and dark compromise made in the past.

All for the "survival of the Church" threatened to "sacrifice all the other values traditionally associated with it", according to a Bishop of the Gnostic Church who had claimed that he was really a scholar whom I knew personally.

Benedict XVI kept the Petrine Munus to himself, so a selection process was carried out, in the face of errors with sealed commitments that compromised the good of the Church, now broken for the good of the Church soon.

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