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@LauraLoomer..House GOP knew the J6 committee was corrupt from day one when..@Liz_Cheney..put in control of it..bunch of gaslighting cowards.

Republicans are so pathetic. It’s no wonder why they constantly get defeated by Democrats and do nothing to stop election fraud. They have known for 3 years that the J6 committee was corrupt as hell. And now they all want to pretend like today is the first time they have ever seen video footage of Capitol police letting J6ers inside the building, when we have known about these tapes for 3 years. Many of these tapes were released by J6ers who took video on their own phones and cameras, and people like published it years ago…. Oh and by the way, House Republicans were notified about these videos and chose to do nothing because they want to demonize Trump and his supporters. The only reason why they are now saying they want to investigate the J6 committee they always knew was corrupt is because the weak Speaker of the House caved on the CR, he’s sending more money to Ukraine, and he failed to allocate money for the border while allowing House GOP to send $300 million more to the FBI, which is carrying out raids on Trump supporters everyday. Johnson is walking on a tight leash because he lied and said he wouldn’t support a CR, and then he caved to the CR. Now he’s trying to cover his ass and make his actions seem bigger than they actually are. Don’t fall for this bullshit. The footage of the police letting J6ers inside and fist bumping them has been out for 3 years. The GOP gives you crumbs and all of you just lay over like dogs with fleas and accept this insult to our intelligence. It’s so pathetic. House GOP knew the J6 committee was corrupt from day one when people like and were put in control of it. Screw the . They are a bunch of gaslighting cowards.


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