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Is Life without the TLM like Purgatory?

Note: I am visiting my home state, New Mexico, for Holy Week and unfortunately my laptop is having problems. The other person with access to editing and posting, at the moment, has a lot on her plate and can't post either. So this post is coming from my smartphone.

I'm in Purgatory it appears until Sunday when I hope I can go to a TLM. I'm starting to suspect that the Novus Ordo Mass is in many ways Semi-Arian because the Holy Trinity is so absent in it. Also, I suspect the good and kind people attending the NO Masses are experiencing a kind of spiritual malnutrition.

Pray an Our Father for the restoration of the Catholic Church and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Unknown said…
Fred, it's worse.
To be in Purgatory is to be tormented but still alive with certain foresight of eternal life in Heaven.

T said…
I just had a disturbing thought. The Pharisees were seen as super holy religious people. They were such clingers to the traditions of men (the synagogue) that they crucified their messiah for healing on the Sabbath, allowing his disciples to pluck grain on the sabbath and generally hanging out with sinners. They didn’t even notice what they were doing.

Now to keep the obedience to the pope paramount many Catholics do not notice the man they call pope is teaching a new gospel. If you try to report what he has really said and done they call you schismatic or scandalous. There are even apologists defending the pope’s idolatry at the Amazon synod. Isn’t breaking the first commandment against the very teachings of God? To have their Holy Father they are willing junk Jesus’ teachings. They don’t notice, at all.
Anonymous said…
I don't attend the Novus Ordo Missae mass at all myself. Look for a Byzantine/Eastern Catholic if one is out there.

The Novus Ordo mass just does not inspire much holiness, unless you can find an Ad Orientem or hybrid that has some Latin in it...

I generally avoid it.

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