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Google is Censoring The Catholic Monitor & Deleting Past Posts

The Catholic Monitor via a Dad29 blog comment on our site learned that Google is censoring the Catholic Monitor:

Dad29 said...

Your readers using Firefox cannot access your site. GOOGLE 'advised' that yours is 'a deceptive site.' Mine too!!

Just co-incidence that all the blocked sites are run by Roman Catholics eh??

5:26 PM

Blogger Fred Martinez said...


Thanks. This proves we're going in the right direction.

I'm told I'm also blocked at a local tyrannical COVID locked down "conservative" parish overrun with COVID Karens.

Keep up the good work! []


Also, by email, the Catholic Monitor learned today that previous CM posts were deleted:


    As you may know, our Community Guidelines 
( describe the boundaries for what we 
allow-- and don't allow-- on Blogger. Your post titled "Is it possible that 
to some extend that Vatican II and some Catholic News Outlets are Deep 
State CIA Operations?" was flagged to us for review. We have determined 
that it violates our guidelines and deleted the post, previously at 

    Why was your blog post deleted?
    Your content has violated our Malware and Viruses policy. Please visit 
our Community Guidelines page linked in this email to learn more.

    We encourage you to review the full content of your blog posts to make 
sure they are in line with our standards as additional violations could 
result in termination of your blog.

    For more information, please review the following resources:

    Terms of Service:
    Blogger Community Guidelines:


    The Blogger Team

Here are the posts deleted:

Your post titled "Is it possible that to some extend that Vatican II and some Catholic News Outlets are Deep State CIA?" has been deleted:

Your post titled ""Wokeism" COVID "Narrative Crumbles" has been deleted:

Your post titled "Is the Democrat's  Beloved Black Lives Matter Racist against Latinos, all Non-Blacks and even  Non-Muslim Blacks?" was flagged to us for review. We have determined that  it violates our guidelines and deleted the post, previously at

Your post titled "Are Coney Barrett &  Francis Materially Professing Heresy?" was flagged to us for review. We  have determined that it violates our guidelines and deleted the post, 
Your post titled "CPAC Crowd Greeted  Trump "with a Standing Ovation, and later Chanted, 'You Won!'... 'We did,'  he Agreed'" " was flagged to us for review. We have determined that it 
violates our guidelines and deleted the post, previously at

Your post titled "Do Biden, Francis &  Pelosi have "Potentially Full-Blown Dementia"? " was flagged to us for  review. We have determined that it violates our guidelines and deleted the 

Your post titled "Texas Gov. Abbott:  “The Unconscionable Act by the Biden Administration of Releasing COVID  Positive Illegal Immigrants"" was flagged to us for review. We have 
determined that it violates our guidelines and deleted the post, previously 
Your post titled "Media "Knowingly  Lied -- Over and Over --"  about the Hunter Biden Scandal" was flagged to  us for review. We have determined that it violates our guidelines and 

Your post titled ""Mask mouth causes  gum disease, which increases coronavirus death risk by 900%"" was flagged  to us for review. We have determined that it violates our guidelines and 

Your post titled "Did  Francis's "Vatican Betrays Virgin Mary for Prophet Muhammad" for 
“Abrahamism”?" was flagged to us for review. We have determined that it  violates our guidelines and deleted the post, previously at
Please keep the Catholic Monitor in your prayers.
Stop for a moment of silence, ask Jesus Christ what He want you to do next. In this silence remember God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost - Three Divine Persons yet One God, has an ordered universe where you can know truth and falsehood as well as never forget that He wants you to have eternal happiness with Him as his son or daughter by grace. Make this a practice. By doing this you are doing more good than reading anything here or anywhere else on the Internet.

Francis Notes:

- Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales totally confirmed beyond any doubt the possibility of a heretical pope and what must be done by the Church in such a situation:

"[T]he Pope... WHEN he is EXPLICITLY a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church MUST either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See."
(The Catholic Controversy, by St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306)

Saint Robert Bellarmine, also, said "the Pope heretic is not deposed ipso facto, but must be declared deposed by the Church."

- "If Francis is a Heretic, What should Canonically happen to him?":

- "Could Francis be a Antipope even though the Majority of Cardinals claim he is Pope?":

 -  LifeSiteNews, "Confusion explodes as Pope Francis throws magisterial weight behind communion for adulterers," December 4, 2017:

The AAS guidelines explicitly allows "sexually active adulterous couples facing 'complex circumstances' to 'access the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.'"

-  On February 2018, in Rorate Caeli, Catholic theologian Dr. John Lamont:

"The AAS statement... establishes that Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia has affirmed propositions that are heretical in the strict sense."

- On December 2, 2017, Bishop Rene Gracida:

"Francis' heterodoxy is now official. He has published his letter to the Argentina bishops in Acta Apostlica Series making those letters magisterial documents."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church by the bishops by the grace of God.

Election Notes:  

- Intel Cryptanalyst-Mathematician on Biden Steal: "212Million Registered Voters & 66.2% Voting,140.344 M Voted...Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden" []

- Will US be Venezuela?: Ex-CIA Official told Epoch Times "Chávez started to Focus on [Smartmatic] Voting Machines to Ensure Victory as early as 2003":

- Tucker Carlson's Conservatism Inc. Biden Steal Betrayal is explained by “One of the Greatest Columns ever Written" according to Rush:
- A Hour which will Live in Infamy: 10:01pm November 3, 2020:
What is needed right now to save America from those who would destroy our God given rights is to pray at home or in church and if called to even go to outdoor prayer rallies in every town and city across the United States for God to pour out His grace on our country to save us from those who would use a Reichstag Fire-like incident to destroy our civil liberties. [Is the DC Capitol Incident Comparable to the Nazi Reichstag Fire Incident where the German People Lost their Civil Liberties?: and Epoch Times Show Crossroads on Capitol Incident: "Anitfa 'Agent Provocateurs'":

Pray an Our Father now for the grace to know God's Will and to do it.
Pray an Our Father now for America.
Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Unknown said…
Dear Fred en all CM readers,
as our Lord teaches:

"Ecce ego mitto vos sicut oves in medio luporum. Estote ergo prudentes sicut serpentes, et simplices sicut columbae." (Mt 10,16)

Please, let us take our time and effort and look for alternatives to all that tools which are in the service of the devil.
It's not just google, it's also firefox, and many others ...
We should all, as soon as possible, switch to alternative services and programs, which are, if not completely, then at least much less in the service of the Sons of Darkness and their master.
Eg. Linux instead of windows, Tor browser instead of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Tutanota instead of google or yahoo mail, Threema instead of whatsup, etc ...

Please visit this site for more info and guidance in this, certainly important matter of our days, - which is not only our privacy but before all, to be free of chains of darkness, which prevent us from serving our Lord Christ and his Church for the greater Glory to God and for the good of our neighbor.

But keep in mind that not all alternatives are necessarily good, for example Telegram messenger seems to be a very popular 'alternative' world widely, but(!) It promotes pornography and perhaps even pedophilia.
You should do your own research and keep factually trying some of them until you are convinced that it is good, or at least that it is not harmful.

And always try to share your good experiences with others.
That can be, and usually is, of great benefit to many others.

"Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves." (Mt 10,16)

Laudetur Jesu et Maria!


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