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"A Time for Patriot Uprising – and Tough Love!"

Christian attorney and World Net Daily (WND) contributor Scott Lively said "most importantly we must pray fervently for America – and, like David in the psalms, against the wicked whose rule we even now are groaning beneath. Prayers of tough love!":

A Time for Patriot Uprising – and Tough Love!

“If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Winston Churchill offered this stark warning to the British people in 1939 as Nazi Germany was annexing ever greater portions of Europe in violation of its prior assurances to the “Great Appeaser,” Neville Chamberlain, whom Churchill would soon replace as Prime Minister.  

Those timeless words of wisdom strike an especially poignant chord with American patriots today as we watch the feckless Republican establishment abandon our own Churchillian champion, President Donald Trump in the greatest political battle since our founding.  

We citizen patriots stand today at the third of the four stages: fighting against all the odds with only a precarious chance of survival. The outcome will be liberty or slavery and it will be decided within days or weeks, not months or years.

To quote another warrior (on the Marxist side, on an issue the elites also won by cheating) the next two satirical paragraphs of “This essay is an outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage...” . 

BEGIN SATIRE. I have never been this angry. In the fury of my flesh, I want to storm the New York Times building and burn it to the ground (and CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, etc). I want a row of gallows in Times Square with Cuomo, DeBlasio and all the traitors hanging from ropes – and identical scenes in Washington DC, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Detroit and every other satanic principality. I want the tech giants shot by a firing squad of every conservative they censored. I want every lesser conspirator in the four-year running coup of the Marxist traitors publicly tried and jailed, and every lying “journalist” horse-whipped in the public square. I want every Antifa radical given knives and clubs and put on an island together to reap the bloody consequences of anarchy at each others’ hands. I want every Black Lives Matter arsonist and looter to pay quadruple reparations to the victims of their rampages.  

I want Hillary, Obama, Paul Ryan, the Lincoln Project traitors, Mueller, Comey, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Soros and all the top scoundrels frozen in carbonite and displayed on the Washington Mall for the duration of the American Republic, may she long endure. END SATIRE. 

BUT, I am a Christian pastor. I don’t have the right to indulge my flesh or to urge others to do so. My Savior requires me to love my enemies and so I can’t justify the vigilantism my imagination wants to run wild with. Be angry, but sin not, says Ephesians 4:26.

Yet, what I can do – within the bounds of law, ethics and my faith – I WILL do. I will invest all of my skills, experience and resources to defend this unique-in-all-of-history One Nation Under God, our blood-bought Constitution that rests ultimately upon His Bible, and the true Rule of Law as it was understood by every generation of Americans prior to the Marxist take-over of our culture and institutions in the 20th Century.  

I have created a new ministry under the umbrella of my non-registered, non-501(c)(3) First Century Bible Church – an openly and overtly cultural and political ministry called Swamp Rangers. As of this week I have changed the name of my multi-media educational livestream and radio broadcast to Swamp Rangers, and I will use it, and my contacts in the remnant church all across America to build a network of patriots dedicated to Draining the Swamp and going after every rat, weasel, skunk, snake, lizard, parasite and RINO that dwells therein. We will promote and model “campy but cunning constitutionalism” – keeping our sense of humor and enjoying the fun of satire and parody with a pest-control theme and a 1950's comic book motif as we do the serious work of exposing and deposing leftist gatekeepers wherever they may be. I’ve set January 1, 2021 as our launch date, but I’m recruiting Swamp Rangers now to help with the pre-launch process. Inquire by email (

There should be recall and impeachment campaigns started against every tin-pot tyrant in this nation – even those assumed to be untouchable – because that’s how you build an army. I got my start as a Christian activist during the Reagan Revolution in the 1980s, running ballot measure campaigns and organizing patriots. It takes lots of money and hard work, but it’s the most powerful form of asymmetrical warfare for battling the elites. There hasn’t been such a network since Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition (which he modeled on the Oregon group of which I was communications director and fundraiser).

But that is longer-range planning. We must also rise up NOW while there is still a chance to win against all odds. President Trump has announced a Stop the Steal rally at the State House in Atlanta, Georgia for December 5th. I’m going to be there and I’m urging everyone else to be there also. We should gather in such numbers that the ground itself sinks under our weight and be so loud that our roar of righteous anger is heard around the world. 

And most importantly we must pray fervently for America – and, like David in the psalms, against the wicked whose rule we even now are groaning beneath. Prayers of tough love!  
Important Note: The publisher of the Catholic Monitor has made a pledge to say the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary everyday for a Rosary Lepanto-like victory for President Trump. He asks all CM readers to make this pledge.

"THE HOLY ROSARY, MOST POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST THE ENEMY OF GOD AND MAN... Saint Pius V ordered the faithful to recite the Rosary to impetrate victory from God in the epic battle of the Christian Armada against the Turk in the waters of Lepanto: still today, at noon each day, the bells ring in our cities to recall [the victory of] October 7, 1571... Let us pray for the United States of America; let us pray for our President; let us pray for his victory, that the Lord God of Hosts – Dominus Deus Sabaoth –will grant that he may know how to place himself under God’s protection." -  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Pray an Our Father now for the grace to know God's Will and to do it.

Pray an Our Father now for President Donald Trump, the legal teams including Sidney Powell and justice in the United States of America.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Note: Please put your family, the United States of America, President Donald Trump and the Trump legal team as the intentions in the following Prayer of Command:

Prayer of Command

In His Name and by the power of His Cross and Blood, I ask Jesus to bind any evil spirits, forces and powers of the earth, air, fire, or water, of the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.  By the power of the Holy Spirit and by His authority, I ask Jesus Christ to break any curses, hexes, or spells and send them back to where they came from, if it be His Holy Will.  I beseech Thee Lord Jesus to protect us by pouring Thy Precious Blood on us (my family, etc.), which Thou hast shed for us and I ask Thee to command that any departing spirits leave quietly, without disturbance, and go straight to Thy Cross to dispose of as Thou sees fit.  I ask Thee to bind any demonic interaction, interplay, or communications.  I place N. (Person, place or thing) under the protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ which He shed for us. Amen
Please pray this prayer everyday for President Trump form Bishop Rene Gracida:

A Prayer for Deliverance Of President Donald Trump from Enemies

Based on A Psalm of David.

Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with President Donald Trump;

    fight against those who fight against him!

Take hold of shield and buckler,

    and rise for his help!

Draw the spear and javelin

    against his pursuers!

Say to his soul,

    “I am your deliverance!”

Let them be put to shame and dishonor

    who seek after his life!

Let them be turned back and confounded

    who devise evil against him!

Let them be like chaff before the wind,

    with the angel of the Lord driving them on!

Let their way be dark and slippery,

    with the angel of the Lord pursuing them!

For without cause they hid their net for him;

    without cause they dug a pit[a] for his life.

Let ruin come upon them unawares!

And let the net which they hid ensnare them;

    let them fall therein to ruin!

Then his soul shall rejoice in the Lord,

    exulting in his deliverance.


All his bones shall say,

    “O Lord, who is like thee,

thou who delivers the weak

    from those who are too strong for him,

    the weak and needy from him who despoils him?”


Malicious witnesses rise up;

    they accuse him of things that he knows not.


They requite him evil for good.


But at his stumbling they gathered in glee,

    they gathered together against him;

cripples whom he knew not

    slandered him without ceasing;


they impiously mocked more and more,[c]

    gnashing at him with their teeth.


How long, O Lord, wilt thou look on?

    Rescue him from the ravages

    from the lions!


Then I will thank thee in the great congregation;

    in the mighty throng I will praise thee.


Let not those rejoice over him

    who are wrongfully his foes,

and let not those wink the eye

    who hate him without cause.


For they do not speak peace,

    but against those who are quiet in the land

    they conceive words of deceit.


They open wide their mouths against him;

    they say, “Aha, Aha!

    our eyes have seen it!”


Thou hast seen, O Lord; be not silent!

    O Lord, be not far from him!


Bestir thyself, and awake for his right,

    for his cause, my God and my Lord!


Vindicate him, O Lord, my God, according to thy righteousness;

    and let them not rejoice over him!


Let them not say to themselves,

    “Aha, we have our heart’s desire!”

Let them not say, “We have swallowed him up.”


Let them be put to shame and confusion altogether

    who rejoice at his calamity!

Let them be clothed with shame and dishonor

    who magnify themselves against him!


Let those who desire his vindication

    shout for joy and be glad,

    and say evermore,

“Great is the Lord,

    who delights in the welfare of his servant!”


Then my tongue shall tell of thy righteousness

    and of thy praise all the day long.

– Bishop Rene Henry Gracida




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