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Christian Order Report: The Attempted Theft of the US Presidential Election

The Catholic Monitor is greatly honored to post, with permission, this summary report of the most influential conservative Catholic journal in the United Kingdom, the Christian Order, by its editor Rod Pead :

Apropos the attempted theft of the US presidential election and the grave global crisis we potentially face on all fronts in consequence, I am mailing this summary report as a little ‘primer’ for the belated November edition, which only went to print today.


Like our Catholic forebears who hoped against all hope at Lepanto (1571) and Vienna (1683), urgent prayer is now of the essence.     


Both the local and international dimensions of the operation currently unfolding – alongside the simultaneous Covid operation – require explanation.


* * * * *


As I said in the run up to the election, the facts on the ground (i.e., the truly astonishing levels of support for Trump, even higher than 2016 yet hidden from hapless consumers of state and corporate media) pointed to one logical result: Trump in a landslide. Even if cheating on the scale that occurred in 2016 stopped a landslide, it would still not prevent him winning.


My only mistake was not to anticipate that cheating on such an Olympian scale would manage to obscure his victory.


Although the monumental theft perpetrated in 2016 did manage to steal and falsely attribute the “popular vote” to Hillary (as publicly attested by her own supporter Prof. Robert Epstein), the failure to secure the presidency saw all fraudulent caution thrown to the wind on this occasion, especially in view of their putative candidate; a senile liability totally outmatched by Donald Trump.


The criminality involves both electronic and paper fraud. (Those whose countries have thus far eschewed computer voting should take note, and thank God.)


In the time-honoured fashion of all crooks since time began, however, their arrogance and stupidity gave them away.


* * * * *


Normally, computer ‘fractional voting’ fraud (i.e., recording more than 1.0 for each vote cast for a particular candidate: say, attributing “1.2” to Hillary/Biden but only “1.0” or less to Trump) is used in a more restrained way. The votes switched usually achieves relatively small or at least not entirely implausible margins of fake victory; margins which may be disputed but are much easier to cover over.


This time, the fraud was perpetrated on a such an epic level that the now notorious Smartmatic/Dominion software algorithms used to tabulate votes across the country, including the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, effectively ‘short-circuited’ and blew a fuse. This system switched votes from Trump to Biden so maniacally in Democrat strongholds, that the public saw Trump leads of tens and often hundreds of thousands of votes disappearing before their eyes.


Indeed, the President was leading in every state that was ultimately taken from him. So, to begin with and on the face of it, does that sound at all fishy?




With about 65% of the vote cast in Pennsylvania and Trump’s victory in that state effectively done and dusted, his roughly 700,00-800,000 lead was overturned. Yet states like Arizona, where Biden had far less of a lead and there were far more votes still to count, were called for Biden almost before the polls closed.


Trump was ahead by 300,000 votes in Michigan.


He was ahead by 8 to 10 percentage points in Wisconsin, where they were also at about 70-80% of the vote cast.


He was ahead in Georgia and North Carolina by two-and-half points or more after 85-90% of the votes had been cast.


None of these states were called for Trump, as they would’ve always been called in the past.


Reviewing these figures on his YouTube channel on Monday (23/11/20), Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who himself faced systemic voter fraud when he ran for Mayor of New York back in the day, asked:


“What are the odds that he fell behind in all of those states. Not just two of five, or three of five, but in every single one? Does that strain credulity a bit? They made up 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania. They made up 300,00 votes in Michigan. They made up 8-9% with 80 per cent [of the vote] already in, in Wisconsin. In Georgia, up by two-and-half to three per cent, entering into the 90% category of votes cast: all of a sudden it takes us four more days to count the remaining votes, [and] somehow he just narrowly loses. Same with Arizona and Virginia.


He continued:


The type of ballots they were counting are the most insecure, most prone-to-fraud type of voting ever invented. Those are not the words of a mere mortal like me. They are the words of former President Jimmy Carter, and former Secretary of State James Baker, on a bipartisan report they did on the dangers of different types of voting. They listed mail voting as by far the type of voting most prone to fraud. Justice Suter [Associate Justice of the Supreme Court] made very much the same point  …


What happened is [that] in every one of the states I mentioned, they picked a city or cities in each of these states to perpetrate their massive fraud. They didn’t do it all over Pennsylvania. They did it in the places in Pennsylvania they own. The Democrat Party owns. Philadelphia, for sixty years. Sometime take a look at the number of convictions of people in Philadelphia convicted of political corruption. Go take a look at the number of people convicted of voter fraud in Philadelphia. It is astounding. It’s astounding. And if the state was crooked in the past, the state is even more crooked now. The state has a District Attorney who doesn’t prosecute criminals, who was put there by George Soros’ millions and millions of dollars, and the crime rate is going through the roof. Right through the roof. Right at top for murder, right near the top for property crime. Because, they have a left-wing, radical DA, who lets criminals go free.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Well, the way I look at it: Philly is professional in voter fraud. Like Chicago, they’re professional. Pittsburgh’s amateur. They don’t steal as much. You can see from the numbers. Basically, the Philly part of the state did two-thirds of the theft. What do the thefts entail? Locking out Republican inspectors so that none of the mail ballots – the ballots that are prone to fraud – not a single Republican got to see any one of those ballots. Even though it is a time-honoured tradition and the law in every state, until seven  days ago, that they have to be inspected.  And if they are not inspected, then they are thrown out. Even though that’s the law in every state, Republicans were pushed aside, knocked aside, put in corrals, hit, harassed, and threatened. And threatened with arrest, by Sheriffs, who’ve sold their soul to the Democrat political machine.


Why did they pick Philadelphia? Because they can get away with anything they want to do in Philadelphia. Why did they pick Philadelphia? Because they can go find a hack judge [who] will say anything, do anything, and make the most ridiculous opinions. Same thing in Pittsburgh, just on a lesser scale,


How many votes did they steal in Pennsylvania? Upwards of 680,000 votes. That flips the election right around. And there are many other things they did there. They did the same thing in Michigan.


Among very much else, Giuliani also cited 100,000 paper ballots – stuffed in bins, bin bags and buckets - delivered to a polling station in the dead of night by out-of-state trucks, all of which ballots were for Joe Biden. Eye witnesses observed this and have come forward at considerable risk to testify.


Record levels of dead people also ‘voted’, and tens of thousands turned up at polling stations to find, to their great surprise, that they had already voted – including 17,000 in Pittsburgh! (After protesting that they had NOT voted at all, and had never returned their unsolicited absentee ballot since they always intended to vote on the day, they were then, if not completely ignored, afforded a ‘provisional ballot’, which ballots almost never count.)

Meanwhile, former Democratic strategist and White House adviser Dick Morris also pointed to further self-evident indicators of colossal fraud.

Appearing on Greg Kelly Reports on Monday, Morris noted that Democratic presidential voter turnout was disproportionately larger than the population gains from 2012 to 2020 in key cities where President Trump is disputing election tallies. The vote for Biden in Phoenix was 48% more than Barack Obama received in 2012, when the city only witnessed a 14% gain in population. Similarly, Atlanta saw a 30% larger vote for Biden than Obama in 2012, despite a 9% gain in population, and Detroit had a 10% higher vote total for Biden than Obama while seeing no increase in population at all. “And the only way that that increase can be justified is by ballot stuffing,” he said.


* * * *


On the computer front, the Smartmatic/Dominion software algorithms were “flipping” votes from Trump to Biden in the same flagrantly orchestrated, truly demented way.  


On 18 November, for example, Brian Trascher, who is serving on the “Trump Recount Committee” in Georgia, told Newmax TV host Shaun Kraisman:


That’s why you saw even The New York Times‘s own data-tracker; within 68 seconds, President Trump went from being ahead by tens of thousands of votes – I think it was in Wisconsin – to all of a sudden being behind 10,000 votes in 68 seconds. It’s a statistical anomaly; it cannot happen.”


As briefly explained in my forthcoming November editorial, this rigged software was developed in Venezuela to ensure that Chavez, and his Marxist successor, did not lose elections. Indeed, one of the affidavits collected by the Trump team is from a former top Venezuelan official now living in America. A member of Chavez’s inner circle, he has sworn to being party to the introduction of the software for that criminal purpose of maintaining Chavez in power. It seems that this same software has been used to change many past election results in America, and in other countries as well, doubtless all with CIA involvement (also mentioned in my editorial).

 It is noteworthy that even top Democrat officials have complained about this rigged Dominion software in the past; as far back as 2003, and again in 2008. Yet that did not stop Hillary using it to achieve her Democrat primary victory over Bernie Sanders in 2016.

 Attorney Sidney Powell told Newsmax TV that Democrats who detected that particular theft had informed Sanders, who, instead of exposing it, sold out the country by ignoring the criminality, taking “another fabulous house” in return for his silence. (The personification of Napoleon the pig in Orwell’s Animal Farm, ‘Socialist’ Sanders, who has lived off taxpayer funds his entire life, is a multi-millionaire with several homes.)

Thus far, it appears to legal investigators that Smartmatic/Dominion algorithms gave 35,000 votes to each Democrat candidate nationwide, for starters. If so, heaven knows how many Congressional and Senate seats have been stolen from Republican candidates in those concurrent elections.

At the same time, Republican big wigs are also being caught out in alleged pay-to-play kick-backs to public officials, including Georgia’s Republican Governor. According to the aforementioned Sidney Powell, a fearless former federal prosecutor, this involves his generous grant of $100 MILLION to Smartmatic/Dominion just before the election.

Though a phenomenal amount of money, that grant – part of the transnational gravy train Trump repeatedly fingered throughout his 2016 campaign – is only a small portion of the TRILLIONS (ultimately hundreds of trillions) at stake worldwide should Trump win. Since that would torpedo Biden’s resurrection of the Green Goldmine: aka “Paris Agreement” (– which fanatical climate-change agenda is the Great [Totalitarian] Reset beloved of Klaus Schwab, the pantomime megalomaniac of Davos).   

It is clear from these mammoth stakes alone that this criminal conspiracy to defraud Americans of a fair election is global in nature and reach; a mega-conspiracy that recalls the breath-taking BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) scandal, which involved ‘players’ high and low worldwide. The routing of presidential votes to foreign servers, though jaw-dropping, is therefore par for the course. (Thankfully, following raids, these servers holding all the raw data of tell-tale algorithmic switches were seized not by Deep State operatives but by the ‘good guys’, and are now in the possession of the Trump admin: a bit of nerve-wracking excitement certain to feature in the inevitable movie of this humungous scam).

“We've got tons of evidence; it's so much, it's hard to pull it all together," Sidney Powell told Newsmax TV last Saturday. "It's a massive project to pull this fraud claim together with the evidence that I want to put in," she said, adding later on Glen Beck’s radio show: “We’ve been taking in information not just through a fire hose; it started through a fire hose, and then it became a tsunami.”

(Note: Powell and the Trump legal team are receiving flack for keeping their cards close to their chest. But this is only to save the evidence for proper scrutiny by judges and not have it litigated in the court of fake news public opinion. There, it would be torn to shreds by the same corporate media that protected Biden from all scrutiny throughout the black comedy of his non-campaign – largely conducted from the basement of his home! – and which is now coercing and brainwashing the world into accepting him as the president-elect.)

Although assisting the Trump legal team, it was Powell who fingered Republican Governor Kemp of Georgia during the Newsmax interview. She never plays favourites, having crusaded for many years against the staggering level of corruption within America’s criminal justice system. “You name the manner of fraud and it occurred in Georgia," she said. A few other nuggets from her interview:

  • Joe Biden votes being "weighted" at 1.25 times and President Donald Trump votes being parsed at 3/4.
  • Modifications made to voting machines after statutory cut-off dates for changes.


* * * * *

Hundreds of affidavits testify to the truth of all the above and so much more. These witnesses have put themselves – not just their careers but possibly their lives and those of their families at risk. As Powell informed Glen Beck on 21 November:


“Some people of course don’t want their names disclosed. They have all kinds of fears. We have people around the country with security now, that they’ve never had before, just because they dared to tell the truth.”


She also said:


“You might look at the fact that both Dominion offices have shut down and moved all of a sudden. In Toronto, where they shared office space with a Soros entity. And also in Denver, they just all of a sudden shuttered, and moved. Their employees have been taking their names off Linked-In, and eliminating any affiliation with either company [i.e., Dominion Systems and its associated software company Smartmatic] – there are over a hundred of those that have happened.”    


For his part, after stating that raw data was already being extracted from the Dominion computer servers seized in Germany, the aforementioned Brian Trascher issued the following warning to Newsmax TV audience:


“I want everybody to listen to me: the things that are going to come out are going to shake the globalists to their very core. When President Trump is declared the winner of this election, what you saw last weekend in the streets, with Trump supporters getting attacked in D.C, that’s nothing. These people are coming for every city and every suburb, so be prepared; because this is happening, you need to protect yourself.”


* * * * *


The global dimension and ramifications of the election theft confirm everything I’ve sought to explain to readers in recent years about the operations, power and reach of the transnational Deep State (not least into the Church), especially through the CIA and U.S. intel agencies (cf. ex-CIA officer Kevin Shipp’s brilliant 4-part series, “The Shadow Government: Exposed and Explained,” in our May, June-July, August-September, October 2018 editions). These agencies themselves, of course, like everyone and everything else (e.g. the Great Reset) are subject to the ‘the usual suspects’ (namely, the high money powers – Rothchilds, Rockefellers, et. al. – and their central banks and various globalist appendages – IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements etc.).   


We’ve unearthed a global criminal conspiracy that is mind-blowing,” Powell told Glen Beck. And we’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg.”


To which Beck responded: “If half, or even twenty-five percent, of what you guys said yesterday, turns out to be true, then this the biggest crime in American history.”


“Right. It’s the biggest crime in the world,” Powell replied, going on to say.


“I will tell you too, that the burden of proof people are expecting is more than would be necessary for a criminal conviction, which is absolutely ridiculous: our standard of proof is only preponderance of the evidence. And on top of that, the mountain of evidence we have to deal with is huge. And of course we’ve got all the media interests against us, all the global interests against us, all the social media companies against us because they’re all owned and controlled by foreign money. There are trillions of dollars of wealth and corruption at issue, against our little team in this effort. Every despot, every tyrant around the world who has been elected by this system, I’m sure is putting all his or her resources and connections and everything else against us. We’ve had technology issues. We know people are blowing up my phone all the time. Everybody out there on the wrong side of truth and justice is attacking us in one form or another.”


* * * * *


In sum, we can be morally certain that Trump won in a landslide.


And yet the question remains: is it at all possible to overturn the ongoing certifications of fake results by corrupt state Governors and officials (to include Georgia’s certification under its compromised Republican Governor)?


In the face of this rubber-stamping of rank criminality and all the mighty forces arrayed against the manifest truth of the matter, it would seem unlikely.


Moreover, pressure is being exerted on Trump to accept the theft and simply walk away, as Richard Nixon did in 1960 after JFK stole that election. The idea is that he would then re-contest and win in 2024, as did nineteenth-century President Grover Cleveland, the first and only non-consecutive (22nd and 24th) president.


But there is a major problem with that amoral (cowardly?) bow to realpolitik:


It completely misses the unprecedented nature, scale and consequences of this theft, while also failing to take account of the incalculable damage that would be incurred in-between elections under Joe Biden – and, in due course, by his inevitable replacement.


A self-entitled self-server who has never seen an abortion, a war, a woke opportunity or a pay-to-play scheme he didn’t like, Biden is also renowned for acting out his insatiable lust in public settings with women and children.


Perhaps his most heinous behaviour in that regard is the credible accusation made by a Democrat who once revered him. Tara Reid, who risked and subsequently lost everything by speaking up, claims that he once pushed her up against a wall in an open corridor of the Senate, and violated her body (“penetrated me with his fingers”). When she pulled away, “he put his finger towards my face, and said: ‘You know, you’re nothing to me. You’re nothing’.”


Make no mistake, ladies and gents, that is the real “Sleepy Joe.”


Under this egregious Swamp Creature, a degenerate product and promoter of the Culture of Death who is also bought-and-paid-for by the Chinese Communist Party, corruption would be further institutionalised, and the last vestiges of freedom (especially conscientious objection) eviscerated.


That is why facile surrender to media pressure cannot be entertained, and why the laborious and time-consuming process embarked upon by President Trump is justified. For, if such an epic, flagrant, global criminal conspiracy is not challenged to legal exhaustion and defeated in the Supreme Court, then, as Archbishop Vigano warned President Trump just prior to the election, the final secular obstacle to the surreal power grab we have been living through since last March will be removed.


If that dread prospect is not enough to excite us to regular fervent prayer in these coming weeks, for a miraculous Lepanto-like victory for President Trump against all the odds, I cannot imagine what incentive would be sufficient. And while we’re at it, let us place President Trump himself, Sidney Powell and her dutiful fellow attorneys, and all the brave patriotic witnesses who have come forward, under Our Lady’s protective mantle.


Meanwhile, do yourself a favour: switch off the controlled mainstream media. Their fait accompli narrative will only depress and deflate you.


In fact, it’s never over till it’s over. As Our Blessed Lord Himself exhorted us:


"And will not God revenge his elect who cry to him day and night: and will he have patience in their regard? I say to you, that he will quickly revenge them.”  (Lk 18:7-8)


Ergo – Oremus!

Note: "Christian Order is a British-based monthly magazine for Traditionalist Catholics[1] which was described by John Beaumont of Fidelity magazine in 1996 as "most influential of the conservative Catholic journals in the United Kingdom". []

Pray an Our Father now for the grace to know God's Will and to do it.

Pray an Our Father now for President Donald Trump and justice in the United States of America.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Note: Please put your family, the United States of America, President Donald Trump and the Trump legal team as the intentions in the following Prayer of Command:

Prayer of Command

In His Name and by the power of His Cross and Blood, I ask Jesus to bind any evil spirits, forces and powers of the earth, air, fire, or water, of the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.  By the power of the Holy Spirit and by His authority, I ask Jesus Christ to break any curses, hexes, or spells and send them back to where they came from, if it be His Holy Will.  I beseech Thee Lord Jesus to protect us by pouring Thy Precious Blood on us (my family, etc.), which Thou hast shed for us and I ask Thee to command that any departing spirits leave quietly, without disturbance, and go straight to Thy Cross to dispose of as Thou sees fit.  I ask Thee to bind any demonic interaction, interplay, or communications.  I place N. (Person, place or thing) under the protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ which He shed for us. Amen
Please pray this prayer everyday for President Trump form Bishop Rene Gracida:

A Prayer for Deliverance Of President Donald Trump from Enemies

Based on A Psalm of David.

Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with President Donald Trump;

    fight against those who fight against him!

Take hold of shield and buckler,

    and rise for his help!

Draw the spear and javelin

    against his pursuers!

Say to his soul,

    “I am your deliverance!”

Let them be put to shame and dishonor

    who seek after his life!

Let them be turned back and confounded

    who devise evil against him!

Let them be like chaff before the wind,

    with the angel of the Lord driving them on!

Let their way be dark and slippery,

    with the angel of the Lord pursuing them!

For without cause they hid their net for him;

    without cause they dug a pit[a] for his life.

Let ruin come upon them unawares!

And let the net which they hid ensnare them;

    let them fall therein to ruin!

Then his soul shall rejoice in the Lord,

    exulting in his deliverance.


All his bones shall say,

    “O Lord, who is like thee,

thou who delivers the weak

    from those who are too strong for him,

    the weak and needy from him who despoils him?”


Malicious witnesses rise up;

    they accuse him of things that he knows not.


They requite him evil for good.


But at his stumbling they gathered in glee,

    they gathered together against him;

cripples whom he knew not

    slandered him without ceasing;


they impiously mocked more and more,[c]

    gnashing at him with their teeth.


How long, O Lord, wilt thou look on?

    Rescue him from the ravages

    from the lions!


Then I will thank thee in the great congregation;

    in the mighty throng I will praise thee.


Let not those rejoice over him

    who are wrongfully his foes,

and let not those wink the eye

    who hate him without cause.


For they do not speak peace,

    but against those who are quiet in the land

    they conceive words of deceit.


They open wide their mouths against him;

    they say, “Aha, Aha!

    our eyes have seen it!”


Thou hast seen, O Lord; be not silent!

    O Lord, be not far from him!


Bestir thyself, and awake for his right,

    for his cause, my God and my Lord!


Vindicate him, O Lord, my God, according to thy righteousness;

    and let them not rejoice over him!


Let them not say to themselves,

    “Aha, we have our heart’s desire!”

Let them not say, “We have swallowed him up.”


Let them be put to shame and confusion altogether

    who rejoice at his calamity!

Let them be clothed with shame and dishonor

    who magnify themselves against him!


Let those who desire his vindication

    shout for joy and be glad,

    and say evermore,

“Great is the Lord,

    who delights in the welfare of his servant!”


Then my tongue shall tell of thy righteousness

    and of thy praise all the day long.

– Bishop Rene Henry Gracida





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