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Laramie Hirsch says the "Biden’s Chinese-Blackmailed Sex-Addicted Family['s]... Sexual Content... Footage... hosted on a Chinese Media Website"

Today, the popular Catholic blogger Laramie Hirsch stated that the "sexual content featuring Hunter Biden... is being hosted on a Chinese media website. This implies that the Bidens are being blackmailed by the Chinese" and called them the "Biden's Chinese-Blackmailed Sex-Addicted Family":

"But there’s more in the news cycle, of course. The Hunter Biden scandal has erupted into a full-on scandal involving the entire Biden family. With the release of Ashley Biden’s journal, we learn that she, also, was likely led into a dark lifestyle of sexual addiction, that her father (the current presidential candidate) probably took inappropriate showers with her as a child, and that she feels sort of trapped like her brother in an evil cycle. You know, re-watching those montages of Joe Biden inappropriately touching all of these young girls and women throughout the years, it is clear that the entire family has serious issues that should automatically disqualify all of them from office."

"With some sources here on the internet, all it takes is about two clicks, and suddenly you have access to sexual content featuring Hunter Biden. (Good Catholics, you have no need to see any of that; do not go seeking it out.) What is more intriguing is that this footage is being hosted on a Chinese media website. This implies that the Bidens are being blackmailed by the Chinese. And that further implies that Biden is a man set in place to serve the interests of China itself."

"But you know, just think about the implications of all this. Consider that there is at least 40%—if not 50%—of the United States populace who is willing to vote for this guy..."

"... The entire culture is drenched in pure evil. And although most of the people on the Left do not seek out depraved acts with children, they are nevertheless willing to justify it or look the other way, so long as pedophile power players continue to serve their interests. The Left wants ours to be a culture of Moloch." []

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary


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