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CIA Pope: "The Real Mover and Shaker of this Entire Spectacle is the Deep State"

U.S. Deep State Pope And Its Implications For You

By Laramie Hirsch

The U.S. State Department routinely pressures members of the United Security Council with a view to influencing the vote pertaining to Security Council resolutions. U.S. covert operations and propaganda campaigns are routinely applied with a view to influencing national elections in different countries around the world. Similarly, the CIA has a longstanding covert relationship with the Vatican. Did the U.S. government attempt to influence the outcome of the election of the new pontiff? Firmly committed to serving U.S. foreign policy interests in Latin America, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was Washington’s preferred candidate. Were undercover pressures discretely exerted by Washington, within the Catholic Church, directly or indirectly, on the 115 cardinals who are members of the Vatican conclave?

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, “Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis I? Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s “Dirty War”

# # #

It is often said that the Catholic Church is infected with Americanism. This did not happen by chance. The U.S. Deep State has been actively infiltrating and directing elements within the Roman Catholic Church throughout the 20th century. In David Wemhoff’s book, John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition, we learn that the CIA has been deeply involved in the meddling of the Vatican‘s affairs since after World War II. Through the Roman Catholic religion, the U.S. Deep State played a long game to Americanize Germany, Western Europe, and Latin America. With the use of infiltrators, Time Magazine, and other clandestine mechanisms, the CIA utilized the Catholic Church to turn ideas into weapons. The Second Vatican Council itself was in large part driven by efforts of the U.S. Deep State, and the manipulation has only intensified since then. 

Like the Freemasons and the Communists, the CIA never stopped spreading its tentacles throughout the Catholic Church. At this point, in today’s world, the very pope himself was put into power by our country’s Deep State. Like a third world banana republic, the Vatican is—-at least occasionally—-controlled like a puppet for various purposes by an unseen American network.

Bergoglio Was Chosen

Before the conclave of 2013,  an anonymous whistleblower pre-warned us that the CIA had already picked out who would be the next pope. We were told the pope would be from Argentina, that the United States would try to gain control of South America, and that this would be the last pope. Enter Bergoglio.

Bergoglio is known for his complicity with the CIA during Operation Condor, a deep state operation that would destabilize Argentina with a military junta responsible for tortures and mass killings. The Vatican under Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II had a central role in Argentine’s atrocities. Jorge Bergoglio, specifically, complied with death squads who kidnapped two priests and “disappeared” six members of their parish. When in 2005 the time came for the evasive Bergoglio to account for what happened under his watch, he twice invoked his right under Argentine law to not go to open court. In 2010, Argentine lawyer, Ms. Myriam Bergman, described her encounter she finally had with the pontiff-to-be:

“He finally excepted to see us in an office alongside Buenos Aires cathedral sitting underneath a tapestry of the Virgin Mary,“ Ms. Bregman said. “It was an intimidating experience. We were very uncomfortable intruding in a religious building.“ She added that Bergoglio did not provide any significant information on the two priests. “He seemed reticent, I left with a bitter taste,“ she said.

From Operation Gladio, by Paul L. Williams

The slippery evasiveness of Bergoglio left Ms. Bregman dumbfounded, and she described her later feelings of Bergoglio’s election as that of “amazement and impotence.“ When a major trial of Argentina’s “Dirty War” finally opened up in Buenos Aires on March 5, 2013, only a week later would Bergoglio become Bishop of Rome. “Pope Francis” escaped any further accountability, and he is the first pope in history to be charged with crimes against humanity. His time colluding with the CIA had paid off, and it was time to collect. 

Yet, Bergoglio would still continue the work of factions within the U.S. intelligence community.

The Bidding of His Masters 

Bergoglio’s evasiveness—-which the entire world is now familiar with—-served his purposes. And his skillset would come to serve him again, now as “pope.” What deeds would Bergoglio work in his new role? The specific details of what was demanded remain unknown. However, we do know that some of his functions are to facilitate globalism, climate change paranoia, the Kalergi Plan, socialism, the widespread acceptance of homosexuality, and most every other radical left wing cause on the table. To the best of his ability, this man who calls himself “Pope Francis” is stacking the college of cardinals with as many questionable deviants as possible, almost as though to intentionally discredit the authority of the Catholic Church. Is this his objective? Will this man, as Ann Barnhardt and Dr. Mazza once speculated, try to drive the Vatican into insolvency and sell it off to UNESCO as a World Heritage Site? One can only guess. 

This push of leftist modernism by “the bishop in white” has many strings leading to many different places in the world, yet Bergoglio’s leash to the U.S. remains. For example, shortly before the 2016 election, we learned from a Wikileaks dump of e-mails that Democrat operative Sanford “Sandy” Newman was pitching the idea of a leftist “Catholic Spring” to his friend, John Podesta. In reply, John Podesta said that preparations were well underway:

We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up. I’ll discuss with Tara. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the other person to consult.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United are George Soros-funded groups. They are populated with political creatures, not churchmen, who are only interested in utilizing the Church’s influence.

Yet even more interesting is that this discussion of a “Catholic Spring” among Democrat operatives took place in 2011. Only two short years later, Pope Benedict XVI engaged in, what appears to be, his forced resignation. Was there a “Catholic Spring” initiative that helped to drive him off the Chair of Peter? There are a lot of murky circumstances surrounding his abdication, after all. For example, international monetary transactions with the Vatican were suspended just before Pope Benedict resigned, and they did not resume until February 12, 2013—the day after he announced his resignation. Even the National Security Agency (NSA) was monitoring the conclave that elected Bergoglio. Were there covert operatives working to bring Bergoglio into power? After all, this man has all the appearances of being a puppet, a non-canonically elected pontiff, and hardly the leader of a religion.

During President Trump’s first term, after three and a half years of lies and scandalmongering, the Left in the U.S. revealed its deep ties within the various “alphabet intelligence agencies.” Often, these agencies served the interests of the Democrat Party, and hardly ever have they shown favoritism towards anyone else. In fact, the wars in the Middle East—-and even many elements of what happened on 9/11—have the fingerprints of shady business on the part of these agencies, and whenever war and conflict are spearheaded by the U.S., it is always to the detriment of Christians throughout the world. There is always an anti-Christian, leftist bent in US-led conflicts, and the agencies are always behind the curtain pulling the ropes. 

With these facts in mind, Bergoglio’s political maneuverings make more sense, as does his blatant opposition to the current anti-Establishment U.S. president, Donald Trump. Elements within the FBI and other agencies actively worked to perform a political coup to oust a rightfully-elected president whom the Left in America despise. And as this has all happened, the various intelligence agencies have worked for decades to destroy all remaining vestiges of Christendom throughout the world. “Pope Francis” has been the perfect catalyst for this, and he has served as an excellent scapegoat to take all attention away from other prevailing forces who clandestinely hide in the shadows as the world loses its Christianity.

And so, when two weeks before President Trump’s re-election we learn that the Democrat candidate’s family is awash in drugs and pedophilia, when it is revealed to the world that most likely a great percentage America’s political class is degenerate and corrupt far worse than many “normies” could even imagine, when it is realized that the FBI had likely known about Biden and his family’s proclivities for years and never said anything, when Americans are being blatantly shown that the absolute worst examples of nepotism and filth are facilitated within the U.S. political elite, when it becomes apparent that all of the rising smoke over the dumpster-fire-known-as-Pizzagate is becoming openly recognized, when Americans realize that the degeneracy of these people is off the charts, and when the vast majority of people in the United States recognize that they are being stampeded and gaslit by a blatantly evil army of oligarchs—I say, as all of this is becoming realized in the short two weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Bergoglio comes storming out of the gates of the Vatican to tell the world that he approves of gay civil marriage. And this distraction should be of no surprise to us. Because this is what a CIA pope is supposed to do. Bergoglio wants to take up all of the focus and attention of the world’s Catholics—and specifically the attention of American Catholics. Because the more distracted American Catholics are from Biden’s evil, the more likely they will not vote to re-elect President Trump, who is a blatant enemy of the Deep State.

Implications Of A CIA Pope

The focus of all of this, however, is not Jorge Bergoglio. “Pope Francis” is not the star of the show. No, the real mover and shaker of this entire spectacle is the Deep State. It is they who are the real protagonist in this drama. They are the prime mover responsible for making all of this happen. Without their meddling, the Catholic world would not be in the awful state it is in today. The non-canonically elected man in the Vatican is just a symptom. The secret armies, the princes of this world, the principalities and powers that our Lord warned us about are manifested in the Deep State. Right now, at this moment in history, they are the beginning and the end of most of our troubles. 

Pope Francis was no ideologue. He is a persuadable puppet. At one point in his life, he is helping the CIA root out liberation theology in his home country. Yet, in the latter part of his life, he flirts with liberation theology, courting the cult of the tucum ring, and joking about how “Today we old people laugh about how worried we were about liberation theology.”This duplicity is one of the best tools that the Deep State could have. And there are figures like this throughout society. 

The reach of these people is far more extensive and horrific then even a compromised pope. 

If the U.S. Deep State can infiltrate the Catholic Church to this extent, then do not think for one moment that they have not already made inroads – or even well established themselves – within the traditional Catholic community. Which of the figures we follow are bought and paid for? Who among the people that we read or listen to are serving the interests of a clandestine network? Who is there to trust? 

It is a sad thing that a government would go to such an enormous extent to spy on and deceive the people. This is the act of liars. This is the act of someone who is not your friend, but your enemy. This is not the behavior of a government that loves its people. An organization who feels they have a holy mandate does not do such things.

No, they do this because they hate you. They do this because they do not respect you. They think so little of you, as though you are cattle. You are like livestock. You have no human dignity, and you are expendable. They have a very different vision of what “ought to be“ then you do. If anything, you are in the way. 

So when you regard the mess that is “Pope Francis“, remember that he is a macrocosm of many other smaller events. Know that the Deep State manipulation does not stop with him. Realize that the tentacles of this monster stretch far. Who among us is trustworthy? Who among us is not trying to manipulate people? To what extent has the traditional Catholic community been infiltrated? That is the question before us.

Note: The author of this post, Laramie Hirsch, is one of the current greats in Catholic blogging. He is a fine writer and excellent researcher. The Catholic Monitor is honored to post this exclusive article. 

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  


Michael Dowd said…
Surely the current demonstrations of evil(CIA, Commuunist China, United Nations) is the devil's work in the world which has been going on since the world began. Now as we approach the End Times the devil is consolidating his hold on the world. All of this has been predicted in the Bible, by Our Lady, etc.

The thing that has our present attention is the surfacing the devil's heretical and corrupting work in the Catholic Church in the person of Bergoglio begun in earnest with Vatican II. The purpose is to make Nu-Catholicism acceptable to the coming global New World Order where the morality of the State and the Nu-Church will be one.

All of this is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. We must place our trust in the Lord and use this opportunity to work on our personal sanctity.

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